Sunday, October 16, 2011

Real or Synthetic?

For Visible Monday hosted by Patti over at Not Dead Yet Style, I wanted to share with you my go-to outfit on my day off.  It tends to consist of leggings, tunic top and blazer for fall.  I've had this tunic for at least 5 years now and it is a staple.

jacket and tunic~Marshall's
shoes~Off Broadway
The tunic is silk, these leggings are denim (aka JEGGINGS) but the jacket is, sorry to say, plastic.  Yup. Some type of imitation leather that is surprisingly soft.  It is really incredible the fabrics that are created from synthetic materials lately--all the faux furs and faux leathers.  Must be easier on those poor little animals.

And the shooties are also synthetic leather, yet very pliable.  Not the stiff plastic of yesteryear.  I can hardly tell the difference from the real thing; even the inside is fake suede!

As much as I am a real fabric type of girl, I am slowly going to the other side.  How about you?  Do you only go real or do you go synthetic?


  1. Cute outfit, Paula! i would never have known it wasn't real if you had not spilled the beans. I would love to buy real leather...but, I do not have the funds. I know it takes careful shopping, but like you have here, I have seen fabulous synthetics that no one would know weren't real!!

  2. Cute outfit. I like the tunic especially.
    I have several faux leather jackets. I have had people argue with me that they are real leather. Some of the faux do look fake, but others are amazingly real looking. Same with the faux leather shoes. Some of the faux suedes are just lovely.

  3. This is a great cool weather "uniform", Paula - that tunic is terrific. I wouldn't buy any real fur, unless it's still attached to the animal : > But I do wear both leather and non-leather shoes and bags. I think eventually I will go completely non-animal.

    Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday - you are a beacon of sun!

  4. Awesome outfit!

    I go for the real thing, particularly in shoes. I just find leather breathes better and conforms to the shape of the foot more than plastics do. I prefer leather and suede in my clothing as well, but all of it is second-hand.

    I do agree that some of the synthetics have gotten really good at imitation of the real deal. Particularly, polyesters - I have some "silk" tops that are poly and they are wonderful, as well as easy to care for. You can hardly tell they aren't silk, even by feel.

    However, after spending a day shopping with my 12 year old niece and going into the "teen stores" I can say that there is a lot of awful plastic (esp. in shoes) out there that gasses and smells horrid. Several of the stores gave me an awful headache from the reek of the vinyl shoes.

  5. I just wear whatever I like! And I really do like those shooties!!

  6. Lovely tunic, Paula.

  7. You look great! You have me wondering if I should try leggings again.

    I really love leather and suede, but I would definitely wear fake jackets/shirts IF they were comfortable and breathable. That's usually my beef with synthetic fabrics, in general, but they are definitely improving. I do find that I'm suspicious of plastic shoes.

  8. Wonderful outfit. Love your jeggings and tunic and interesting mixture of fabrics here!

  9. Great outfit, and the shooties finish off the look (including the toenail polish). I go with whatever I love!

  10. I love your nail polish colors.

    The jacket is flattering, and I would wear anything that flatters me, faux or real.

  11. I am still loving those sandals on you. And what nail polish is that? It's great! Mostly if I am going for leather, I get the real thing. If I was to explore fur, however, I would go faux. I know that's probably a terrible contradiction, one I'm still working out.

  12. We have a deal in common and not just our name. Thanks for a great website. I am going to have to investigate jeggings. I especially liked the "fake" animal print post. Good on you. Who are the fashion police anyhow?

  13. Paula- what i like best is your smile! but love your outfit as well!
    I do both plastic and leather but prefer leather...

    Ariane x

  14. I love your shoes! They look so adorable on.
    I do wear synthetic fabrics, especially in bags and footwear.

  15. I just deleted all my comments to you all--my dear friends! Will be back later to do it again~

  16. It all depends on the feel of the fabric to me!

  17. I really like those sandals! I usually go for the real thing (because if I buy it at all, it's usually thrifted, so I can afford it) but I do have a faux leather jacket and purse that I really love, so it just depends.

  18. Pam~so true--synthetics have gotten so much better!
    Debbi~lol--about the arguing!
    Patti~I think about going non animal, but I dont know....
    Sheila~Its hard to beat a real leather shoe, and I agree with you on the breath thing. That can be a severe drawback on the synthetic.
    Joy~and that is cool too!
    Sacramento~Thanks !
    Anne~The ones I have on are almost real..and my feet dont sweat...go figure.
    Syvia~thanks sylvia! Love your style too.
    Judith~Hey, both ways is fine!
    Susan~It does need to flatter.
    Jill~I have furs and sometimes I catch some flack and I ask them if they wear leather. Same thing I know.
    Ioana~Thanks for commenting!
    Paula~I dont know who they are anymore. I'm a rule breaker so I dont want them around!
    Ariane~I'll wear it all too--but I do prefer the real thing.
    Vanessa~I never could wear synthetic shoes; my feet would smell!
    Wendy~some of the synthetics can feel like real silk..
    Meagan~The blends ifabric really work well--too bad they couldnt do that with

  19. I went shopping for a leather jacket the other day and came home with pleather. Honestly the design and cut was just much better, and it was $60 rather than $200 - $400. I just can't afford real leather and fur. Just can't!

    So now I have two pleather jackets, and you know, they're great. They're just warm enough and they aren't sweaty the way you think vinyl would be.

    I love your white one! Very cute.