Saturday, September 24, 2011

Profound Thought ~ Photography

Lee Miller Portrait by Man Ray (solarization)
I went to a great exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum on Man Ray and Lee Miller.  I decided to go to get inspired as I just started taking a  photography course.  Of course, now I am obsessed~

I got all the books at the library on both of them.  I am particularly taken with the process Man Ray developed that he called "solarization"; it gives a sooty outline to the subjects (as in the photo of Lee).  I love manipulating photos and am jealous of the apple app called "instagram" that all the fashion photographers were using during fashion week.

I'm sharing this with you because I'm hoping to improve my photos for my blog.  Right now I have a very inexpensive camera (Samsung TL205) and may find I may need to upgrade to improve my photos.  I don't know enough about what cameras have to offer to know whether or not I NEED a new camera or if I can just improve my knowledge and get better photos.

In the morning before work, I spend all of 5 minutes taking my outfit shots.  I may take 3-5 pictures and use a tripod.  I run around my yard looking for the best light but I don't always get the colors right.  My indoor photos are really boring--not like some of the photos I see in the Anthropologie catalog! (my inspiration)

How about you?  Have you taken a photography course or do you just point and shoot?  What kind of camera do you have?  Do you like the photos it takes?  Is the photography a large or small part of your blog?  Love to hear from you!

Paula's Solarization



  1. I've always loved photography, and was very into it in my early teens. I even had my own darkroom! I'd love to take a digital photography class to learn how to get better results in this medium. Our digital camera is an inexpensive Sony Cyber-Shot, would also love to upgrade to help improve my blog pics.

    I love those Man Ray photos, just gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE Man Ray photos! That's so exciting you got to see an exhibit on those two photographers.

    My camera is a Canon power shot. I don't think I want to take tripod shots but we've got an idea of installing a mirror on the inside of the door to our bedroom closet for better lighting when I take photos for the blog.

    I think your blog photos are great!

  3. I'm really frustrated with my pictures lately -- they've been so grainy and blurry. Your's seem really good though. Very clear.

  4. I love Man Ray too - and I have been to the Peabody Essex Museum, it's wonderful. I have an inexpensive camera, and take about 6 shots, crop, and that's it. I'd love to do better! Your photos always look very crisp and clean to me.

  5. I joined a camera club in my town for a $20 a year membership cost. I learned so much!
    Love that you're exploring a new hobby. with your artistic talent, you're sure to be great at this, too!

  6. I have not taken a photography course, but I would love to take one. I look forward to you sharing new insights with us! That is on my list of things to do someday!!

  7. I hope you will share what you are learning with all of us, I could so use a photography course myself. I use my husband's Canon. It's kind of funny being at these press previews with these photographers and their gigantic cameras and me with my point and shoot. But the photos come out pretty nice, I have to say. I'm trying to learn a little Photoshop too but my problem is turning out to be lack of knowledge re html, I would like to put up bigger photos on my blog but the template I use keeps them a smaller size and I haven't exactly figured out how to force the issue. Ah, all a learning process. Any tips you can share on your blog would be appreciated!

  8. I know nothing about photografy, my husband takes them with a very inexpensive Cannon camera.I'd like to have better photos on my blog of course.
    love Man Ray, a genius!

  9. I had to be more photo savy when I began my blog, prior to that I simply pointed and shoot. To improve my photos, I have read a few online tips

  10. You know, it's funny that when I first started blogging I thought I needed a full fledged course in Photography. And then I thought I needed a course in Photoshop. When I'm honest with myself, I know that my little Sony Cybershot is probably all I need, but it sometimes feels that the photos it is taking are not quite as sharp as they were when it was new. I look forward to seeing what tricks you may have up your sleeve!

  11. Hi Patti,

    Got a Pentax KX and i love it. It took me some time to know a bit about it, i went on Itunes to get a few tutorials it helped a lot- I would like to learn more about light, this is the tricky part finding the right light, i play with my ISO, white balance, i mostly set my camera on AV- all i can say is practice, practice, pratice!

    Ariane xxxxxx

  12. I called you Patti, sorry, sorry Paula!

  13. deja pseu~a few people in our class also did their own developing. I am learning just exactly what I may or may not need for a new camera so will keep you posted...
    Susan~such an inspiration! Why dont you want to use a tripod?
    Kari~try the quality setting.
    Patti~Good, I would like to know my way around the camera.
    Vanessa~your photos are always great.
    Pam~I'm glad I'm finally getting the chance--timing was right.
    Jill~I am overwhelmed right now but I hope I can pass on some words of wisdom...Its true, tho, so many of the point and shoot take great pictures. And there are so many people that go out and buy these very complicated cameras and have NO idea what they can do. Editing can be a huge part too--
    dressing~inespensive cameras can work very well too.
    Terri~lol...I wonder if the camera has lost its snap or you have gotten more discrencionary?
    Ariane~I'm taking note of what kind of cameras people have. I love your photos..