Monday, September 19, 2011

TOO Visible

top~thrifted, Francie's Boutique

Sometimes I think I become TOO visible (segue here to Not Dead Yet Style and Visible Mondays).  I go too far.  I have fun while doing it though, and I don't know I've gone too far until I walk the mall.  (or any public place for that matter!)

This outfit started out with the inspiration of the cinched waist and a full skirt--al-la the New New Look.  I bought this second hand silk blouse and ripped off the collar and sewed up the back.  It has great details and love the peplum.

I felt great when I left the house, but BOY, did I get horrification looks when I went to the mall!  I asked myself--where did I go wrong?

Abstraction no. nine-one-six

So I abstracted myself in a sketching.  And I could see I had a lot going on.  Too much pattern and texture.  Bit of a hot mess.  I am going to try take two.

I did get a lot of compliments on my triple-layered necklace though!

And thanks to Patty for putting together the Visible Mondays.  Anyone else out there TOO visible????


  1. Been there, done that (too much going on). I've learned that for me, only one piece with any volume at a time, otherwise I look like a walking tent.

    I really like that top, and your layered necklaces!

  2. LOL, at least you are not blending in with the woodwork. I'm rather conservative and definitely not overly visible.

  3. I do like this outfit and I know what you mean about "a lot of look" (credit Tim Gunn). I love that you take fashion risks, and if you don't like the result, you can just tweak it. Come over and post on Visible Monday, your gorgeous smile is always needed!

  4. Well, I like your look...but I do understand. For me it is best if one piece is the star and the other pieces supporting cast!! I always love to see your posts include sketching!!

  5. I love it that you are experimenting with different clothes and come up with new ideas. Even making a sketch. wow! You look good!

  6. Paula, you are so BRILLIANT at making the sketches! Frankly, I really like this outfit. I would not have done the tights, but that's just me. Your style matches your personality...bright and vivacious! Good for you for being brave enough to be yourself. It's still a work in progress for me! Hugs! ~Serene

  7. Let them look, if they did is because you had done a good job with your outfit.
    Would they have looked if you were wearing pants and t-shirt???
    I am so proud!!!

  8. I think you look great. It is a risk, but why not? It looks like a fun outfit. I think the only change I would have made is some darker booties instead of the more nude colored shoes. I think it would have "grounded" it a bit more. You are definitely not "too" visible for my style!

  9. Looking at the picture, I would not have guessed you would write that too much is going on. As for looks of horrification, anyone giving you one for that outfit has no sense of fun.

    I like the outfit, it doesn't look to me like to much is going on. It suits your personality.

  10. Unless you plan to wear that blouse with slim pants, you might try taking up the hem. The peplum in your inspiration photo is quite short and sticks out. Yours drapes. A shorter length might make all the difference.

    I also wouldn't do fishnets with open toes, but that's just me.

  11. Just have fun with it. (2nd. time I've said that tonight! But I mean it.
    Nobody needs to tell you if you missed the mark. You know it way before they do.
    The fun of the adventure is finding the fine line..........So then the choice is when to cross and when to tow! The line that is!

  12. Your outfit is great fun and what's wrong with a little self expression? I'm with Sacramento!

  13. I like the outfit! The peplum is great, but can act as the accessory. However, I don't think it was too much! There is nothing wrong with looking fabulous!

  14. Deja pseu~the top really isnt in my color pallette and I may have to dye it....
    Linda~definatly not blending in!
    Patti~I linked up after I posted! And I will tweak~
    Pam~Yes, that is a very hard rule for me to follow but a good one non-the-less!
    Sylvia~I'm having trouble with my experiments this season tho...havent gotten in the groove yet.
    Serene~I know--you dont feel right in tights and I really like these but maybe not with the print skirt i'm thinking...
    Sacramento~Makes me feel good that you are proud! One older women took about 5 minutes to look me up and down several times with a look of scorn on her
    Debbi~I would never have thought of darker shoes but you are right--it may have balanced the darker color on top too! Thanks will try that next time.
    Susan~The picture sort of mutes the effect I think...
    Barbara~Yes, the peplum is long maybe thats where the proportion goes astray. And I know a lot of people dont like socks and sandals/open toes, but I like 'um!
    Tammy~I'm still experimenting too and having a ball. I'm a little out there tho...
    Judith~makes me feel good!
    Lisa Marie~maybe just a couple tweaks and I'll be good to go! Thanks for stopping by~

  15. See now, I don't think this is too much at all. Hmm...

  16. I do not think that you are overly visible, i think you look fine! lovely in fact! go,go girl be crazy a bit:)


  17. Nice job on the blouse.

    I often give new outfits or combinations a dry-run at church. Then I'm not stuck wearing it all day if it's got a problem.

  18. Paula I don't know what you mean, I think you look fantastic. Did you cut your hair? Also, I love that you mixed textures, I'm so into that. Loving your sketches, you should post more of those! If you come to NYC for the Daphne exhibit let me know if you'd like to arrange a meet up!

  19. I do that all the time ... but it is kind of fun ... In fact, these days I'd rather be too visible than invisible.

  20. If you have time pop over to my polka dot link up.
    You can experiment all you want there!
    Have a good weekend

  21. I liked the neckline with the layered necklaces... that's something good to take away from this experiment.

  22. Sometimes horrified looks are fun!