Thursday, September 15, 2011

Honking Big Belt and Dior's New Look

dress~Modern Millie thrifted $24
shoes~Off Broadway
belt~small local boutique eons ago 
You may remember one of my favorite trends for this season is the cinched waist and full skirt of Dior's New New Look.  I found this dress at one of my favorite thrift spots and after a few minor alterations, whala!  Dior--revisited.  The dress is not actually vintage though; the tags inside are modern. 

The shoes modernize it a bit.  And can you believe I am almost lacking in any color???? Take note of my earrings though--they are a bright blue.

And my honking big belt!  It has to be around 20 years old--I'm so glad I saved it.

Have you found any of your favorites yet this season?


  1. Very pretty, different look for you.
    I don't think i could handle the fullness without looking like Audrey Hepburn on steroids!

  2. Vintage, modern, whatever...I love the dress. It looks wonderful on you!

  3. Such a flattering look, pamela.
    It must be my favourite look on you so far.

  4. I love love love this on you...dress, shoes, looks incredible!!

  5. Fashion is such a puzzle this year that anything done well is great. That belt is totally perfect for the dress.

  6. Oh Paula!!!!! I love love love this! I would wear this in a skinny minute! Every woman needs a honkin' big black belt! Dior hugs to you! ~Serene

  7. You knock socks off everywhere in this look, Paula - fantastic! The earrings, the shoes and that belt -- you are a star.

  8. I LOOOOVE this dress - you look fabulous.

    Sarah xxx

  9. I have always loved dresses with a waist and full look great!

  10. Look at you, striking a pose. The belt makes a bold statement and I love the dash of blue earrings.

    What a thrifty find!

  11. What a great couture look; you truly have a gift in being able to visualize a look and put it together. You know, I think I have that same "20 year old belt"....!!!...and I am happy it still fits! Also love that the dress has pockets, don't you?

  12. That's a great silhouette on you, and I love it with the more funky shoes!

    I'm stocking up on animal print. I've already scored a belt and some ballet flats, but I'm still on the hunt for a sweater. Can't have too much of a good thing.

  13. You look wonderful in this outfit. It suits you to a tee. Great find!
    Like norteastchic, I am gravitating to animal prints. Probably too many! I actually turned one down today because I fear I am getting too many.

  14. The SKIRT on this dress is fantastic!! Right away, I noticed the lack of color and I couldn't believe I was seeing Paula. The shooties work great with the look.

  15. Hi! nice look - suits you- i love the pattern of your dress and the shoes are fab - Ariane

  16. Paula, I'm pretty proud. I got the link up and running. If you have time I hope you can come over and play with us/me?
    Happy weekend!

  17. I'm still laughing at "honking big belt." Love your phraseology. I think that belt would overpower many people, and yet there you are, looking so great. You do have powers, m'dear!

  18. You really know how to rock a big belt! Love the full skirt on you and the shoes complete the fabulous look. It's always fun to play off a vintage past with updates!

  19. This is SO fabulous! I've always loved the Dior New Look (in fact that picture you show below of the Bar Dress was my avatar early in my blogging life). You've done a great job making this look fresh and modern.

  20. Tammy~ You always make me laugh and I can relate too--I am no gamine--and I worried I would feel too busty in this but it was a-ok.
    Lissy~exactly-whats in a name anyway?
    Sacramento~it would be better in a
    Judy~I think you are right--anything goes but you can be wrong..
    Serene~I felt like YOU in this dress!
    Patti~aw shucks...
    Sarah~Thanks for coming by, Sarah!
    Linda~mee too--so easily feminine.
    Susan~The belt is big and hard to pull off but works with this dress
    Ann Marie~well dont throw that belt out--we may be able to find something to wear with it yet!
    Doreen~My friend is going ga-ga over animal prints this year too. We all gravitate to something~
    Debbi~I'm done with the animal prints--I tire of them easily
    Terri~ I know, huh? Its good to get out of the box..
    Ariane~shoes are comfortable!Anne~ah powers of fashion....
    Judith~it is fun!
    Pseu~hard to go wrong with this look--great avatar! (You are so great with words my dear!)

  21. Paula, you aren't to late. It goes through tomorrow morning.
    I'm pretty disappointed with the participation. Oh, well. Live and learn.

  22. One of my favorite looks on you, ever! Your waist looks absolutely teeny tiny, and the fit is gorgeous on you.

  23. I love that you say "honking" too!

  24. Love your silhouette and the pattern vichy.