Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Blue Period

Hey, Picasso had his blue period and I guess I'm having mine.  I don't know if it was the toe nail polish or what, but I'm doing a lot of blue!  Denim, that is.  I've been further inspired by the trend of mixing different denims  (Reva of Revasrags2roses has this trend on her great post the other day of current trends that you can see here).  And wearing jeans is sometimes all about the backside, no?

As fearful as I was of not imitating the past as seen here

Derek Lam Collection

I took the plunge and experimented with different denims--not the matching denim of the past.

vest~thrifted and cut from jacket
jeans~cut from pants

I have the light denim in the vest, the soft color blue in the chambray shirt and the dark denim of the capris to make up my blue period painting of sorts.  I'm not afraid anymore.   


  1. I think Blue is the new black. I'm loving it as well at the moment. Good mixing!

  2. I love the different blues, what I don't like is all the same color denmim.

  3. Paula, I love this look! Did you get your hair cut? It looks great!! Hugs my sweet friend! ~Serene

  4. I love it how blue is returning in big is so much more flattering than you have proven here (you look great)..I have a pair of denim capris just like these and really wore this out this summer!!

  5. First, love your new hair style! And the way you mixed your denims is wonderful. No fear, gf!

  6. This is a soft and easy look, I like it! I agree with Patti: your hair looks great! I've always been a fan of denim jeans, but am warming up to chambray and denim tops.

  7. Are we both in a blue perio???
    Much love.

  8. Hi Paula, you look fabulous in jeans and this kind of mixing, denim mixing, is something I would do too. Very nice look.

    When are you going to show us the sewing?

  9. I love blue and it makes me happy. I really like how you mixed it up today.

  10. Never be afraid my friend. The worse that can happen is that you'll get the "rolled eye look" I think I get it so much it means something totally different to me now.
    I'm liking the denim look for fall and have thrifted a few pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe. When it drops below 90 again maybe I can start wearing them. Damn Indina weather!

  11. So beautiful! Makes me want to try it as my something new and different.

  12. Mixing denim colors is much more interesting and you did it beautifully and with creativity.

  13. Nothing to be afraid of here. Love your blues! What about your sandals? I like them a lot -- brand? :)

  14. You look great. This is how you do denim correctly!!!

  15. Sylvia~good, cuz blue has always been my black. Dont have much black--just dosent look good on me.
    Linda~right--the matching suit.
    Serene~yup, just got it cut but some of my pics may be mixed--new and old. thanks!
    Pam~I know, denim capris are just irreplacable in a wardrobe.
    Patti~thanks, and no fear!
    deja~I know, at first I thought it was too reminiscent of the 70's-- but I like it.
    Sacramento~Yes, and we love it. Hugs!
    susan~the sewing will come out soon--I hope! How is yours going?
    Debbi~Love blue too--and I've got lots of it!
    Tammy~lol I get it a lot too. oh well. its already getting cool here--especially at night.
    Coastal~anytime I can be an inspiration, that's what I'm here for!
    Judith~but we all remember the days when it was uncool to mix...
    Karen~the shoes are 9 west--sorry I forgot to mention them! they are a couple of years old. Very comfy!

  16. Paula, how the heck did you know about the mention? I only knew because I stumbled on it.

  17. Wow you certainly have nothing to fear Paula, you look amazing!! I love this denim mix - it suits your beautiful golden colouring. The vest is gorgeous - what a great layering piece and then adding the narrow belt. Ooooh you're a clever one you are!! Big hugs to you my friend xoxoxo

  18. You are rockin' the capris!

  19. That look really works on you, or should I say you really work that look.

    Also, nice butt;)

  20. Love your capri jeans. That's such a flattering length! I'm wearing a lot of denim these days too. I think it has to do with having finally found some jeans that fit really well. I have difficulties in that department usually. I love mixing denim too, though sometimes I feel it looks a bit too early 90's. I like the way you've done it with the different washes.


  21. Fabulous double denim look! That vest is really cool. Um, and can I say your butt looks really amazing!?