Monday, September 12, 2011

Over-50 Mini-skirters Vindicated!

I am so jazzed!  Yes, it's true--the over-40 (and over-50) mini-skirters have been vindicated by a Lucky Mag staffer--Jean Godfrey June!  After being asked, "..over 40, how short can dresses and shorts be? in her "Dear Lucky" column, she answers, ..."Sixty-year-olds with great legs should most definitely wear short skirts! (Hello, Tina Turner!)".... And how perfect is this for "Visible Monday"? 

Her answer to the question gives a lot more great advice--unfortunately there is no link to the article, but its' on page 44 of the October Issue.  I felt empowered after I read her response and I am already thinking of the stockings and sweater I can wear with my favorite mini of the summer!

Oh, what qualifies my mini's above?  I gauged them at more than 1" above the knee--not a mini by a twenty-year-old's standard, but enough for me!

Thanks again to Patti over at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday.  Hey Patti, how about a mini-skirt Visible Monday???? (although I know minis aren't for everyone!)



  1. I agree, if you have the legs a short skirt is great....but not 20 year old short! I love the denim with the colorful skirt and the water in the background. Ahhhh

  2. Paula, you have hot legs, hope you don't mind me sayin'! Sure, we can do a mini skirt Visible Monday, as long as mine can be barely-mini : > Thanks for participating, you are a ray of sunshine.

  3. I read that same article and I too felt like I have permission to do what just felt right in my gut all along. If you have the legs for it, then rock on. Some 20 year olds have no business in them, its all about what suits ones body type. Age, who give a woot about age ;)

  4. When I saw the title in my reader it looked like there were more than fifty women who can wear mini skirts... and I had to know who these women were!

    I think you look absolutely sensational - and since I never pay attention to fashion or 'age-appropriateness' I wear whatever I like and I am over 40.
    Rules schmules!

    Sarah xxx

  5. You do them better than anyone I know, Paula!!! I am going to go look for the Lucky Mag after school today!!

  6. You look great!!! I'll go just above the knee if bare legged, maybe an inch or two shorter with tights.

  7. You have the right legs, so good for you to flaunt them, yeahhhhhhhhhhh.
    Only you know and say where the limits are.

  8. You look great in a mini. You have lovely legs! My knees are way to wrinkly to wear shorter skirts. So, I do think it totally depends on the woman's legs.
    When I read that article, I thought of you!

  9. I, too, was thrilled to read that article. I can't imagine you without those fabulous minis of yours. (And by your definition -- 1 inch above the knee -- I actually wear minis, too! Hooray!)

  10. Good for you. You have beautiful legs and should rock them til the chickens come home. What the hell does that mean? Did I just make that up?
    Really, play up the best and down the worse.

  11. I agree! If you have the legs for it, rock on in your mini skirt and short shorts!! And you always looks so cute in your's!!

  12. This collage is perfect for Visible Monday. Yikes if anything over an inch above is a mini, I'm really pressing the boundaries at times. YOU have great legs and should show them off at every opportunity. I'd have to say that good colored tights have kept me from retiring short skirts prematurely.

  13. Yay! I'm glad to read this! I'm always wearing skirts that I am worried are too short! I love your collage.

  14. Maybe we could do 20 year old short but WITH some heavy stockings? I wear pretty short skirts, truth be told. I think it horrifies my auntie.


  15. I think you are totally rocking that cute short skirt!

  16. Glad for your vindication... not that you needed it! Looking good is the best revenge against out-of-date rules.

  17. I really like Jean Godfrey -June, I just read a good interview with her on Into the Gloss, about how she became a beauty writer. Love her opinion on older ladies and the short skirts!

  18. Linda~that is our backyard at high tide. At low tide its stinky mud!
    Patti~well you saw my criteria--hardly a REAL mini--but even above the knee can be a challenge now!
    Doreen~so true--some youngin's shouldnt be wearing the wrong clothes for them--maybe we can show them!
    Sarah~lol-wouldnt THAT be a great post--50 women over 50 in minis! Maybe we can do it with Patti on her visible monay!
    Pam~Lucky has some things I really like in this issue. Hope you enjoy it!
    pseu~tights are a life saver for one that wears skirts like me! Altho one of my skirts looks too short with tights--go fiigure.
    Sacramento~We will make our own rules!
    Debbi~I was hoping someone would think of me with that article``I've been yacking about minis for a while....
    Anne~It's funny how just being ABOVE the knee makes it feel so much shorter now....
    Tammy~you have such great sayings!
    HJoy~Accentuate the positive!
    Terri~cept I had to make sure I had a regular photo for patti's page. You can wear minis too!
    Kari~not that I needed vindicaton, but its good to know that someone younger shares our philosophy!
    Heather~lol I think I horrify people too!
    Mommy~Me and Tina Turner!
    Vanessa~lets abolish all those our-of-date fashion rules!
    Jill~I tried to tweet her a thank you. I will check that article--thanks!

  19. I have a sony cyber shot. One of the settings is burst. I combine that with the 10 sec. timer and it takes 5 shots instead of 1. It has saved me a ton of time and aggravation.
    I'm sure most cameras have it. I can't remember if I found the setting on line or in my book.

  20. You look great in short skirts! I think we should all wear what we love!

  21. I absolutely love the mini skirts and shorts ( and you know, I'm over fifty). If you look great on it, why not?.

  22. I think it is an individual thing. I'm 45 and wear short skirts almost everyday. There are some mature women that probably shouldn't wear minis, but there are a lot of very young women that shouldn't either.