Sunday, December 12, 2010

Profound Thoughts: The Week In Review

Its always good to take a look back on the week, don't you think?  Last week was an attempt at revisiting some of my tailored pieces to see how I could work them into my more casual work wear.  Did it work?  Yeah, but one of the results sort of sent me into a tailspin! 

Trying to get the mix right was the problem at hand.  At first, it was easy mixing the items, and then WHAM! Too many tailored items, or a skirt that was a smidgen too long, and I became an OLD LADY. Tailored items to me can mean old lady.  The fully tailored matching suit--that would really date me.

So what did I learn?  As usual, its a tightrope walk for us over 50.  One false move, and I am 80.  It's a balance and a tweak with modern and tailored.  Color helps, but too much tailoring and I'm a schoolmarm.       

Thanks to all of you to for helping me figure it out.  Next week, I'm having some FUN! 


  1. Paula...i really liked this week! I agree that it is a fine line we walk either direction..we can easily go too old or too young. I do think that if we do tailoring just right we come off as classy rather than old. Sometimes the "old hollywood" tailored look can actually bring youth to us..but it does take practice. Keep up the good work!!

  2. My favorite outfit of the week is definitely the jeans and jacket with the bright blouse and scarf. And you really have me thinking about that tight rope we seem to be walking.

  3. Could you tell me what you used for the mosaic effect? I've used a few different things when I've tried this in the past, but I'm still looking for something that works well, easily, not just to put together but also to transfer to blogger.

    Also, I'm probably missing something really obvious, but where is the link to the original Friend Friday? I wouldn't mind trying this on my blog occasionally -- the questions seem quite thoughtful.

  4. "one false move and i'm 80!" That had me chuckling, though not in agreement! I think you did a good job with the tailored challenge! And, I like your use of the collage? Picasa? Looks great! (Love seeing them all in one spot, makes it nice to go through and remember!)

  5. Pam~I agree, tailoring can give that old hollywood glamour bit, but so hard to do, I found out!
    Terri~and I think you were probably not alone... in that choice. You don't look frumpy when you go tailored..
    Mater--there is a collage thing in Picassa--there was a little learning curve but I think I have it now--you can download Picassa from google--
    Vanessa~Glad I could make you smile--that makes me feel good! Thanks for the help on Picassa--I finally got the hang of it...