About Me

Fashionistas over fifty unite! Come join me and we'll tackle the frustrations of fashion for women over "a certain age" through creativity and some fun~

I would like everyone to feel passionate about something--for me it begins with art and design.  I cultivate this passion each day through my clothes.  

How did I get here?  Originally a fashion illustrator.  Till ads went to photographs.  Worked at an insurance company.  Designed clothes on the side.  Got married.  Had kids.  Went back to school.  (yes, Harvard)  Got a degree in visual design.  Had my own graphic design business.  Designed on the side.  Was a visual merchandiser.  Morphed into a office manager with graphic design skills-type career.  

So here I am to share and grow with you through the "golden years". What am I blogging for?  To help inspire women, who may have lost part of their mojo, to find a passion--whether it be fashion, or painting or whatever.  Let's live life vibrantly!


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  2. You have a great style! Love to feature an article or post by you on our online woman's magazine for women 50+:


    all my best,
    carol doyel

    1. Thanks Carol--I will check out the magazine!

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  4. What an impressive resume! And Harvard! I look forward to reading your blog.