Sunday, October 9, 2011

Washing Blazers by Hand?

blazer~Ann Taylor
chambray shirt~thrifted
skirt & clogs~TJ's
I had a hippie friend that swore you could wash blazers by hand.  I didn't believe it.  I was always afraid to risk it, but as a few of my better blazers aged--I found I didn't have much to loose.   I tried it.

This blazer was my first try and I am very pleased!  As long as the manufacturer pre-shrinks all the fabrics, I think you are safe.  But you never know.  Just like one of those pieces you take to the cleaners and it returns not the same size.....

Back to the outfit.  I love the colors--the blue in the chambray shirt is actually more saturated.  And you may know by now--one of my favorite shoes for the season?  CLOGS!

Just a great all-weather shoe.  Do I sound too utilitarian? 

Oh, and I almost forgot!  How appropriate that we had torrential rains earlier in the week, so I can show Patti over at Not Dead Yet Style what I wear in the rain!  Happy Visible Monday!


  1. You look so good in this color! Looks like most of us got rain..we were so happy here! I take my blazers to the cleaners, because I want them to hold that great tailoring and I look like I lost weight when I really didn't!! Your outfit is so cute!

  2. I wash a lot of things that are supposed to be dry cleaned, and so far, so good. Love those colors! And that raincoat is so cute, and practical -- I gotta get one like that.

    Thanks for participating in Visible Monday.

  3. Never heard of washing blazrs by hand. I must try this. Adore th colour of the blazer - so bright and cheerful. Happy Monday to you;-)

  4. I see you have some nice rain there. last time it rained here was 7 month ago.
    Nice layering, Paula.
    I am also a hobby blogger. I had offers os advertising and turned them down. Ivery much like Bill Cunninham: "If they don´t pay, they cannot tell you what to do".LOL
    Although I wouldn´t say no if somebody offer me a trip, LOL.
    I don´t spend that much time, but I try to answer most people´s comment, cos it is a pleasure.

  5. I've never dared to wash blazers by hand. But I have one with mother-of-pearl buttons that my cleaner will NOT take responsibility for. (I clean it rarely, and have their tailor remove the buttons beforehand and then put them back on! Idiocy!) I was planning to eventually replace the buttons, but maybe I should try washing by hand. (Don't really love the jacket, anyway).

    Love your rain outfit! I finally got the boots but need to upgrade the raincoat. You look adorable.

  6. I've also been hand washing things that are supposed to be dry cleaned and so far it's working out great.

    Coral pink is one of my favorite colors -- I see that your blazer closely matches the color of those flowers.

    As soon as I discovered clogs I feel in love with them.

    Cute rain boots!

  7. Now that's a rain slicker!
    I've never tried hand washing a blazer - or really handwashing anything except delicates - and only then when I'm in a pinch. This is good info to know!

  8. A rain poncho is a great thing!

  9. I don't think loving clogs is too utilitarian at all. They are great all weather shoes, can't deny that! and I love all the layers you have going on in this outfit.

  10. Did you use a particular detergent, like Woolite, to wash the blazer? I'm curious. I love laundry and I wash plenty of things by hand. I also love to vacuum and Swiffer. It's true. XO, Jill

  11. Now that's one colorful raincoat. You are brave to hand wash a blazer. Maybe I'll give it a try. Your blazer plays off the beauty of the plant in your photos.

  12. I love that you cinched the waist to accentuate your great figure. Chambray shirts are all the rage and I love that pop of color!

    If you're interested, I host a weekly style link-up with @BonBonRoseGirls & @Momtrends. Each week there is a great prize for linking up:

  13. I love your color combo, super cute on you. We had sunny weather all weekend- good rain gear you have there, would be perfect if it rains in NY - going Oct 21!

    Ariane xxxx

  14. Pam~I am trying the hand washing when my blazer is on its last legs so if they loose their shape, I'll probably be no worse off!
    Patti~me too! Especially silks--they seem to come out better had washed.
    Fashion~Hand washing sort of gave them another life!
    Sacramento~You are so good at answering and commenting on blogs--and you are good too at posting on FB and tweeting!
    Anne~Hey, try the hand wash thing--you've got nothing to loose!
    Susan~true about the clogs--I've been a believer for about 10 years now--and have caught a lot of flack some years....
    Vanessa~I hand wash a lot of my clothes. Guess it must be the old yankee in me! lol
    Wendy~And this one has cute lining on the hood---just wish I could get the wrinkles out of it--cant iron it!
    Meagan~And some of the clogs this year are high fashion and those certainly arent practical!
    Jill~Woolite always. I love to hand wash, but the rest? ugh/
    Judith~The world needs more orange so I fill it with clothes or flowers!
    Jill~the shirt is a little full so I did need to belt it. Thanks I will stop by!
    Ariane~I always pack it--but I hope you dont have rain!

  15. I think you can hand wash pretty much anything, but I'm lazy so I head to the dry cleaners!