Monday, August 15, 2011

Finding Inspiration

hubby took this photo~

On my days off, I have been going to a small coastal town to "get away" and recharge for a day.  In the summer, the little town of Rockport turns into an artist's community and I love to visit the galleries for inspiration.  Two of my favorite places on this visit were the Mercury Gallery and the Tusinski Gallery.  Both gave me inspirations for my Christmas cards (that I am making now--and I'm not saying na-na I started my christmas stuff--I just need to start early so I enjoy it) and a whole new perspective.

And of course, there is the shopping!  I managed to snatch a bargain at one of my favorite second hand stores and --and a few alterations later, I have something for my fall wardrobe!  More on that later.  I have had great luck with dresses this year, and this casual one above is one of my gems. 

Of course, I would like to take the hem up just a little......(oh, on my dress--not on the manikin--she's perfect!)

Where do you find inspiration?


  1. Oh Rockport, how I love thee. I just wish it was easier to get there from New Hampshire. It requires a bit of "over the river and through the woods". There are so many cute shops and galleries. Please share pictures of your cards with us. Your artwork is beautiful.

  2. Oh...this looks like a place I would love!!! Wish I could visit! My inspiration comes from so many places...nature, art, magazines, books, movies...there is beauty in so many places that it would be difficult to pin it down to just a few. I second the motion to have you share your card-art with us...would love to see it!!

  3. Oh I love Rockport! I can so picture you enjoying the views there, with your artist's eye. I went to school right near there, and often went to Rockport for the wonderful shops.

    You look lovely in your dress + cardi, and with great earrings!

  4. That mannequin/dress form is awesome. I'm looking for a good price on one right now but having a hard time. I think it would be inspiring to have one and dress it up the night before wearing the outfit. How fun! I find inspiration browsing fashion blogs too. They're like taking the best out of magazines without the ads.

  5. I really like your dress and cardi. Rockport is beautiful. I can see where it gets its name.
    My inspiration comes from lots of places.

  6. your dress is sooooooooo cute. Love the maniken too. I hope you see your C'mas a much later date (don't even wanna think about that yet).

  7. Great photo of you with the white flowers as a background.
    Rockport looks so tranquil and beautiful and the mannequin is brilliant!

  8. Oh Paula! This dress is just perfection on you! I think it may be my most favorite thing you've had on here! Come to think of it, as I look back over your photos, you HAVE had great luck with dresses lately! And you've been spot on with color! Big hugs to you gorgeous friend!!! ~Serene

  9. I love Rockport. Where was the photo of the mannequin taken? I need to go there!

  10. Lovely dress! I get inspiration from the streets. I'm like a man looking backwords to a pretty girl, only I do it when someone walks by in an outfit I love. I've recently bought a good camera so am trying to take photos now of what I see. I also love all the wonderful blogs for inspiration!

  11. I have always wanted to visit Maine. Rockport looks beautiful, as do you!

    I look forward to seeing more of your Fall "finds."

  12. Oh, how I wish I lived closer to the shore! It's a big source of inspiration for me, too. We have better access to Newburyport/Plum Island than Rockport, but I like both.

    What I really love is the juxtaposition of natural and cultivated landscapes. Scraggly beach grasses up against (wild?) beach roses up against beautiful homes with landcaped gardens.

    And yeah, I love your dress. And the mannequin!

  13. Hi Paula, nice place you went to- you have a beautiful smile Paula and i love the dress you are wearing!

  14. I love that you get away on your own to get some well-deserved peace, inspiration and thinking time - the fact you make the time to slow the pace down is inspiring me! I loved your comment about "poking people's brains" - it's true! xoxo

  15. The vibrant dress with your green bag - gorgeous. Inspiration can appear anywhere, and sometimes in the most unusual places.

  16. Oh, I love what you're wearing and that mannikin is a daring gal.

  17. I like the rich colors of your dress and the tapestry-like effect of the design.

  18. Very chic outfit, the cardigan is really charming.Love this funny mannequin!.

  19. You look so beautiful in that gorgeous dress!
    But, WOW! I so want that mannequin!!!!!!
    I think i saw a u-tube on how to make a decoupage one..........
    May I use this on my monthly inspiration blog?

  20. Doreen~I will send you a real xmas card if you email me your snail mail address!
    Pam~My next post I will note above.
    Patti~I hope to have more pics of Rockport
    Joni~I got my mannekin on-line and it is custom fit to my body. you sew up a cloth fit cover and then stuff the foam in it. The one in the pic is not mine!
    She~I'm so surprised at how many people are familiar with Rockport!
    Linda~I'll send you one!
    Ofelia~the artist does all things pertaining to dresses--she had a few mannekins dressed around town.
    Serene~and it looks like dresses may be successful in my fall wardrobe too by the looks of trends,,
    Couture~it was Rockport and the mannekins were done by an artist--but I am a bad reporter--I did not get her name!
    Sylvia~so many fashion mags now look to bloggers for inspiration!
    Susan~great place to take pics~
    Anne~Last year I was going to Newburyport alot.
    Style~look for more pics--they wont be as good as yours tho!
    Desiree~And I love that YOU love your clothes enough to enjoy them evreywhere!
    Judith~I have to be careful of bright accessories because I wear so many colors.
    Terri~She could meet your mannekin!
    Vanessa~not usually my color pallette but it fits all my requirements.
    Dressing~My mannekin dosent look as fun!
    Reva~absolutly--go for it GF! Its actually by another artist and I dont have her name so..I will try and look her up.

  21. How super cute are you! I am loving your blog and such pretty looks! I love when you can visit different places and gain a little inspiration when you leave! :)

    Liesl :)

  22. I find inspiration in the woods, music, art, life, literature, and so forth.