Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Sweater Story

Once upon a time, Paula from Fashion over Fifty bought a sweater at Marshall's.  She thought it would be perfect for the summer--a short sleeved, linen, neutral cardigan for $19.99.  There was just one problem:  it was 2 sizes too big.  Paula thought it was no big deal--it would be roomy.

It seemed that no matter how she styled this sweater for work, it always looked sloppy.Too bad she didn't listen to her own buying guidelines--the Four Fits.  (you can see the guidelines here)  She would not have made this mistake. 

How was she able to remedy this problem?  Paula decided to relegate this sweater to her more casual wear and whala!  It seems to work now!

The moral of the story?  BUY THINGS THAT FIT, PAULA!


  1. Oooh,, I love stories with a moral! : > Seriously, I just re-purposed a few pieces to my casual wardrobe for similar reasons - they just work better there. You look fab and I love your big sunnies.

  2. We all learn from our mistakes. I think the sweater looks great.
    Personally, I'm not a fan of Marshall's or TJ Maxx. Something always seems a little "off" on anything I buy there. I would rather go to GW.
    Keep on smiling sweetie!

  3. Never hurts to think outside the box and go with looking 'casually great.' I'm finding it a fun and interesting challenge to question every purchase at this time, and mostly shop my closet. Most of the time!

  4. I do like long sweaters--but less so bulky sweaters. I've bought a few bloopers too.

  5. It really does look great as casual wear. I love longer lightweight sweaters so I would have probably snagged it too!!

  6. I really like how you've styled this! It's funny, I've done the same thing....bought something I just KNEW I'd wear with everything only to start using it and barely liking it with ANYTHING! This sweater that you got is also just begging to be wrapped and belted! I miss you girly! Seems like we have so much to catch up on.....let's chat! Hugs! ~Serene

  7. This is the story of my life!! learning how to get a proper fit and trying to make things fit that don't!! I do like it for the casual look...but it is really big on your tiny frame!! One of my shopping guidelines is about fit to force me to always address it before I buy!!

  8. It can be hard to resist a bargain!

    I try to appeal to my frugal side in situations like that. If it doesn't fit it isn't a bargain, even if it is only $9.99. Sometimes I win that arguement and sometimes I don't.

  9. Well, even if it's too big it looks great on you, but maybe not for work.

  10. I like the long, drapey look! It's really, really cozy-casual! (even with the dressier looks!)

  11. I noticed that, in the less casual looks, you pushed the sweater back so that it hung behind you, making it look less big. I actually think that styling tactic worked pretty well! But I agree that looser shapes usually work better for casual wear, and the casual look with this one is great.

    Isn't it wonderful when a "troublesome" item of clothing can be salvaged like that? If only it happened more often....

  12. I do like how you wore the sweater, specially with the turquoise top and the red skirt.
    And I understand your predicament because I'm always buying larger tops and sometimes the fit of the larger sizes is wrong for my shape.

  13. I'm really trying to shop on line less and spend more time in dressing rooms. Don't ya just hate having to get rid of something after spending good money!

  14. Hi Paula, it happened to me as well but the other way around it was to small did not tried it on first, figured ok it will fit! but it did not. I had bought the garment because i liked the color or print.

    You look great as usual Paula!

    Ariane xx

  15. Hello my friend, I see your summer is wonderful.

  16. I used to do that all the time with shoes. "But they are so cute", I'd tell myself. Then I would get blisters and hobble around on sore feet. Well no more. Live and learn they say.

  17. Patti~sometimes I just have to think out of the box--
    Tammy~most ofmy clothes are from Marshalls but I know what you mean--there is something probably wrong with them to beginwith.
    Judith~there are so many thingsin our closets--we can shop them probably most of the time!
    Terri~me too, but the bulky ones drive me crazy too!
    Mommy~good to cover up er..stuff!
    Serene~you are right, but I hate the feeling of belts..too constricting!
    Pam~its got tobe a mantra now--must fit; must fit...
    Rose~I'm not that upset either if it dosent work out for 999!
    Sue~it would be one of those really bad on the back of the chair sweaters!
    Vanessa~there ya go--I like that the long and drapey aka too big look!
    Anne~you havea good eye anne--it wasnt so much on purpose but the frills on the skirt fills up the sweater a bit too!
    Ofelia~we all think it'll look better or be more comfortable bigger!
    Joni~I do! My on-line shoppings are my tried and true brands.
    Style~yup been there too!
    Sacramento~Missed you! will get over to your blog, GF!
    Doreen~shoes yup all the time--you are so right!

  18. I used to go to Rockport almost every week for awhile there. Went to the store a few times you go to.
    I should let you on a few places I go to. Don't know exactly where you are from, but let me know, and I can let you know.