Monday, November 8, 2010


I started off this morning with what I thought was just a brilliant idea.  I had done closet shopping over the weekend and came up with some sketches for the week.  The theme: turtlenecks.

Turtlenecks are always on everyone's must have list, and we all think of Audrey Hepburn so chic in hers.  But in reality, its a lot harder to put into practice.  It all comes down to bust line character--small=good; big=bad.  

I love the purple and green combo, and tried it with the purple ribbed turtleneck and my green cargo skirt. The turtleneck alone ended up being too much bust for me, so I added the scarf.  Then I tried getting creative with the scarf(thanks Serene!) but by the end of the day, I had the scarf another way.

I thought the black tights and the hiking boots would be sort of construction chic.  I saw some cute Sorel's in Lucky, and thought, why not try my hiking boots?

The weather was absolutely miserable here today; raining at 43 degrees with a wind.  It really doesn't get that much worse!  This coat works perfectly though, waterproof faux fur.
Bottom line: Turtlenecks are okay in moderation and on the construction chic?  I'm ready for something more feminine~I'm not lovin' this!

Any turtleneck lovers out there?


  1. well...first, let me say how in awe i am that you SKETCHED COLOR OUTFITS - in advance!!!!

    (regains consciousness, crawls up off of the floor)

    well, taste is personal and all that. but you look great - wonderful colors, nice balance of rugged/feminine, the purple socks really tie it all together...the one eentsy teensty addition i mite try is a thin brown leather belt. i think this ensemble shows off your hair, your figure, while looking completely practical - it's the hat trick!

    i don't like turtle necks because my neck can't stand the pressure. but they seem quite sensible, in theory.

    i hope you enjoy your next outfit more : ( at least you look terrific!!! steph

  2. I love the look. I think the cargo skirt helps make the boots look like they aren't part of a different outfit (which I mean as a compliment, but somehow it doesn't sound as nice as I mean it..and I really do like the outfit.) Plus, with the weather: boots! Yes!

    My problem with turtlenecks is: I have a short neck and a pumpkin shaped head. This is NOT a good combo for a turtleneck. I do ok if the neck is very loose or almost cowl-like. I wish I had a lovely swan-like neck like yours. Ah well.

    And thanks for reminding me of a large scarf I have tucked away in my scarf drawer (about the size of the one you're wearing.) I love the scarf but it has a very fall/winter feel and I always put it away in spring and forget about it until late fall.

  3. I like the entire look. The scarf is lovely and the turtleneck looks great (I don't see the bust problem). But my favorite part of this would be the hiking boots with socks and tights.

    Also, visit Advanced Style. He's compiling a list of bloggers over 50.

  4. Purple!! I love purple and that scarf is fabulous! Your sketching is a gift that I wish I possessed. I decided last year to give up turtlenecks. For me, to open up my neck made a world of difference. I might feel differently if I was more your size. I too want to go through my closet and look for a big scarf!

  5. I haven't owned a turtleneck in years! Actually, it's funny to see this because just this weekend as it started to get very winter-like here in Boston, I was wishing I had a simple black turtleneck to layer with some chunky knits! Definitely on my shopping list for this season. Also, I love how you styled it up with the scarf.

  6. Tiny~your funny! I was in a coloring mood--guess its my fashion illustration background coming out!
    I thought about the belt, actually, and all of a sudden I ABHOR belts--they are so uncomfortable for me now. Menopausal belly and all~
    Still~I'm glad i reminded you of your large scarf--its great to dig out that old stuff and re-use it or at least try to!
    Terri~I did go to Advanced Style--gave tiny's and my address--saw YOURS there--you are getting around, aren't you!
    Over50~most people SHOULD give up turtle necks--one of my friends had a whole closet full of them....we had to do an intervention.
    Becca~so glad you stopped by-a fellow beantowner! Yup, the weather sucks ere, and turtlenecks are sort of a necessity! Since most of you were so positive about mine, I am going to try again!
    Thanks to all of you for your support!

  7. I love your sketches. You're amazing! And that clip from a magazine of a boot in houndstooth or plaid (Can't quite tell?) Was that boot from Target? I tried on a very similar duck boot with rubber bottom this weekend for about $32ish and loved them. Nearly bought them, hoping for a sale.
    And, to answer your question on my blog about my bright pics: Definitely not my aura. (I bet it would be dark and murky haha). It might be because I always shoot with my camera settings on "vivid" instead of "standard." I rarely bump up the saturation though when I do minor editing. I think that using too much saturation makes everything look kinda purple-- and the point is to show the clothing item how it actually looked! Haha.