Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chartreuse? Not Again!

Eww baby, it was almost 50 degrees today!  That opened a lot of doors for me--well, as far as clothes go.  I thought of bright colors (when don't I?) and this chartreuse wool boucle jacket just jumped out at me.  Oh, and how many thing do I have in my wardrobe that are this color????  Too many to mention, me-thinks!

skirt~Banana Republic

This jacket, as much as I LOVE it, it can be tough to wear though for several reasons; three quarter length sleeves, the "A" shape, and should I say the color?  I was lucky it was warm so I didn't freeze all day.   In order NOT to have it look like a tent on top, I needed to go slim on the bottom.   Love the covered buttons and the collarless neckline.  The boucle is scrumptious! 

This skirt is that longer length I am not crazy about--but its okay.   It is a great fabric, wool and lycra, but it tends to be very body revealing--as in VPL's, hidden by a well placed hand. (I know, I know, I date myself with that phrase)  It was such a pleasure to be able to wear thin stockings today!  Boots added a bit of balance to the bottom--but my feet were killing me by the end of the day~

How much chartreuse or lime green do you have in your closet?


  1. I was looking for a shirt that color just yesterday. I need one!! You look great, but you know you need a Christmas sweater or two! ;)

  2. Okay, it's official! This is my favorite on you so far! ~Serene

  3. This is a great outfit and while the jacket is wonderful and the skirt fits you perfect...it is the earrings and the booties that I just love!! You look so good in this!

  4. I have chartreuse shoes, a long gown (that I might be wearing for New Year's), and a vintage velvet cape. I love the colour.

    Awesome outfit, Paula! I love the neutrals mixed with the jacket, and the shoes. Um...wear a thong for the VPL? :)

  5. The jacket is so pretty! I love the swing/cape effect!

  6. Hi, just found your bog through Sheila at Ephemera and it is so nice to see a blog about people my age (49).

    I do have one lime summery blouse in my closet that I bought but never wore as I think this may not be the color for me.

    However, it looks great on you!

    If you have time come over and check me out at Always Summer. I haven't been posting a lot lately, but I am back in the swing of things (hopefully).

    Always Summer

  7. This is a lovely look. I especially like the cut of the jacket and the longer skirt...I was so surprised to see it on you, but the color and the length is just perfect!

  8. One of my favorite colors! I'm crazy about the color "mustard" too.
    Color is everything, isn't it?

  9. Love, love your boots. The jacket is brilliant too

  10. Use to have a turtle neck that color, but every time I wore it people would ask me if I was feeling okay... needless to say someone else owns that turtle neck now.

  11. Joy, could I have one in Chartruese??? :~@
    Serene~ well I hope I keep on making your favorites!
    I'm lovin' it Sheila! I'll be looking for your outfit on New Years! Gutta see those shoes. oh and hate thongs. Only wear them if I absolutly have to.
    Terri~the longer skirt was one from the office days...even longer one today!
    Kathy~ Color is evreything!
    Sacramento~ Muchas gracias~
    silvergirl~lol--thats what the wrong color can do for you--or against you, as it was!

    Vanessa~thanks but it is tricky!
    Lesa~I will be over to check it out and thanks for stopping by~