Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Big Poncho, Little Poncho

poncho sweater~Ann Taylor Loft
skirt~J Jill
I was getting pretty tired of my clothes this year.  That's not to say I didn't like them anymore--I still loved my clothes. I just needed to shake them up, look at them from another perspective, inject some freshness into my look.

With that in mind, I've been playing with proportions--if you recall, I tried the new "New Look" with its full skirt and peplum top. While shopping, I noticed other new proportions this season, like the poncho sweaters, and cape-like tops.  What better way to change it up?

I can't tell you how perfect this poncho sweater is!  It falls gracefully over the tummy.  The sleeves, which may have created a flopping problem, work because there are small sleeves from the elbow down.  The only drawback?  With all that fullness, it's hard to get a regular coat to fit over the sleeves.

poncho~Macy's about 10 years ago....
That's what is so wonderful about this BIGGER poncho--I can fit my smaller poncho under it!  So I guess I'm double ponchoing it today.....

Are new proportions something you like to play with or do you like sticking with the tried and true?  Do you feel like some of the new proportions are "too young"?

Update:  I will be computer-less for the next few days so see you next week!


  1. Proportions are something I struggle with because I *do* know what looks good on my body, but I want to give myself different options so I try new things that maybe I shouldn't. But, I keep trying!

  2. I have tried on some of the drapey sweaters that are popular now. However, they look dumpy on me. Maybe I haven't found the right one, but I will continue to try.
    You look great in your double poncho. You have 2 trends for the price of one in the cable sweater poncho.

  3. I like the 'small' poncho, it looks good on you and perfect for this time of year. I bought a black cape/poncho (what is the right term?) last month and have worn it a couple of times and I agree I love it when what I am wearing would get to squashed with a regular jacket.

  4. I love the double poncho on you! Playing with proportions suits you, and the color yellow reflects the background. Your photos are stellar.

  5. I love how you have the sweater layered over another top! and that coat is fabulous!

  6. I honestly LOVE that skirt with the tights and really perfect clogs. (I tried on some low heeled clogs recently and they looked awful, not like yours!) I think the big sweater works because you've kept it small and short below.

    As for new proportions, I hesitate to buy anything that doesn't show off the waist, but I do like the big slouchy on top with short and tight below. I think I need to try some new silhouettes soon! You've inspired me.

  7. I love your little poncho....Im totally looking at chunky knits this Fall. this would be perfect:)

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  8. I love that little poncho! So cute! I like to play with proportions, but find that sometimes they don't suit my body as much as I'd like.

  9. That "little poncho" is so great! You look wonderful in double-ponchos, and I love the cable knit so much.

  10. Great sweater! =)

  11. the big pocho over the small pocho is a cute idea! You look chic! I love the socks and shoes clogs too. It's fun to experiment with our wardrobe, and you seem to have found the right combination!


  12. Love this look on you! Great ponchos. I definitely want to play with new forms and silhouettes. I always enjoy it when a garment has an interesting design detail. In fact I almost demand it now and often will not buy anything that is not "original". So much so that I now have so many 'strange' clothes, that I need to stock up on some solid basics! Keep playing with forms. Love it!

  13. I don't really play with proportions much. I mean, I barely wear pencil skirts... always the fuller a-line skirt with a blouse or sweater. I'm so boring in that regard.

  14. You are looking very smart today!

    I love, love a big cable knit sweater but I don't think they flatter me now.

    I do think about proportions, probably am just wanting a tried and true formula. I like to keeps things simple.

  15. you are gorgeous!!! love your sweate and the poncho so fabulous!!! love love love you dear... kissess!!!


  16. I'm loving the layering and the different proportions on this outfit. I hope that you enjoy your time without internet and have fun with your family.

  17. Re proportions, I wore baggier clothes when younger, but now I like things more fitted, a little tighter. Not so tight that I look like I'm trying to be 21 again, but not hiding under my clothes either, like I would sometimes do. I hope you are without computer for some fun reason like vacation and not because of early snow and no power. XO, Jill

  18. Ohmygosh...I can't tell you how much I love ALL of this...especially the denim skirt! Ridiculously cute! This is my first visit to your blog...I found you through Over50feeling40. I'm a follower now!

    Cindy @ Notes in the Key of Life

  19. Gracey~its striking a balance--i think. Some proportions just dont work and others look strange until you've seen them for a few years!
    Debbi~There are so many out there--I'm sure there is one for you.
    Linda~Ponchos are tricky. I think you need to plan well when you wear it! Not exactly the most practical..
    Judith~Thanks but I am not so happy with the photos--I am trying to get better...
    Meagan~I had to otherwise it would be belly exposure...
    Heather~For a while I dressed never "wasting the waist" mainly because I still had one. Now with the ever expanding menapausal belly, I am finding I have to resort to things that
    Collette~tons of these at the loft..loved it as soon as I put it on!
    Sheila~Its sort of a sacrafice in a way--have to give up the fitted tailoring sometimes for some change.
    Patti~I had found that cables made me too bulky--but I dont feel it in this one!
    Mongs~I have found it--but it'll only last as long as I can wear the big poncho I'm afraid!
    Sylvia~that is so much like me! I have to say tho, the weird shapes dont endure like the classics...
    Vanessa~You boring? NEVER! I thought you DID play with proportions!
    Susan~they can feel bulky--
    Thanks Dina! you are sweet and I will drop by!
    Ofelia~I have my computer back and all is well...
    Jill~Did you loose power? thank God we didnt. I did the same thing too--baggy stuff just when my body was at its peak! duh.
    Cindy~Thanks so much Cindy and thanks for follwing--I'm going to be dropping by!

  20. I really like this look. I would wear it in a heartbeat, and I am going to steal this look as best I can! I don't have a white poncho, but I have a black one.