Thursday, October 20, 2011

Zen Blogging

I would like to imagine a blogging world in which I could do zen blogging.  I wouldn't have to update my Facebook page, tweet and re-tweet my most recent posts, and constantly do the uncomfortable task of self-promotion.  A quieter world.

jacket~J Crew (and hand-washed)
Of course, I probably wouldn't achieve what I want to in my blog.  Well, not to as many people anyway.  I wouldn't be able to inspire all the women I want to inspire.  I wouldn't be able to spread the word that dressing can be fun again; even after 50.  And I wouldn't be able to share my creativity with others, hoping they can cultivate their creative side too.  (PS Everyone has a creative side.)

Maybe someday.


  1. Beautifully said, Paula. Your words and images are getting out to many more people than you likely realize. I for one had found you long before I was aware of the "business" of blogging. So whether you work a lot or a little on promoting your blog, it is touching people all the time : >

  2. Oh, that jacket is *adorable!* Love how you've paired it with the fuller skirt and patterned tights.

  3. Love the jacket. It is so much fun to see what my favorite bloggers wear and how they style it. Love all the pattern.

  4. I love the patterned tights, and the jacket looks great with the blue sweater. Love your smile :).

    As for blogging, it's not terribly quiet but that's part of the fun!

  5. You look lovely, Paula and you are so right...everyone DOES have a creative side, whether they realize it or not!! Blogging is time consuming, but so far, it has been well worth it and I find myself wishing I had more time to spend on it!!

  6. Well stated, and you are beautiful in that jacket. I appreciate your creativity and relate to longing for a quieter world. Perhaps that's why I am always behind in all of the areas that you mentioned!

  7. Such a great way to put it! I'm totally obsessed with my blog right now, and you are such an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work. I'm so glad you took the time to reach out to as many people as possible, because that's how I found you.

  8. Keep up the great work. I am 50 in 5 years and I need women like you.

  9. I love the blazer you're wearing. Does it have a slight sheen to it? It's very pretty!
    I stopped tweeting anything directly blog related, including links. And I didn't ever launch an FB page. I like to keep it as simple as possible. I kind of like the 'friends-only' vibe it gives off!

  10. you are beautiful! you have a good heart by being an inspiration to women especially your age not to be afraid to try different things out especially regarding fashion.. through you, confidence of others are built... thank you for being an inspiration.. loved your blog...following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!


  11. So nicely put, dear Paula.
    Lovely layering.
    Love your cute jacket.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Thanks Patti! I'm glad to hear that I am reaching people--and without all the bells and whistles.
    Deja pseu~I still love that jacket too--and hand washed it to bring some life back.
    Debbi~It is fun--isnt it? Love to see how evreyone dresses--as I dont see it at work!
    Susan~The sweater under is actually a vivid purple--which never photographs correctly with my camera for some reason.
    Pam~on the blogging, I just find that having to always advertise my blog is uncomfortable for me, as much as I love the friendships and connections.
    Judith~thats what I need; a quieter world. I should be better at those things too but....
    Heather~Thanks Heather--thats what I need to know that I am an inspiration--as you are too!
    Smalll~~so stay tuned!
    Vanessa~Good--I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. It is about keeping it simple! Oh, and the jacket does have a slight sheen, but not as much as the photo.
    Dina~I am a guineau pig for women my age! And I lvoe it--thanks for following and I will check yours out!
    Sacramento~You are the guru blogger and you do a great job keeping up your FB page and tweeting--Kudos to you!

  13. I'm with Vanessa - I don't actively promote my blog, I don't do Facebook, I don't tweet. I like that my blog feels like I'm talking to a group of friends.

    Love that jacket!

  14. What a great post.:) BTW, love that J Crew jacket. You wear it well.