Monday, September 5, 2011


The belt is different in all three pictures.

Repeats.  As a fashion blogger, they are hard to avoid. To keep it interesting, I know I think about repeating the same outfit.  And really, I can't avoid repeating because in real life we wear the same clothes over and over again.  Unless, of course, you have a money tree in your backyard.

I wear this skirt for 3 seasons, so it gets a lot of companions.

Most of the time, I always want to change my "repeats" just enough so they are not exactly the same.  I like the creative process of looking at my clothing in another way.

This was my favorite shirt this season; just a simple chambray--goes with most.

Sometimes though, I wear the outfit the exact same way every time.  Because it is perfection. 

How about you--do you like to change it up or wear it the same?

Oh and I almost forgot!  This is a Visible Monday post!  You can see all of us over at Not Dead Yet Style--here's to you, Patti!


  1. I love your dress. Especially since it can be remixed a lot.

  2. I really like how you used the belt to change the look of the outfit. There are times that I will wear the same outfit several times to events where I don't see the same people. I have one winter outfit that just makes me feel great and it is hard not to repeat it. Of course, that was before I started blogging, so now I will probably have to figure out how to change it.

  3. Paula, I'm totally feeling all of these, but I have to say..... I LOVE that second skirt! Oh my, it's just GORGEOUS!!! and you've styled it perfectly both times!

    Thanks for your ear the other day. PMS and a pissy attitude are a TERRIBLE combination! I had to give myself a real talking to! So glad that I have a blog friend that I can vent to! You're the best! Blog buddy hugs! ~Serene

  4. You are speaking my language now! I definitely repeat outfits, because I'm really trying to get by on a fairly small, efficient wardrobe. As I learn more from other fashion bloggers, though, I am getting more creative with layering and accessories. So perhaps I'm repeating a little bit less. But I definitely still repeat. (I even keep track of my outfits in a pocket calendar, so that I alternate outfits between my MWF classes and my Tues/Thurs classes. So at least THEY don't know how much I repeat!)

    I do love the way you've changed up these pieces in your outfits! These are exactly the kinds of posts that I'm learning from.

  5. The dress is stunning on you and the skirt looks totally different with your 'changes.' I frequently repeat backgrounds, and change the 'painting' with accessories and details. I find the process to be fun and challenging!

  6. I repeat outfits all the time! some of the repeats only switch out different jewelry or shoes and those I don't usually post on the blog or take photos of. But, I think in your photos the way you have reworn each piece is uniquely different and fun to see the different approaches to wearing one piece!

  7. You look so colorful and pretty in all these combinations, Paula. I am also doing a lot more changing around since I started blogging! But I agree with Style Crone, it is so much fun.
    Thank you for participating in Visible Monday!

  8. I can see why you love the chambray shirt--it compliments your tan and your hair. And while I remember the skirt, the dress is NEW to me.

  9. You repeat so very well, dear friend.

  10. Nice looking outfits.

    I like to change things around. Not everything is clean and ready to wear all the time so it's good if big items have different options to go with them.

  11. The skirt with the circles is one of my favorites of yours. I especially like it with the pale green top.

    I love how changing tops and accessories changes the whole look. That's what I've been doing too.

  12. From a fashion blogger perspective I really stress about repeats, at least on the blog. But as a person I repeat all the time. I don't have a money tree either! And my closet is really, really small. Plus I just like certain outfits a lot, so they get worn a lot.

    I like all your photos of different ways you've worn similar pieces. Nice.


  13. I love that brown and white print dress on you. I also love that white eyelet skirt! I can get stuck in ruts with the same pieces put together the same way. It's nice to take a little time and play around with the clothes on a hanger and put different accessories with them. That helps me think about things differently.

  14. I love mixing and matching pieces because it makes you look like you have a lot of clothes. Love the pieces you mixed and match they look totally different.

  15. I always like to change up how I wear an item - I never like to wear it the same way twice. Once I've gotten my fill of an item, it goes into the consignment store or giveaway bag.

    You look great in all these looks, Paula!

  16. i love the green printed skirt, it reminds me of Marni! It looks perfect with the contrasting purple blouse.

  17. I love your earrings in the first look in the left picture. I wish there were close ups. I used to repeat my looks all the time, now I consciously try to avoid it. I never get rid of clothes (yeah, it's a really bad habit), so I have enough clothes to switch them around.

  18. JudY~Thanks Judy--its an easy one to mix 'cuz f the nuetral pallette I think.
    Debbi~It really does change the look-and I am not a belt person, so this was good for me!
    Serene~lol hey it happens to me too! I love the circle skirt too.
    Anne~yes, as much as I am a fashion maven, the left hand side of my brain says "small and efficient" too!
    Judith~I look at dressing like a painting too.
    Vanessa~it dosent look like you repeat at all!
    Patti~I agree--blogging hasnt made me buy more clothes but make more creative use of what I have.
    Terri~that is a new purchase this summer--got lucky with dresses this year.
    Sacramento~Muchas gracias!
    Rose~lol thats for sure!
    Susan~I love it even more as its silk~
    Heather~Glad to hear someone else feels the same way!
    Jill~Yup--shop your closet. I spend a lot of time there mixing it up.
    JT~And next season they may look different again!
    sheila~You do always change it up and your clothes never look the same!
    Ariel~Marni is my favorite ya know!
    Kari~I hav tried so many times to get close ups of my earrings and fail! That's why I'm going to take a photography course!

  19. Hi Paula!

    I never wear the same outfit! quite amazing when i think about it and i do not have a money tree! I thrift a lot and I swap with my daughter. I love your choices and your repeats are great - You are such a pretty woman!

    Have a good weekend- Ariane

  20. ofcourse most of us repeat outfits!!!!

    am loving your white skirt most!!!

    I keep mix and matching my wear..but some indian wear comes in a those i have to wear the same way!!!

  21. I love repeats myself or remixing as it's politically correct to call it. But call it what you want it's the creative process I follow to produce new outfits with the same old clothes that keeps me blogging !!!I was also surprised how my denim shirt goes along with everything!