Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tips on Fur Vests

fur vest~ Marshall's
denim shirt~ thrifted
skirt~ Marshall's
shoes~ Off Broadway
Before I forget, I just wanted to share with you my tips on finding a fur vest.  I got this one last year, but they are still out in full force this year too.  If you decide to take the plunge, here's what I have found:

  • Full length ones are very bulky--warm, but bulky
  • I look for tailoring and shape; lest one looks like a polar bear
  • Fur trim is another way to get the look but not the bulk
  • Partial fur is good too;  this one only has fur on the front--knit on the back

This vest works--it's short and fairly tailored--although I will be putting some other fasteners on it.  The knitted back helps to keep the volume down.  I've tried on a lot of fur vests and most of the time I feel like a little kid with a snow-suit on.

And I think I finally got the earring shot!  Although, it doesn't capture the sparkle of the earrings, but I think you get the idea~

What do you think of the fur vest trend?  Is it a yay or a nay?


  1. The earrings are great!

    I love the combination of fur vest an animal print. You are so on trend!

    And you look totally adorable, as usual :).

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  3. I have decided that vests just do not look good on me...I have purged my closet of them..except for two, I think. But I am certain your tips here are great for the vest lovers out there! I would trust your advice.

  4. Great tips, Paula - I too have found that many fur vest give me that snowman look. But yours looks just right. Cool outfit, head to toe!

  5. I just love fur vests and yours looks great on you. Pam posted one from W by Worth that I fell in love with. I still would love to have it if only it came in my size. I tried on a real fur vest and it seemed to be less bulky than faux fur. I ordered one from QVC that looked great on the model, on me I looked like a giant grizzy bear with monster shoulders. It went back really quick.

  6. I just came over from Jane's blog and wanted to see what they rage was all about. Now I understand.

    You look absolutely beautiful and happy in your own skin.

  7. I'm with the grizzly bear comment. I think they are adorable but not quite for me.
    You on the other hand handle the vest just perfectly!
    I do have some vintage fur jackets. Most I don't usually wear but, this year I will and will say its faux! I feel if I buy it used it's ok. Just being green in my own way.
    New link is up and running. Stop by and say hi!

  8. I like wearing my fur vest (which I bought a year ago, so pshaw to trends) as an outerwear piece when it's not quite cool enough for a jacket. And yes, I agree, it looks much better when it's done up - here's to tailoring!

  9. You did get the earring shot! I think the fur vest looks great on you; adds texture and I always love a touch of leopard.

  10. The earrings are gorgeous!

    I've been on the lookout for a fur vest, but you're right, they do tend to be bulky. These are great tips I'll keep in mind, thanks!

  11. I have two "fur" vests and I love them both. I tend to get cold when I'm sitting a lot (like when I'm designing), so the fur vest is just perfect. However, fur vest over sweatshirt isn't the most elegant look, but it's warm.

    For more fashionable moments I like to wear my vest over a tight outfit and keep it loose so I don't look like a mama grizzly that got loose.

    Yours is great and little!! i found a cropped one once and wanted it so bad, but it was real fur and I couldn't afford it.

  12. Love your yayering and you smile. Last pic is fantastic.
    My camera is a Lumix Panasonic FZ45, and I am soooooo pleased with it.
    Some of the photos are taken with my husband´s a CANON 1000D.

  13. You are getting better with your pics! good girl!
    I like the way you layered your faux fur and yes we can see the earrings!

    I feel better today, the aches and pains moved around but i am off the couch today, ye!

    Have a good weekend! Ariane xxxx

  14. Love the earrings and you are wearing your fur vest well. I know it's a big trend, but unfortunately it's still a nay trend for me. But I see that I'm in the far minority so keep rocking it!

  15. That vest is way too cute! I love this whole outfit!