Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Down by the River

Very rarely is the water in the river this calm.  The recent Anthropologie catalog inspired me to shoot on the dock.

Of course, THEIR dock didn't have bird turds all over it like mine did.  I had to find a corner that was do-do free.  Don't you find that your fashion shoot is different from the magazines?  HOW do they do that???

vest~thrifted and altered
sweater~J. Crew
With the cooler weather, the layers are coming on and I'm not quite comfortable with them yet.  It's tricky to layer and not to feel like you put on 20 pounds.  This sweater is perfect for layering, its very thin, but the vest--with it's pockets on the bust, make me feel inflated. I need to wear stockings but my skirt must be lined otherwise my stockings are sticking to the skirt all day long.

And so it begins......  


  1. What a lovely setting on what looks like a beautiful day! You are simply glowing and I think you wear layers well...even if it gets some getting used to! :)

    Liesl :)

  2. I have the most terrible time with layers, but you did layering justice. Great combination!

  3. You cracked me up about the dock and Anthropologie, Paula! No bird would ever dare poop on their docks. I love your layered outfit, you are not at all bulky, just chic.

  4. You are so funny!!!!!!!!!!
    I have the same problem with my deck!
    I have literally sprayed off the poo and let it dry first, only to have another bird pop by before i could take a photo! LOL!

    By the by, you are rockin the fishnets!!!!!
    I should get my hose out, darn it!
    I love to be inspired :)

  5. Vests can be such a nice layer for intermediate weather, when a jacket is just too warm. You look great in this combo!

    And those catalog shoots? I'm sure they have burly dudes with sandblasters out on Guano Patrol before the camera crews arrive!

  6. Beautiful place to shoot! I want that vest!!

  7. That first picture is beautiful and I love the way you styled are so creative!

  8. I cant believe your over fifty YOU LOOK GREAT!!! Love the outfit so cute! SO following your blog!


  9. I wish I had a dock!

    I love that skirt - I hear you re: layering. Arg to the tights sticking to unlined skirts, arg to the bulkiness of sweaters!

  10. I love your layering so very much, and about the magazine photos, they are professionals with excellent photoshop too, hehehehhehe.

  11. Regardless of the doo doo that dock made a beautiful setting! I love your skirt too :)

  12. Ah yes, the dreaded stockings-clinging-to-skirt problem. I know it well. Like bird poop, it's one of those things that doesn't happen to the professional models in their professional photo shoots!

    I think the key to non-bulky layers is streamlined shape. If they're too boxy, forget about it! Maybe this is why I love belts so much these days. Love how you are wearing yours!

  13. I didn't even notice the bird poop, but its a pretty setting anyway. You look great in those layers. Vests are my "thing", this fall, and they seem to be pretty easy to score.
    I totally agree with your "thus it begins", hang on its gonna be a long bumpy ride:)

  14. If I am wearing a layered look and can't see the definition of my waist, I feel like SpongeBob Squarepants !

    Ann Marie

  15. I'm pretty sure they have a staff on hand to wash off the bird do!

    I love that skirt, it looks like a painting.

  16. I believe the catalogs do it with Photoshop because if there is world that dreamy and lovely I'm depressed not to be in it.

    I LOVE the fishnet tights. I just read the are a great alternative to nude pantyhose for those of us who don't want to go with a bare leg. Now I have to go look for some!

  17. Your photos look like they could be in a magazine. I'm impressed with your layering skills!

  18. I like your skirt so much! I've never tried to imitate a magazine shoot...way too intimidating. But you did a great job, and I can't even see any bird droppings! (Isn't real life so much less glamorous than the catalogues/mags? haha!)

  19. Hi! here you are again cute as ever! i know the problem of stockings sticking to the skirt all day , this is why i always try to buy skirt with a lining - The layering is just great you do not look inflated at all!

    As for the deck- i think they bring their own for the shoot and of course the magic of photoshop - there could be a lot crap on the deck and photoshop will remove it, but oh god! poor model if she had to lay in it, ouach!

    have a good weekend - Ariane xxxxx

  20. Thanks Liesl!It does take some getting used to!
    Anon~I know what you mean--but try. Its practical if you are in a cold climate..or cold office.
    Patty~You know what these fashion photos come out like--so perfect!
    Reva~oh by the way, I will email you--I have some questions on your camera...
    Deja~so true--I'm looking for one now that is lighter than this one and a little longer....
    Jill~the vest was a thrifed jacket that I cut off the sleeves of.
    Pam~a rare calm river...
    Sugar~aw thanks!and thanks for following and I will visit you!
    Sheila~thanks for stopping by! We love the dock; too bad we can only enjoy it for the short summer here.
    Sacramento~no photoshop here! And you are right...
    Mommyblogger~is it doo-doo or do-do??/ I wondered when I wrote this...
    Anne~Belts are a necessity but I am not a fan..not comfortable.
    Doreen~there were some HONKING BIG bird poops..lovethat line from Betty Davis--what about Eve...
    Anon~True! and even if you can see it, it doesnt feel thin...
    susan, and if it were a painting it would probably be a pollack--its a splatter type print.
    Judith~cept for the doo-doo!
    Wynne~and you'll read splatter is in; splatter is out. dont know what it is now but I like the colors.
    Vanessa~and thats my point--life is more gritty.
    Ariane~and you know those models are almost like slaves...god knows what they have to put up with.

  21. Catherine~I have a whole collections of fishnets and have been wearing them for a long time. sometimes they are hard to find--depending on the styles. They are a little warmer than bare legs and are a great stocking for the transition to winter or to summer. I have them in evrey color! But certainly the nuetral colors are more versatile

  22. My photo shoots NEVER look like the one's in magazines. First of all I'm 41 and most of the models aren't much older than 14. (Youth really helps in photography.) They they weigh about 100 pounds. (That helps too.) They have hair dressers. I have a hair brush. They have makeup artists. I have my makeup drawer. I could go on...

    But I love your look and I like your layering. Where I live layering consists of putting a jacket on over your T-shirt so the idea is very exotic.

  23. Hi there,
    do you still have the skirt? Would you sell it?