Sunday, November 6, 2011

Those Darn Colored Tights Again

looks like the scene from the Graduate!

I love surprises in clothing.  Like the splash of a color or an offbeat shape.  Call me crazy; I guess it's the artist in me.

And you know what is even crazier?  I felt empowered in these red tights.  Yup--you heard it right.  EMPOWERED.  I don't know exactly why; maybe it's because the red really makes my legs stand out--certainly one of my better features.  Or maybe it's the confidence that I have to wear them.  Or the little bit of cheekiness I get I kick out of.

sweater~ can't remember
skirt~ TJ's--Don't you love the zippers?
red tights~
I know there are some that say colored tights are a big no-no for us over a certain age; I hope I am the exception.  (Yes, Tish, this ones for you! :~) Check Tish's side bar out for what I mean~.

Anyone else there find colored tights empowering?  Anyone else out there dare?  Maybe it's this Visible Monday thing....


  1. YOu know by now how I feel about colour, wowwwwwwww.

  2. Love colored tights on FAB on you!!!

    Liesl :)

  3. I love the bright red tights on you!!

  4. I love these have great legs and absolutely should wear the tights!! I plan to wear a funky patterned pair this week! You look great in this whole outfit, Paula!!

  5. I love colored tights! I know I don't rock as bold colors as you do, but I still find them to be invaluable for a wardrobe wake-up. That red is divine on you.

  6. Love color tights! you should see my collection, i think i have 50 pairs! it is crock! you can wear color tights at any age! so wear them girl you look good in them!

    Ariane xxxxxx

  7. Ariane, you have 50 pair!? You go. Paula, I love, love those tights on you - you look so visible and fabulous. xoxoxoxo

  8. I love red legs- red socks, red pants and red tights! I didn't know it was a fashionoverfifty nono but it shouldn't be. You look fun and frisky and fresh. Viva la fifty!

  9. I love bright tights! These look amazing on you, Paula!

    Who says we "of a certain age" can't wear bright tights? That's baloney!

    I'll be wearing something bright for Visible Monday, but I'm not sure if it will be tights. But you know I have LOTS of bright tights.

  10. The first photo says it all! You should be wearing the red tights!

  11. I just received three pair of colored tights from WE Love Colors and can't wait to try them with outfits. Thanks for the inspiration. Great minds think alike.

  12. So far, burgundy tights is as daring as I've gotten, but your outfit gives me courage! You look fantastic...I love everything about this outfit. The fact that the colors above your legs are neutral keeps the red tights from being "too much"--in fact, they're the perfect pop of color. And the booties!

    Question: what is TJ's? It's not TJ Maxx, is it?

    You look FABULOUS.

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  13. What an artistic photo of your legs in tights!
    Yes, you can rock colored tights or anything else you want. The way you look in your outfit proves that.
    I think we are rewriting the rules on what women of a certain age can wear and hooray for that.

  14. Look at you rocking those red tights!

    Paula, you know what? I wore red tights friday night to our annual parish thanksgiving dinner. I swear I did, with my chuck taylors and the mondrian scarf, which also has some red in it. I got so many compliments and I felt like I was about 25 years old :).

    Yay for red tights!

  15. You're going to have to wear them again tomorrow. Nov 8 is Everybody Everywear Colored Tights day.

  16. Paula, As always your smile makes my day! The tights are incredible!
    Rock those legs girl!

  17. I definitely think colored tights can be kind of empowering! Makes you feel like you stand out!

  18. Wow! You look great in those! I tried wearing red tights once last year, and I wasn't able to pull it off. I'm going to try and copy this look. You have really great legs though ... I kind of have thunder thighs, and red tights accentuates them.

  19. I think red tights are eternal. One might want to rethink pale pink, but red? No red is always fab, and very appropriate I think.

    You look great in your tights!

  20. They'll take my coloured tights away from me, when they peel them off my cold, dead legs. You look great! I love the red very much.

  21. you're giving me some courage to try colored tights. I'm always so conscious that people will laugh at me. You look fabulous and stunning, colored tights can really makes an outfit look so much more ommph!


  22. If I had your legs I would wear them more often. I love the first photo...made me look. Anyway, nice to meet you. I love the art that you have included in your photo. Interesting and fun. Great skirt, love the zippers. I am following along with you. Have a great day. Come for a visit. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  23. Oh, I absolutely adore colored tights, and these look perfect on you! I like how you kept it simple with the black and white outfit. You definitely pull them off :)

  24. I love this tights color on you and I also think you can't never have too much color for me the more the merrier!

  25. No, no. I completely disagree with me. You look fabulous. And, I do see women on the street in their 40s and beyond who look adorable in them.

    I think I meant (or said, I forgot to check) no shiny tights.

    You are gorgeous!

    Warm regards,

  26. Thanks All! sorry for my absense, but I have been computerless--my computer died! I am just getting up and running so will be back shortly! Love to you all! Paula

  27. i LOVe those tights and i really dig the shoes!!!!
    i have outfit that empower me, too!

    RE: my photo, i just hit bright and heavy contrast and that's how it came out! A happy surprise ( I almost did em all that way ;)- thanks for asking!
    ( it was sunset and the trees/bushes were glowing yellow )

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