Sunday, August 28, 2011

Remembering Trends

silk tank~thrifted
Trends.  Half of the time I can't remember whether something is IN or OUT now--I've guess I've just gone through so many TRENDS.  Was it this season or last season that LEOPARD was in?  Fashion trends change so quickly now, that its really hard for a women my age anyone to keep up.  I do remember though, that the mixing pattern thing was a trend this year, and I have enjoyed it.  And I think it's a trend that makes me visible, so here I am again enjoying Visible Mondays--with thanks to Patti over at Not Dead Yet Style.

I still watch the trends tho.  Hey, I don't want to be TOTALLY out of it.  I am compiling my info now and have chosen a few that I know I like; and one I don't like.
the new New Look at left --Junya Watanabe; the original New Look by Dior at top right; and peplum from late 17th century
I am loving the peplum look and am crafting one presently from a thrift store find .  It's a look that is classic, and it flatters a women's figure.  It's always in style--as far as I'm concerned.  The peplum I am working on is a fall color though, and not quite ready for postings YET!

Here is  a look that would be EASY for me to do, but sorry, I am not going to look like a little old lady any more than I have to.  (PS. LOVE the rest of Marc Jacobs polka-dot thing this season).  This picture is one of the reasons why fashion is just crazy sometimes.  Could make us all victims.

Are YOU done with trends--but still take a peak at fashion mags?  Or are you really DONE?


  1. I don't follow trends although I do look through the latest magazines & articles for outfit inspiration! If I see something I like, I wear it. I LOVE pattern mixing but cannot do it myself (trust me I've tried). I really do love your outfit. It's so pretty.

  2. I keep an eye on trends too, b/c I don't want to look like a LOL. But of course I can't/won't try them all or I'd look like a *crazy* little old lady : > (What's up with the socks and shoes in that bottom pic??)

    I love your colorful skirt and top - modern and very "Paula" too!

    Thanks so much for participating in Visible Monday.

  3. You are one of the queens of mixing patterns and this looks great as always. It never ceases to amaze me how trends come and go..there are so many things I tossed that I wish I hadn't. You are blessed to be a seamtress as well!

  4. Silly goose! of course I look at the fashion mags. Since I've been bloggin gI only buy one for spring and and one for fall. I like my blogging buddies ideas better than what "they" say we should wear!

  5. Love this outfit! I haven't been brave enough to try pattern mixing yet but, with inspiration from all you fashion bloggers, maybe its in my future.

  6. You mix patterns very well. It's not something I would try to do, at least not yet!

    Good luck with your peplum project, I love that look too.

  7. You are great at pattern mixing. Love the skirt!
    I love keeping up with trends and trying different things. I like to pick up on something and then add my own twist to it.
    I do love peplums and tops with gathered waists. The make it look like I have a waist.
    That poor model in the last picture. Those shoes and socks are not a good look.

  8. I'm a trend watcher but I try to let the wisdom of my years help me avoid obvious disasters. Peplums on me fall into that category!

    I'm jazzed because teal seems to be a big color this fall and I love teal.

    I love your outfit. The skirt is a great length.

  9. Great outfit! Waiting to see what you do with a peplum, which is one of my favorites. I have a few items from the 40's that I would never give up. I dress how I want, but I like following what's happening in the world!

  10. Peplums! Oh, wow! Love that 1940s shape.
    And, in my book, animal print is always 'in' style!

  11. I love looking at trends. I find it fascinating. Last Summer the short-shorts trend hit L.A. hard. Even this Summer it seems like every girl I see is wearing them.

    I find street trends, like the short shorts, much easier to spot and understand than fashion show style trends. Figuring out how the images in Vogue magazine relate to anything in real life is hard for me too. Comparing that with what is in the stores at my financial level is even harder.

  12. I am loving the pattern mixing. You always look so ravishing. Whenever I feel like I am "too old" for something, I just remember my style icons were still stylish, like Coco Chanel, at 70.

  13. Clean but interesting look you've put up here! I know that ethnic prints will be a strong trend in the winter but half of the time I have no clue what's in. i just wear what I have!

  14. Paula, that skirt is so chic on you, I love the colors and the length is perfect. As far as trends go, I pay attention, but I don't let them make me nuts. If the work for my body type or my lifestyle I'll buy into them, if not I'll pass.

  15. I adore you skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  16. No not done with trends. I like to see the new ideas the designers come up with and try them out for myself. I love new trendy clothes, but need to learn how to use my old clothes better and make them current.....

  17. What's really pitiful is that the girl in that Marc Jacobs ad is 13! Why would someone think that a 13 year old modeling something would inspire me to buy it? While I love me a little old lady look....that's just awful! YOUR skirt, on the other hand is stinkin' fabulous!!! If you ever tire of it, we may have to make some deals! Big hug! ~Serene

  18. The skirt is gorgeous, and you're mixing like a genius, as always! (WHY does the skirt go so well with the top? Is it one of those complementary color things -- yellow and purple? Or is there purple in the skirt? I'm just curious because it looks great and I don't know why!)

    I follow trends kind of by accident. I love fashion mags, and once I've seen something a bunch of times, it starts looking good to me. Since these trends show up in all the stores, anyway, I usually wind up picking up SOMETHING that's on trend each year.

  19. You are just adorable! I love that. skirt. I actually don't care what the hell is in or out! If I think it looks good on me I try to go with it. If it doesn't it just doesn't exist in my world!
    Have a good week!

  20. I dress to please my inner muse, but I do peek at the fashion magazines at the weekends. My philosophy is: Nothing is in nor out in fashion and art.

    That skirt is so cheerful. I adore the happy colours. Reminds one of summer fruits.

  21. love your skirt and the whole outfit is great. I follow trend but I have my own ideas about how to wear.I mix old and new all the time, it's funny.

  22. Mommyblogger~I like that that you dont follow the trends but look to them for inspiration!
    Patt1~yeah, thats a new trend--the socks and shoes. I do like the socks and sandals but those socks are just bleak!
    Pam~But even though the trend is similar it changes just enough so that the old one, wouldnt work!
    Tammy~jsut the seasonal mags for me too--too many mags complicates my life too much...
    Coastal harp~go for it, GF!
    Susan~It looks good; jsut looking for its mate.
    She..~no, not a good look.
    Rose~love that the wisdom--I try and draw on that too. I dont want to be made a fool of AGAIN!
    Judith~thats like me too. sometimes i just love something that is not necessarily IN.
    Vanessa~we all find our things that we love, no?
    heather~ew boy. no short shorts for me!
    Sherry~hey, and have you seen the girls over at advanced style? They look ravishing too!
    angie~and with what I have, i try and mix in a lttle of whats new.
    Doreen~I hear ya on the nuts thing; they can make us crazy.
    Sacramento~and I knew the minute I tried on the skirt it was meant for me!
    Serene~OMG-that's so wierd she's so young. why????
    Anne~now you sound like me trying to analize why this works...
    so true; it takes a while before you get used to the look!
    Tammy~first rule of thumb is it must flatter!
    Fashion~love that--summer fruits. will think of that next time I wear it!
    Ddressing~mixing old and new is key!

  23. I do glance through the trend articles. Given that I thrift most of my clothes, you can guarantee that I'm two years behind the trends and on the leading edge of that trend's return.

  24. I enjoy looking at the trends in fashion mags and then crafting my own looks out of what I already have.

    Peplum? I have a couple of jackets that have a peplum! Easy!