Monday, October 31, 2011

Elusive Photo Skills

Hard to believe its getting to the point where I am forced to take pictures inside--or endure the cold!  After reviewing some pictures taken outside last week, I was looking TOO COLD, if you know what I mean.  And thank-God we dodged the bullet from the weekend Nor'easter and didn't get FEET of snow!

Ah, yes--the outfit!  I was feeling sparkly today.  Not a common feeling for me, by any means.  Somehow sparkly flashes me back to sequin appliques of the 80's.  Shopping in my closet, I dug up this old skirt from Christmas past, paired it with a Halloween sweater and had to don the boots--regrettably!  Although I think the boots work well with the skirt, no?

My last photography class is this week, and I have concluded that my camera on auto is more skilled than I am.  I'm trying to get good earring portraits but they seem to be ever-so elusive.  It doesn't help that I take my pictures in the morning as I am flying out the door to go to work.  Will you be patient with me while I develop some more skill?

Oh, and I think this is a great outfit for Visible Monday--don't you?


  1. I love the whole outfit but that sweater is a knockout.

  2. Yes! This is a great outfit for Visible Monday - love that colorful sweater, and your boots, and of course, those earrings! Thanks for participating in Visible Monday, you look so great.

  3. I love it! You look adorable in that outfit.

    Hope you'll stop by and visit my very first Visible Monday post--also my very first Outfit of the Day post EVER!

    Cindy @ Notes in the Key of Life

  4. This is a perfect outfit for Visible Monday. And I love the skirt - just the right amount of shine!

  5. Great VM outfit. The sweater is a beautiful color.
    Your legs look fabulous in the boots (I hope you don't mind this compliment!)

  6. It is an excellent outfit for Visible Monday!! The color of this sweater is gorgeous!

  7. The sweater is so vibrant, and so are you! I admire your photos and I hope to improve myself. Need that to be a focus area down the road.

  8. A very visible look indeed! I love these two textures together, and the boots are lovely.
    Glad I found you over at NDYS:-)

  9. yes, you look great! I love the red sweater on you, you got some nice sweaters really. The boots definitely goes well with your skirt, to show off your nice legs!


  10. You look absolutely gorgeous, and That skirt is a dream, Paula.

  11. I'm all for sparkles this time of year. That sweater popped out at me in the best way, like a bright "hello" to start off the day.

    The skirt is beautiful.

  12. Great colors on you! as for the camera skills you will learn! try to avoid the flash - play with your ISO, your white balance, try the over exposed, under exposed, it ranges from -3 to +3 that should help- I mostly use the AV function

    Ariane xxxxx

  13. This is so cute! I love the sweater over the skirt and the boots!

  14. Sorry to say, the flash does sometimes wash colors out.

    They need to get an auto setting that doesn't do that....

  15. Great sweater (love the color) and I'm always happy to see some sparkle.
    And yes, we be part of your evolving photography skills.

  16. Judy~you may have noticed I bought 2 of these sweaters I liked them so much...
    Patti~I thought this would be good for VM!
    Cindy~I cheecked you out! I'm flowwing too!
    Gracey~yeah, I have a sequin top that I've worn only once--I dunno--jsutt too 80's
    Debbi~Of course I dont mind! Thanks!
    Lesa~Muchas gracias!
    Pam~Its a fun color--both of them
    Judith~Your pics are good too.
    Kara~yeah, its sort of about the textures....
    Mongs~have to accentuate the positive?
    Sacramento~thanks, GF!
    Susan~it does pop dosent it?
    Ariane~thanks for the tips--I'm trying the other options too on the flash like the fill in thing...
    Megan~its a little early for the boots but I had a vision...
    Rose~but it takes wrinkles out too!
    Ofelia~this is a good color for you too--you take some good photos!

  17. Have you tried upgrading your camera? Christmas is coming you know. My husband purchased a Canon Rebel and it takes the most amazing photos!

    Sorry it's gotten so cold! it's finally cooling off a bit here. I'm so ready for fall weather and in the meantime the rest of the country has already graduated to winter.

  18. I found your blog on Citizen Rosebud's 40+ blogger list, and really enjoy your posts. I just started adding Career Dressing posts to my own blog, and am delighted to see the 40+ crowd showing life only gets better with age.

    Sometimes I do close-up shots of my jewelry only, if it's interesting. Readers seem to like it!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Practical Paralegalism

  19. I like the shimmer on your skirt! It's absolutely lovely! (And boo for coldness!)

  20. I love this outfit and I too have indoor photo problems and usually just hope for the best, though i've found flash is just pretty flat and washes me out and my outfit! number 2 looks great! I have a book called DSLR for dummies and i think it will resurface this winter,LOL!