Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stylish yet Sensible Shoes?

Why, Why, Why????  Why are the hardly any cute, stylish, low-heeled shoes lately???  While I was getting dressed this morning, I was looking for the funk for this outfit.  (yes, that's what I do--look for the funk)  I was completely satisfied with it all, although it was rather conservative for me--the blazer, the longer skirt and the grey stockings.  I would have loved some funkier shoes...

Instead, I had to settle for these babies--that I have all but worn out this season because they are the only shoes that fit the clunkier style this year.  And the only shoes that I won't kill myself in.  All those funky shoes in the stores have 4" heels!  All my other shoes are more refined but alas, look dated to me.

More experimenting with Photoshop--too bad they don't have a "bad hair" editing tool. 
 What can we do, fellow bloggers, to remedy this situation? Is there such a thing as stylish but sensible in a shoe?  Any ideas?


  1. I like the look of suede or leather wedges. I have seen a lot of interesting...and funky....wedges in the stores now. (and on-line retailers) The heel heights are so varied, so you can pick and choose your level of comfort. But I must admit, you always have great shoes on, so you seem to do just fine! Have a great week.

  2. You always *do* look fine and funky, so I think you have got it! When in doubt you can always go with a boot or ankle-boot. These clogs are very cool.

    Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday!

  3. Looking for the funk -- love it! I struggle with shoes, and I tend to wind up with less "funk" than I'd like because I need the practicality. But I would second the points about wedges and boots. And I really like how those darker tights look on you! (But you know I love your colorful ones, too).

  4. Your blog arrived just in time. I carried a pair of black clogs out of my closet and down to the giveaway box earlier today. I'm taking them back up to my closet! I always loved wearing them but I thought they were maybe just getting too out of style. You proved that they aren't!

  5. are a sweetheart!!!! I love this such a flattering, chic look! Dr. Scholl has become one of my best friends..with the right padding, I can wear almost anything, I would do the wedges...go for the funk!

  6. I just adore that photo of you sitting in the ivy.

    I am 6"2" so I am always looking for a lower heel. And because I am curvy, a chunky heel usually works best. I find Tsubo to be a very comfortable brand. Many of their shoes come in 3", but they do have some 2" and 2.5" shoes that I have purchased and worn to death.

    Off to work on my Visible Monday post! A

  7. I've been looking for a "dressy but funky" shoe, and am having much the same experience...if you want da funk, you get da heels. I haven't given up...

    Cute ensemble! The skirt is really fun.

  8. And really lovely, if I may add.

  9. "One of those HUGE voids in the fashior world for better clothes/styles/attention for us baby-boomers." You said it!

  10. The brown background looks perfect with the skirt and jacket, and shoes are a hit! I've been shopping my closet, so have no new ideas regarding stylish sensible shoes.

  11. If you want to "complete" such an outfit, wear boots. You want funky, wear flat boots. You want dressy, wear boots with heels. I guess I always resort to that to cover up my less-than-perfect legs.

  12. I've got a few pairs of flats that are sensible and slightly-stylish. Still wish it was possible to wear heels every day, though!

  13. I think that clogs are a great solution..there are lots of cute ones at shoe stores that sell shoes for comfort or doctors and nurses. I had always avoided those stores because I thought they were for old people but I found some great looking shoes there. But they are expensive...(ahem..Dansko)
    Please come and visit me, I am on the linky this week on Not dead yet style!

  14. I agree with Adrienne, that first photo is so adorable.

    Good for you looking for the funk, and finding it! I can't tell what the design is on your skirt, are those equals signs? Whatever they are, I like them.

    I have so much trouble finding shoes that fit I just buy anything that fits with some kind of style, whatever it is :).

  15. Paula, I wore it yesterday and got several compliments! You pictures are always so happy! They always make me smile.
    Why did you want my email address?

  16. How sweet. I wasn't involved last year during the holidays! I wondered if you guys did anything special.

  17. Keep at it with Photoshop!

    I have Corel photo software and they've got a "clone" tool. You can borrow parts of pictures and put them other places. It can fix hair, you just need to get good with it.

  18. Stylish, on trend and very cool shoes!

  19. I like your chunky shoes I think they're great! It's a nice little funky touch to the outfit, nice remix of formal and casual pieces!


  20. Other bloggers swear by this brand if you want 'funky"

    I think they are a tad expensive but I guess you could find them on sale.

  21. I'm afraid I don't have much to offer in the way of solutions for you here. I'm constantly amazed that there don't seem to be any choices that fall in the wide gap between orthopedic and completely impractical. Even 20 year olds must have to walk sometimes, right? Don't they want cool shoes that don't kill their feet, just like we do?

  22. Maybe if we all do some sort of collective scream? Can we occupy something or form a shoe party? Really, I am so sick of 5" platforms. Yes, they're cute and sexy, but I can't walk in them. I keep hoping it'll be time for something new then the other day I walk into Nordstrom and there's a huge display of shoes with 4" heels and 2" platforms. That's right, 6" heels.

    For a moment there I thought kitten heels were going to make a reappearance. I should have purchased them last year because there are none to be found this year. I agree it's very frustrating. I've purchased two new pairs of boots this season but I'm still trying to find a pair of funky black shoes that have a low heel. So far, nothing.

  23. Ann Marie~You are right--there seem to be better choices in wedges--and they are so much easier to walk in!
    Patt!~I'm trying to wear shoes as long as I can in the season--you know how I feel about boots--even short ones!
    Anne~You like the grey tights? I do too, actually.
    Kitty~I love clogs and there are a lot of naysayers out there but they are comfortable and they have a look! Glad I saved them for you!
    Pam~I have a lot of inserts too. They cant save me from breaking an ankle
    Adrienne~Ya know I bought a pair of Tsubos a couple of years ago, and they looked a lot better in the store than they do on me! comfortable tho!
    Deja pseu~at least we arent the only ones--
    Sacramento~thanks for that addition~
    Debbie~yup, so frustrating!
    Judith~I have a few pairs that are nice 2" heels but they look so poopy.
    Rosemary~Lol. me? I get so sick of boots with the NE winters, so I want to wear shoes as long as i can. but you are right--boots are easier to find lower heels--this year anyway!
    Vanessa~I've got some great fun flats too, but they just dont cut it sometimes, ya know?
    Stil blonde~I will stop by (missed monday but I'll be there!
    Small~clarkes are comffortable!
    Susan~thanks on the photo--the pattern on the skirt is more like an abstract flower--the details are not showing up as much as I would like. Santa, new camera??
    Tammy~Sacramento does a blog swap, but the sign up was a while ago.
    Rose~I used corel for the longest time--its great too!
    Ofelia~I must get over to your blog!
    Mongs~mash up!
    Adrienne~I know, I was thinking of them, Sheila of Euphemera has

  24. oopsey--the above was made by me--not anon. and to continue..

    lots of Fluevogs and I love them but they are too pricey...
    Margaret~so true! Orthopedic and killer. nothing in between..and the ice and snow around here makes it DANGEROUS!
    Heather~there is a solutions! Ok so I'll count to I thought the same about the kittens, and then I heard they were out...booohooo! Let us know it you find anything!

  25. This thread has great information on shopping. A friend of mine told me about this cool app that allows you to get instant feedback from your Facebook friends on whether you should buy something or not (for themselves or as a gift). Here's the link - I think the app is coming out around Black Friday but you can sign up now:

  26. Hi Paula, plenty of stylish flat shoes out there Paula - i can not wear heels i will only wear them for photo shoots but for everyday wear and because i walk a lot i need flat, comfortable shoes or i will tolerate not more than 2 inches. I love Oxfords, have you tried them, you can wear them with skirts, pants...stylish sneakers, or low heel booties maybe?