Sunday, November 20, 2011


skirt~cant remember its so old
tights~bamboo--a Museum Shop
What am I going to wear today?  It has to be one of the most burning questions of the day.  (That and what's for dinner?)  Sometimes the answer comes to me in the form of a vision.   I know, I know, I sound crazy, but it's the right side of my brain--the more creative side--talking to me. Today it was in the form of a voice (yup, I hear voices too).  It said, "sparkles".

So I went in my closet and found a sparkly top--that was easy, I don't have that many.  I went for a monochromatic look; I thought it might balance the sparkly a bit.

All of that brought me about to another burning question:  Why do girls like sparkles? It's almost innate.   And I don't mean why we like them now--I mean like anthropologically speaking.  Like cave women.  Why should we be attracted to sparkles?  Anyone want to venture a guess?

Oh, and how perfect are the sparkles for VISIBLE MONDAY?


  1. You know, I have no idea, but I once saw a fascinating nature show about some kind of bird that obsessively gathers sparkly items! If I remember correctly, the male tries to build the sparkliest possible nest to attract the female. (The finer details elude me). That blue top is a winner!

  2. I LOVE the sparkles on you! They seem to light up your face! Sparkly hugs! ~Serene

  3. Your sparkles are wonderful, and I agree that keeping it monochromatic makes it more casual. That's really a great top!

  4. Great question! (about why do we love sparkles). But we do love shiny things, don't we. And you look so great in your sparkles plus denim - casual but so special too. Thanks for participating in Visible Monday!

  5. oh my....i love the purple sparkles!! you look awesome!!

  6. It's a festival of texture! I love a monochrome look with varies textures... it really gives suble interest to an outfit

  7. Love the color on you. And the sparkles is awesome!

    Visible Monday

  8. I like the mix of sparkles with the jacket - on the other end of the continuum. Especially during the day! Very fun and expressive!

  9. Sparkles and a lovely smile always attract goodness and positivism to you and to the people around you!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your love ones,

  10. You look great in sparkles! I'm such a fan of sparkly things too. I think it's the girl in me :)

  11. We all like to shine, LOL.
    You look gorgeous, and I adore sparkle.

  12. That's a really fabulous sparkly top, I love the color too. It's a nice contrast with the soft classy jacket and chambray skirt. You look really cute and girly.


  13. It's a cute way to use a nighttime look in the day to day world!

  14. Beautiful balancing of the whimsical sparkles and more serious pieces. I think little girls are attracted to beautiful things.

  15. I think your outfit is a perfect mix of colors, textures and volume.
    Suitable for day and night.Very beaufitul.

  16. I've read that sparkles imitate the look of water, and since we're 90% water...
    Love your sparkly top! I don't have many sparkles for some reason, but everytime I see a sequined top of skirt I think "maybe I need some sequins in my life". So far it hasn't happened though.

  17. Hi Lovely Lady - I love this look on you and the second pic is extraordinary! you did a good job, wow! i am speechless!

    Ariane xxxxx

  18. Your outfit makes me happy, which is the best kind of outfit :)

    Sparkle on, girl!

    Practical Paralegalism

  19. Anne~I saw that show too! so maybe it has to do with
    Serene~sparkly hugsto you too, Gf!
    Deja~I originally boughtthe top for partiess during the holidays so its great its got another life!
    Patti~we do like the sparkly, the glittery and the shiney.
    Pam~they stuck to the jacket all day tho--but thanks!
    Lawyerdoll~Great to hear from you again--festival of texture--that's great.
    Kim~I love the purple, cobalt genre.
    Judith~very true--the wool and the sparkly.
    Thanks Ofelia--and to you and yours!
    Mommyblogger~It was fun!
    Rose~they are sort of fascinating. hynotic.
    Mongs~Its actually a halter--so I hav a shirt on under it!
    Vanessa~Had to tone it down!
    Susan~there is some serious attraction, thats for sure!
    Heather~It does remind me of the sparkles on the water. I know what you mean, I dont ususally go for them--I worried Ill look like mother of the bride!
    Ariane~the second photo was editied in Photoshop!
    Lynne~It is happy!

  20. Loving this blue monochromatic look! The sparkles are indeed lovely.
    I think women were created to be a little more elaborate than men at the most basic level--I mean just look at us! So I think our love of all things sparkly has to do with that--that we are just more sparkly ourselves:-))

  21. Sparkles are just perfect for this time of year. Love it.

  22. As Rachel Zoe would say, I love me a sequin! Can Adrienne and I use this second photo of you in our roundup on wearing sequins? You look gorgeous.

    I know I am part magpie because I never ever get tired of sequins or glitter or sparkling beads. Happy Thanksgiving to you! XO, Jill

  23. loving the electric blue jacket!!!