Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Four Fits

Well, I'm back from fishing.  Didn't catch any big ones, but it was sure relaxing!  Hope all of you are enjoying the summer; it's so short here in NE--we must take advantage of it every second~

This post is in answer to Pam, over at over50feeling40.  She asked her readers what our shopping guidelines were, and with some thought I came up with mine.  I call them the "Four Fits":

1.  The item must FIT in my closet.  And I mean fit as in fill in a gap, or fill a need.  I constantly shop my closet to  determine how I might freshen my old clothes, or how I might incorporate something new into it.  Any new item replaces and old--and out it goes.  I try anyway.

2.  The new item must FIT me physically.  The dresses above are good examples of a good fit.  This empire waist or fitted waist works so well for me, I usually always buy this style.  It helps to know what fits YOU the best.

3.  It must FIT my style and my personality.  Course, that may change like the wind.  And  who knows; I may feel like being someone else for a day.  I have a wide berth here!

4.  It must FIT my budget.  I use $50.00 as a gauge; under I am golden--over?  Better think about it.

Is there a style that always works for you and it is a sure BUY?



  1. I need both you guys to come here and go through my closet and help me purge myself of all the stuff I 'had" to have, but didn't fit nor flatter me at all!
    I suppose I am still mentally 20 with a 47 yr old body!
    When I start looking utterly rediculous, pleas e-mail me! LOL!
    ( though I have learned a lot just by photographing my outfits what looks best and what doesn't, I suppose that's why I love black so much ;)

  2. I like your Four Fits, they make a lot of sense. And I like that you give yourself permission to change your style whenever you want! And all your dresses are fabulous.

    What always works for me: a nice full cotton skirt, or a pair of low-heeled boots.

  3. I love your four fits! It has helped me so much to shop with my five guidelines...I really feel like I have a handle on "Pam-Style" and that I am making fewer mistakes. I believe your fits would fit the same shopping guidance!! YOU LOOK SO AMAZING IN THE MIDDLE PICTURE...that dress is an incredible, flattering fit!!

  4. I totally agree with #1. I am always trying to improve upon what's there, or add something that will work with what I already have or improve upon things I already own in some way.

    #2 is totally key, but I have to be careful not to get stuck in a rut. My favorite dress right now is a slouchy black jersey mini dress that looks amazing a whole bunch of ways, but I really thought it would be awful on me when I saw it on the hanger. So I try to push myself beyond what I think will "work".

    #3 my style is always in flux too, especially now that I have my blog. I need interesting things for the photographs! It's really forced me to push my boundaries.

    Great post!

    P.S. you totally inspired me to buy the shorts I'm modeling in today's Style Confession post!

  5. Cute dresses, my fav is the white with red flowers, but the blue is also very elegant.The best: your smile.XX

  6. Always fit items=

    Pants that fit at the waist, hip and are long enough, and in a heavy enough, wrinkle-free fabric to conceal underwear, but not shiny. Current favorites" Coldwater Creek knit jeans, sized down one, and Talbot's Heritage fit

    Dresses in heavier knit or stretch material that fit at the bust, waist and are not too tight or too full at the hips, with a hem that hits at or no more than 2 inches above my knees. The shorter hems look cute on you, but I am very uncomfortable sitting in them, so the dresses don't get worn.

    Skirts in dark neutral knits, that skim over my hips. Not too flared and not too straight (I'm not straight at all!)

  7. I really like your take on Pam's list! Good choices. I don't have an answer to your question, but I just have to praise your photos. They all look good, but the dress in the center and the one in the lower right-hand corner -- honest to God, those looks made me swoon a little! Complete and utter awesomeness.

  8. I like your price fit guidelines, but it has been so long since I've shopped retail that I would probably be shocked...

    I try to limit my wardrobe by the number of hangers. And yet, more hangers seem to drift my way. When you have too much, it is hard to remember it all.

  9. Paula, welcome back!
    I love all the dresses in this post and I really like your guidelines.
    For me it doesn't have to fit my closet because I have already ran out of space and now I have some nice boxes for my pants, concert shirts and some skirts but it must fit my small budget and my style.

  10. For me, a wrap dress looks good. The problem is, how often do I wear dresses? Still, I need something that gives me a waist and accentuates my curves without looking like a lump.
    Glad you got to relax. I like your 4 Fits!

  11. Paula, all of your outfits look so fresh and summery. Summer must be your favorite season.

    I can't really comment on shopping guidelines as I'm still working on putting together a dozen or so minimum core pieces and making everything else but jewelry, tights, shoes and bag by hand. I'm trying to get maximum versatility out of a minimum set of pieces.

  12. Reva~do you shop with a plan or just buy on a whim? I'm the same way--I would buy like I am a sixteen year old!
    Patti~the full skirt works for me too and when they are on the racks; Im buying!
    Pam~yes, I think our guidlines are similar! But I did have to think about it and thanks for prompting me to do so--it helps to be reminded.
    Heather~ I am so psyched that I could inspire you! And I am going to do a follow up shorts thing..
    Dressing~awww thanks
    KB~I know what you mean about sitting down in short skirt..its better if they are fuller
    Anne~I'm really glad I could make you swoon, Anne! And your writing makes me swoon, GF
    Terri~Editing is important--and size of closet..
    Ofelia~I'm glad to be back! I like hearing how others shop...
    Deb~A wrap dress works for a lot of women--not so much for me! But yes, it has to fit your lifestyle too!
    Susan~Very perceptive of you--summer is my favorite!
    I really study my closet--and choose items that will compliment what I already have. I already have my basics.

  13. Fit (all the meanings you list) plus feel. If I don't like the way the material feels, forget it. That's actually one of my prime considerations with purses. And then any garment has to pass the final test - washability. I despise dry cleaning for anything other than coats & maybe the rare suit (which I don't wear any more).