Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lotta Trends

fur vest~Marshalls
skinny jeans~ Alloy
fur clogs~ Nordstom Rack
Pleather jacket~Marshalls
 My mother said I should have been a weather broadcaster; I always tune into the weather so I know what to wear.  I've been dying to wear my shooties, but the weather has not cooperated, hence this outfit!

When I was downloading these pictures, I named them lotta trends--that's what I was thinking this morning.  I've got the fur, the scarf, the skinny jean and the little leather hoodie jacket.  Where it was so many trends, I was worried it might not work.  Could be a major fashion faux pas--made even worse by the fact I'm on the other side of forty....

And contrary to my aesthetic, as I am an asymmetrical/non-matching type of gal, I kept my color palette all white. ('cept for the red gloves!)

Surprisingly, I felt pretty good in this outfit and got some cute compliments, like, "great style"!  That's the best compliment ever! 
I think I did the balancing act once again~ 

Did I walk the tightrope between too young/too trendy?


  1. Those fur clogs are my new obsession. I think they've got seriously longevity in them, even if they're trendy now --- they're on the way to becoming classics!

  2. I agree! I love the fur clogs...so cute! I often find myself wondering if I have gone too close to trendy that crosses a line. But your outfit seems to work just great and I do not believe is inappropriate in any way.

  3. I like young/trendy things that merge with stuff I already like.

    I've never ever been a big animal print person so I can pass on that without regret.

    However I have always had a pair of fatigue-type green pants in my closet so when I see that kind of thing it rings my bell.

    We're still really fall colors here so I'm not quite ready for snow-bunny yet.

  4. Love! Particularly the vest! ...ooo, and the earrings!

  5. I think I have the same red gloves!

  6. a white leather hoodie! too good. Looks great with the scarf! And I'd say, trust the compliments rather than the worry about falling off the tight rope!

  7. Thanks a lot for following my blog. I shall follow you too. You look wonderful.
    UN abrazo from Spain.

  8. Paula, my favorite part? The vest and the shock of red gloves! BRILLIANT! This is just gorgeous! BTW, don't you just love Sacramento (the blogger, not the city, but I'm sure the city is enchanting also)? I stumbled across her yesterday and VOILA! I have a kindred spirit in Spain. I think it's somewhat apropos as it's the one country my mother always wanted to visit. Un otro abrazo de Norte Carolina!

  9. Love all the trends, and not too young :) You're lookin' comfortable, warm & stylish! What brand are the Nordstrom clogs?

  10. I agree, Vanessa! And they say clogs are a no-no~they know nothing!
    over50~I felt good in that outfit--so that is worth something, no?
    Rose~that is the way to work it--mix the new with the old for a modern look so we don't get stuck.
    Still~love the vest too! It will appear a lot, I can tell you now~
    Mater~they dont get lost as easily....
    Terri~sound advice and it feels good to hear a compliment!
    Sacramento~Muchas gracias for following! Love your blog too~
    Serene~I thought the red gloves were cool too~
    Karen~they are Anne Klein sport and very comfortable too. We have some followers of the fur clog thing, don't we?

  11. I think you look great. And those shoes are so comfy looking!! I love them!!

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog!


  12. For me as a 47-year-old, the key to a good look is partly including at least one element that makes it current (on trend, now, fashion forward). I LOVE your style precisely because you DO seem to have a nice balance (you don't actually make yourself look ridiculous or frumpy, even though you appear to think you do sometimes) and you do include very current touches in your outfits. This one is a superb example. I think you look terrific. I love the fun you seem to have with current shoes -- such brilliant choices. LOVE YOUR STYLE!