Sunday, September 25, 2011

Partying and Polka-dots

I had to dig back to some older pictures to find my one and only polka-dot item in order to join in party with my blogger friend--Tammy over at Silverstyle--for "Through the Decades."  Polka-dots go with anything, don't you think?

And of course, I want to party with Patti over at "Not Dead yet Style" for Visible Monday.  Looks like Patti and I are mixing with the polka-dots.  Polka-dots are on my list for fall--I loved the Marc Jacobs polka dots that I've been seeing around.

Maybelline Colorsensational Amethyst Ablaze

My dirty little secret to being visible?  I'm sporting PURPLE lipstick.  Yup, you heard me.  Purple.  Now just bear with me--it actually works.  Not as some funky, weird, not-human type of lip color but as a HUMAN pink that stains my lips and stays with me all day!  Who would have thought?  


  1. You look fabulous Paula...this is a great outfit! Now go party with some flesh and blood people!!

  2. Oh, I love the mix of patterns here and the flirty hem on the skirt. You're getting a lot of mileage out of one outfit--Visible and Tammy's meme.

    Had to do a double-take and scroll back for a second look at the lips. Amazing.

  3. Hey girlfriend! polka dots and pattern mixing keep you young. But I did not know about the purple lipstick. Very cool.

  4. Love the polka dots! And the lipstick! I've actually been looking a good purple lipstick. I may go check this one out!

  5. I am such a fan of pattern mixing and you look incredible! I love the pattern of that blouse and a polka dotted skirt is so versatile! I really like how the purple lipstick adds glamour to the look!

  6. Awesome. I swear I would have never thought to pair dots with another pattern, you and Patti have me saying why not? It works. and looks great.
    Thanks for linking up.
    This is so fun!

  7. Yes!!!!!!!! Polka dots DO go with everything! I love what you've worn here - the skirt is such a beautiful cut and the floral top is perfect with it. Hooray for purple lippy!!!! xo

  8. Good looking lipstick! You're right that it's not a color I'd have gravitated toward, but it's not as overwhelming as you'd think.

  9. Vibrant and beautiful in your polka dots with ravishing lipstick. And the floral top fits with perfection!

  10. You know, polka dots are something that I never, ever do.... but I really don't know why. I think you're right: they do go with everything! Your look is smashing.

  11. I wouldn't have guessed you were wearing purple lipstick, but that sounds like fun. I never think of trying different colors for nail polish and lips. Hmm.

  12. Hi Paula, sorry i called you Patti in the previous, sorry!!! You just inspired me PAULA! i will wear my polka dot skirt in a different way

    Ariane xxxxx

  13. That outfit is seriously fantastic!!!!!!

  14. I love the pattern mixing you've got going on over here and I LOVE that you are wearing purple lipstick! I have pulling out all my dark nail polishes for fall, now you've got me thinking I need to move this moody shades up to my mouth as well! Woo-hoo!

  15. I love this print mix, Paula! It's one of my favorites I've seen! Everything is pretty but unexpected.

  16. Oh wow, this is an ensemble that seems like it would work, but it looks GREAT! You are really pulling it off and I love that lipstick!

  17. I adore the way you mix polka dot with that darling blouse. Plum/purple lipcolour is very trendy this season. Looks good on You.

  18. Haha purple lipstick! Looks great on you I bet!

    I love polka dots <3

    Missing Amsie Blog

  19. Pam~I know--sometimes I think I live in cyber-space!
    Terri~if I take the photos too soon after i apply the lipstick, it is a little freaky!
    Patti~Polka-dots do keep you young!
    Joy~This purple lipstick is sort of clear too.
    Tinfoils~Pattern mixing is a great way to extend your wardrobe too.
    Tammy~It is fun--thanks for thinking of this~
    Desiree~I thought of you with the purple lippy gf!
    Rose~surprise, surprise--who would have thought?
    Judith~Love that floral top too~
    Anne~really? Gutta try them, GF! They are not as bold as you would think.
    Susan~Its always good to jump outside the box..
    Ariane~I make the same mistake with a Patty and Pam up the street so no problem!
    Jill~It would really only work because it turns to pink--the purple looks like I have heart
    Vanessa~thats what I like to be unexpected!
    Fashion~yes, and they are easier for me to wear than the beiges that REALLY make me look like deathe warmed
    Wida~I know huh?

  20. Paula, Is it a bad thing to jazz it up with collages? Do you think it's to much change?
    I think they are cute. You know, lends a little "class" to the joint!
    I like to learn new things.
    Hope to see your animal print take.
    I know it will be great!

  21. I love that lipstick! Unfortunately I purchased it but it made me look like the undead. When I was younger I could pull it off, but these days it's not so easy! I'm glad it worked for you though. Love that line of lipstick don't you? My favorite is the "park avenue peach" color.


  22. I may have to go out and buy that lipstick, it is sooo pretty!