Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Turtleneck--Take 2

Simple. That's the goal of this turtleneck journey.  The idea of just throwing on a top, skirt and stockings appeals to me.  Winter in New England means LOTS of clothes, so I am trying to delay this process for as long as possible by keeping it simple.

It started with the sketches of three turtlenecks.  First turtleneck outfit is here; not a failure but I wasn't wild about it either.  Adding some femininity to the second attempt may be the ticket.

So I ramped up the girly stuff by using a fuller, printed skirt and added the sexier heeled boots.  (I tried it first with flat boots--ew boy, total frump!) I stayed away from a necklace--it was too expected.  Sometimes you just need white space.   (art term) 

tneck~Lord & Taylor
skirt~Banana Republic

Oh, and some details on the turtlenecks.  One is merino wool, the other is silk and cashmere.  Can you tell which one is which?   


  1. Paula, what a lovely look! This outfit looks great! I can't wear turtlenecks, they make me claustrophobic....but I used to live in MA and I know they certainly come in handy. I'm completely feeling this! ~Serene

  2. I love the boots with this look! I'm realizing as I read your turtleneck series that I have exactly 3--one in grey cotton, and two of a sweater type. In peering closely at my screen, I would guess that this brown one is the merino wool.

  3. I love the sketches of your outfits. I do, too, but not as good as yours.
    I love skirts , any skirt...he, he, he. And adore boots, any boots... so imagen how magnificent i think you look.
    Un abrazo.
    Any chance of removing the WORD VERIFICATION????.Most of the bloggers have got rid of it for the nightmare when commeting.

  4. I think the brown is wool because you immediately put a shawl over the purple one -- suggesting that it was clingier.

    Does this lead to the style hypothesis that big chested girls can wear turtlenecks but the fabric needs to be heavier?

  5. I love the skirt/turtleneck combo and the brown is so beautiful!

  6. Serene~Handy, warm and simple.
    Terri~yup, three and you are CORRECT! This is the merino one--I never thought anyone would be able to tell~you are a sharpie!
    Sacramento~ Thanks on both counts--I will try and remove that!
    Rose~You got it right too--to my surprise and yes, the hypothesis is thicker and ribbed is better for the larger busted.
    Thanks Lisa Marie--will check your blog out!

  7. How many times do I have to say that I adore your sketches? Well I do!
    those textured tights are great and look so snuggly! And your BR skirt? very cute. I love how you turned what might be a little summery into a very autumnal look!