Monday, December 13, 2010

Just Wanna Have Fun!

I'm thinking I just wanna have fun this week with my clothes!  The tailoring debacle of last week has left me wanting to get back to my go-to clothes--just for a bit. 

This look is just so easy to wear--  leggings, tunic top.    This year I am adding vests.  This one is  a fleece vest or I could add my fake fur vest for even more fun!  This tunic top I have worn here, and I wished I had bought the one that came in red!

Making use out of the boots that I do have, I've folded these babies down for a different look as they are mucho comfortable.  Any shoes with a 2" or under heel, I treasure~

Fun for me in clothes is something a little offbeat or unexpected.  (and its not just accessories!) Here the offbeat is the leggings; after all, there is still debate out there whether or not they are appropriate for over 50's.

What would be fun for you? 


  1. Paula, such a cute look...very stylish and fun. I love your earrings...and the way you turned down the boots! Great pictures.

  2. I prefer this more daring look a lot.

  3. You are definitely much more in your element with this look! I keep going back to the philosophy of "Dress for how it makes you FEEL!". This is adorable on you. I say, if you feel good in leggings, then there's no age limit on them. They look great on you and the boots are fabulous!! ~Serene

  4. You rock this look and you look wonderful!! Be yourself. I have decided that if you feel good there aren't the limits I used to think their were on clothing.

  5. I love those earrings, need a closer look at them
    I think you can rock the leggings. I don't think it is so much about age appropriateness as it is body type appropriateness impo

  6. I like what you've done with the shoes...and you know me, I think I like the tunic best in the current color. I have a couple pair of leggings...but I almost never wear them.

    What's in the cup? suspicious minds want to know!

  7. girls just wanta have fun....

    I put on a short skirt and a longggg vest.

  8. love this...and you're right: faux fur vest would be amazing. (I love this tunic/dress!)

  9. Pam--On the boots, am thinking of adding some fleece to the top of the boot...
    Me too, Sacramento!
    Serene~ I agree, and you must feel confident also--but I do wonder about some people who feel good in their clothes and look well, not so good... (!)
    Yeah, Lisa, I don't like rules..and there were a LOT of rules growing up!
    Silvergirl~there is a close up a few blogs back..I got the earrings at a local museum. They are very light too!
    Terri~ c'mon, I wanna see you in leggings...
    Rose~ any pics?
    Still~next time the fur vest!