Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Same but Different

I'm back girlfriends!  Yup, the computer went KAPUT--but now I'm back and just in time for my birthday.  And for the first time in (gulp) FIFTY-SEVEN YEARS--there are still leaves on the trees on November 16th!  Never have I seen this before.  Sort of refreshing, in a nothing-stays-the-same type of way.

tee~Victorias Secret
skirt~ann Klein--Marshall's

 And really, that's my type of dressing style.  Nothing stays the same--well, more like the same, but different.  Like these old duds.  I used to style this skirt all fancy-like.  Now I dress it down; well--if you can keep a leopard down.

And me?  I'm the same but different too.  Are you?

Missed you all!  


  1. oh boy, I liked to think I am better now than when I was know, that I have learned and grown to be a better version! LOL I will be 53 in January, where did the time go anyway? :)

  2. I thought I was the only one who thought it was odd that many trees still have their leaves too. Can't (or refuse)to say how old I am.:-) I'm better too, more sure of my self, a teeny bit more secure, and just MORE of me :-(. Love the skirt! and the little demin jacket with it.

  3. WE missed you too. Glad to see you here, and Happy, happy birthday! Love your animal skirt, and the way you styled it. It's great to keep changing, it keeps us vital : >

  4. Gosh it seems like a lot of bloggers have November birthdays. Mine is the 29th.
    So Happy Birthday to you dear Paula!

    I did miss you and I am glad you are back. I think the outfit is really pretty. I love that pattern in the skirt, it is different and very, very cool!

  5. LOVE how you've styled this skirt, and Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Paula! Nothing screams celebrate like leopard.

  7. Happy, happy birthday Paula.
    Love that leopard skirt and you.

  8. Happy birthday lovely girl, are you 57 for real? i don't believe, gee! you look darn good!

    i think it is better to dress down leopard skin and give it a funky look- i love how you dressed it down


  9. Happy 57! Love the crop jacket and glad your back, the leaves look beautiful!

  10. Glad to see you back. Happy birthday and lovely outfit!

  11. Hey girl! Love what you've done with that skirt! You look great! I was just thinking about you this morning! Big hugs! ~Serene

  12. Happy Birthday! You can never keep a leopard down, especially when styled so expertly as you have done here.

    Your tree is gorgeous!

  13. Welcome back, Paula, and a very Happy Birthday to you!

    You look lovely in this - I adore that skirt! I especially like the rust-coloured tights with it; they really elevate it.

  14. Happy Birthday! Glad you are back and I love the leopard skirt on you. It's an unusual pattern and I love it. We still have leaves on tress but rain and wind today took away some of the beautiful yellow Ginko leaves, which are my favorite. Here's to another great year for you! XO, Jill

  15. MelodY~This year I forgot how old I was! I guess thats a good thing as long as it isnt due to alzheimers...
    Linda--so its going on there too with the leaves? im so glad cuz as the leaves fall I want to put them back...
    Patti~thanks! change is good--love to evolve!
    Debbi~Lots of november bdays--it happened in the winter sooo;
    Deja~thanks and thanks
    Judith~haha true...
    Ariane~for real...I agree on the dressing down..its too lol if you dress it up!
    Lesa~altho with the crop, I was a little self conscious as the skirt is revealing...
    Sylvia~thanks--so you do leopard?
    Serene~so glad to see you back! lets talk..
    Susan~its hard to hide for sure. Hope the tree hangs on for a few more weeks!
    Sheila~You are a cat person, no? And interesting take on the tights--I didnt think they made a difference really so thanks for that insight!
    Jill~the skirt is that anne Klein pattern--it is different. It has a very high waist--of which is not flattering anymore!

  16. Glad you're back! Hope you had a great birthday! You look fabulous. The jean jacket and the skirt are both great, great pieces!

  17. Catching up on blogs from the week, so I'm sorry if my birthday greetings are late! I love the leopard skirt. I like to dress down the animal prints, too, so that looks just perfect to me. I definitely think our style evolves as the years go on.

  18. Yay for a prolonged fall, and for a beautiful outfit! Glad your computer woes are fixed!

  19. Glad you're back! Love the skirt - so cute!

  20. Missed you too... glad you're back! And I love the casual styling of the skirt

  21. Happy birthday fellow scorpio! Mine is on the 17th.
    Love your skirt, so glad you're back on your blog, and the leaves never fall here. I would love to live through a real fall!

  22. I'm liking the skirt and the brown tights plus the styling with the denim jacket. I learn new things all the time from all you fashionistas!