Monday, October 4, 2010

Added Flair

This is a great three season outfit.  The tunic/dress is the length I love; a little bit longer than some of the tunics out there--it was probably a short dress.  I love the print--it has the contrasting detail for an added punch--because you know me, I'm not usually about the neutrals.  (Although, I regret not buying this top in red!)  The tunic is silk, so it makes for a great layering piece and as it gets colder, I can wear a thicker sweater underneath.

I  love the empire waist--very flattering.

For my earrings?  I just love the dangly ones~

Lia Sophia
 I threw on my cape, which added a little flair and off I go!

What was YOUR added flair today?


  1. That is a gorgeous tunic! Definitely not boring black & white.

    Today's flair for me: a necklace I got on and took to Burning Man. The alkaline dust gave the piece an even more interesting patina.

  2. There is not a thing about this outfit that I don't LOVE! It looks gorgeous on you and by the smile on your face I can tell you're really feelin' it!

  3. I'm home starting on a second round of papers--80+ this time, so no flare for me today. My youngest daughter would LOVE those earrings. And I really, really like the tunic. It works great over jeans. Cute pose too.

  4. Very modern bohemian!
    I like it combined with the jeans.
    I'm off to find some flair for this gray day...

  5. I love the print on that tunic! I have a dress that's very similar in style, but it's too long to wear as a tunic -- and shortening it would take away its lovely border. Otherwise, I'd play copycat -- this combo looks great!

  6. Still~please post pic of necklace!
    Elegant~so true, when you look good you feel good!
    Terri~my heart goes out to you, gf!
    Lisa~did you find flair?
    Materfamilias~I like the print, too. Copy any time!