Monday, August 8, 2011

The House Dress

I've been thinking about casual dressing lately and recently I read a great blog on retirement dressing that you can read here.  I'm all about looking good while just hanging out--mainly for me it's a chance everyday to indulge my creative side.

And I discovered the new version of the house dress--the picture on the left.  My mother in law wore house dresses.  Do you remember them?  They looked like an apron sort of--changed into a dress.  You could find them at K-Mart for under 5 bucks.  Not a bad idea really, I mean, it was a dress--though not the Mrs. Cleaver type but a dress non-the-less.  My version is the not-fitted-well-enough-to-go-public dress relegated to it's new position.  Key  for this look?  The dress MUST have pockets!

dress~ A.B.S; Marshall's
Skirts are a good alternative to to wear for play clothes--the picture on the right.  Jean skirts work well for this and the shirt?  It's a tie-dye throw-back from the 70's that only my backyard will probably see!

my backyard


  1. I remember house dresses, but don't think this looks like one of those sad garments at all!

    I think this works because it's obviously very intentionally voluminous, rather than being just baggy and frumpy. The print is fun, and pockets are always good.

  2. Hi Paula - I agree with une femme that your dress is light-years form the house dresses of the past. Your has intentional design, and I think I'd definitely wear it outside the house! : > You look great in it. Love the artistic backyard.

  3. And the hats add the perfect touch! Your backyard is very beautiful.

  4. The house dresses that I remember my Grandmother wearing where not pretty at all, however yours is cute and comfy at the same time. Way better then sweats in my book.

    Did you draw/paint that picture of your backyard? I love seeing more of what you do besides dress well:)I think that should be a new blogger thing....what we do when we are not being fashion mavens...

  5. Your dress is a lovely summer dress. I do remember the house dresses and I think they still sell them, only now they call them Patio dresses. Also Walmart sells some seersucker snap front dresses in their pajama dept. They are great when you are recovering from surgery!

  6. The house dresses my grandmother wore always looked sad to me, but yours looks happy. I love the print.

    I'm curious how you created that photo of your backyard. Photoshop effects?

  7. House dresses are like comfy nightgowns... with pockets, even better!

  8. How cute and you wore your little hats too!
    Did you paint the Adirondack chair?

  9. The dress print is lovely and I do remember the house dresses we called them "batas" when I was growing up in Puerto Rico.
    When I go to Miami to visit my mom I still see a lot of ladies at the supermarket in batas.

  10. Egads ... do I ever remember those dresses! shudder ... But your dress doesn't look like that at all! I would definitely wear that out. Very cute. I wear a lot of tank dresses during the summer (when I'm inside) but I can't work in the yard with a dress on. I love the picture of your yard. I agree with Doreen about seeing more of the person than what's on the person.

  11. An interesting blog.
    Just a reminder that the Capsule Wardrobe Contest begins soon.
    Jane X

  12. Adorable dress! I'm always on the lookout for loose house dresses at the thrift store~I love wearing them in the heat, and I think they're much more comfortable than pants or skirts!

  13. une femme~I forgot to acknowlede you in my blog too-as that great post about the retirement dressing came from your site--I will add it--and thanks!
    Patti~I like the fullness of it-it makes it comfortable. I took the lining out-sort of a crime, but it was too bulky!
    Judith~Love my backyard in the summer--in the winter, with the ice chunks-not so much.
    Doreen~Definatly better than sweats any day! I did set a goal this year to share more of my artwork/photography on my blog..lets see!
    She~ahh Patio dresses--I do see the new ones in the Vermont Catalog. They aren't so bad really~
    Susan~I know what you mean about the old house dresses being sad--sort of reminds me of drudgery..and I created the effects in Microsoft picture it. Had to futz with it a bit...
    Vanessa~They are COMFY but lol. (little old lady)
    Tammy~I have one adirondack chair I painted orange, and the other purple!
    Ofelia~Batas...I like that. Were they pretty?
    Kari~Dresses are so easy in the summer...I agree--more of the person!
    Samll~thanks and I'll check it out!
    Ariel~Totally agree--and I found another one today....
    Shooting star~Thanks!

  14. I love this dress! the neckline and the large print along the bottom. I probably WOULD wear it out and about. How did you create the photo of the backyard?

  15. This dress it just too sweet! I love the a-line shape of it. So easy and chic! ~ Serene