Thursday, November 11, 2010

Love Your Closet

After we redecorated our bedroom earlier this year, I was pining to do my closet over "California Closet" style.  I did all the planning, etc., but I was filled with anxiety over having to totally reorganize my closet!

Being inspired to not shop with the Kendi's 30 for 30, and with Serene of The Elegant Bohemian declaring that you should LOVE ALL YOUR CLOTHES, I will add you should Love your closet also.

I love my closet now without the California Closet!  How did I do it?  Some minor details, really, but some silly things I love.  Like boxes.  And hooks. Oh, and silly little stickers.

How would you start to Love your closet?  Maybe by doing some little details, that YOU love in your closet to help organize it.  Of course, first you may want to purge those things you DON'T love. 

My silly little stickers and boxes!

I have a bureau in my closet--it works brilliantly!
I find it very cathartic to clean out my closet.  I find forgotten items. I give away things I don't love anymore.  And I simply.  It feels great!

Anyone else feeling good about purging your closet? 


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm sooooo there!! This weekend, I will clean out my closet.....I love your boxes with stickers. I wish that I had a low chest of drawers to put in mine. Thanks for the mention girly! ~Serene

  2. I do it every change of season. Put away the summer clothes in autumn, where they are forgotten about, and bring back the winter ones. It is a normal custom in Spain to do so.
    I am looking forward to your 30/ 30. You are brave!!!

  3. I think you were safe to skip California Closets - everything looks nicely organized. I'd like to have a bureau in my closet but I don't have the space.

    Sometimes it's a little emotional as you get rid of things you haven't worn in awhile if they remind you of things that happened when you wore them.

  4. I'm with Rose, I don't have the space for a bureau. But I love how organized this is. I've taken to organizing my closet monthly, by the color palette of the month. All the other 11 months are stored away in a different closet... And while I'm doing that I tend to discard too, generally about a kitchen trash bag each month. That is taken BACK to a local charity.

    I like your little notes. And the book will be in the mail tomorrow morning.

  5. What a well ordered wardrobe! There is nothing better than the feeling when you've had a big clear out and everything is in its place..

    Ps: I think the giveaway I'm currently running will tickle your fancy!

  6. I can tell how hard you worked and it will help you so much in getting your looks together every day! I have a small closet and cannot keep everything in it, so I move clothes around by two seasons: warm & cold! It isn't working well so far this year, because we are having a very warm fall. But I organize at the beginning of my seasonal moves, and that is the time I clean out. I hope to get a better system soon. Good JOB!

  7. I love a clean, organized closet too. Sorting the clothes by color group is oddly soothing, as well. I have a weirdly unusable high shelf, so those cute boxes are giving me ideas!

  8. Serene~you may want to think of a small bureau..I got rid of my big one in my bedroom and put the smaller one in the closet. Gives me a lot more room! Oh, and anytime, gf!
    Sacramento~I have a large closet so I don't have to change it around every season--lucky me! But I must discipline myself to purge regularly~
    Rose~if I am keeping anything for sentimental reasons, I either take a picture of it and donate it; or with some clothes, make a quilt or repurpose the fabric somehow. But I am not that sentimental!
    Terri~I am intrigued; monthly color? How do you determine that?
    Thanks Checks, will check it out. he he pun
    Over 50~Makes life so much easier when the closet thing works--don't like running here and there...
    Frump~LOVE the boxes--they have helped sooo much! You can get them reasonable at Home Good, Marshall's, TJ's.