Thursday, September 29, 2011

Making it Work

Ya know when all the stars line up and you get your Kate-Moss-I-just-slipped-on-this-dress moment?  It seems to happen to me in this dress.  It's just so easy to fall into my artsy/chic style and feel great.  Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck with my other purchases this season~

Cases in point:  The I-thought-this-would-work-as-a-vest-shirt, the cowgirl-esque silk fuchsia fun blouse, and the New-New Look peplum top.  Just meh.  Nothing like I envisioned any of these.  Yet, hope springs eternal~

Maybe with a few tweaks, I can make these work.

How is your season going?  Are your style visions coming true, a-la Kate Moss?


  1. The blue in that dress makes your eyes sparkle and yes it's very chic. It looks like you're about to go out to an elegant dinner with someone very special.

    Do you make the drawings before or after the purchases? One thing I noticed is that the waist is more fitted in the drawing than the actual garments.

  2. susan, I was just going to work--but I have worn this dress to dinner too!
    On the drawings, they are not perfect renditions. And especially on the pink one, I did make the blouse more fitted than it is. The drawings are more for me to remember what pieces to try next!

  3. Sister, I know exactly what you mean! Many pieces are much better in my imagination than on my body.

    That dress is stunning. What makes it work so perfectly for you? That's the magic we have to try and replicate with our other clothes. Is it the way it skims over your body, the soft fabric, the neckline . . . whatever, you are a dish.

  4. Love the dress. I think that color combination is one of my all time favorites. It reminds me of Pucci colors.
    The pink blouse that you showed--don't you have a pink print skirt? Would it go with that? I love that blouse.

  5. This dress is so cute and you look great in it! I really love the colors and the style of it. Your other pieces are good and there are many different things you can do. So far, autumn is going well...but it is still really summer weather here. It is frustrating to dress autumn in hot-weather materials. However, there is a cool front blowing in right this very minute.

  6. Wow, I really like that silhouette and those colors on you (blue print dress).

    The drawings are a great idea to find inspiration on how to wear the pieces. You really have an artistic bent!

  7. That dress is beautiful, so effortless. BTW you have great legs. Really getting cool the past few days in WI, might have to pull out the jeans tomorrow. UGH! I dread putting away the capris and tanks.

  8. I really love that dress. Graphic prints can be so striking! And that one's a keeper. Kudos to you, too, for posting the things that aren't quite working. It will be that much more fun to see how you get successful results from tweaking them!

  9. I think Susan makes a good point that your idealized drawings have more distinct shaping and clean-lined fit.

    It could be that you're attracted to gathers but dream of sharper lines.

    My wardrobe has taken a back seat to a house re-do. I should have fall unpacked by the time the leaves start turning.

  10. You look great! Don't you just love finding something easy to wear that makes you feel gorgeous too?

  11. the dress is fantastic! I'm thinking the peplum blouse might work with a narrower skirt. Try it with a pencil!

  12. You look adorable in that dress. Much better than Kate Moss.
    Have you tried tacking in the tops???
    Just an idea...
    Besos and a great weekend.

  13. Wowee. You look like a true bombshell in that dress. Very arty. Very stylish. I love it! You are really over 50?

  14. i love the idea of the cowgirl/western inspired pink shirt. And, this dress is a slip-it-on and you're good to go kinda dress!

  15. The dress is fantastic, makes you look young and ready to conquer the world! My season is going well waiting for the cooler weather to seriously start layering and playing more with colors. Have a good weekend - Ariane xxxxx

  16. Isn't it interesting how something will just work so perfectly into one's life at a certain point in time, while other things just sit there? I've found some things just need time. I purchased a little cotton military jacket this summer and almost put it in the goodwill bag because I hadn't worn it once, then suddenly it just started working with everything! Other things never work well, and to the goodwill they go.

    I think what works so well about your dress is the fabulous color and print. It also fits well and you have a nice figure so you can pull it off. The shape is very JackieO isn't it?

    The other pieces kind of swim on you. With such a nice figure I think you should choose more pieces like your dress that show it off!


  17. Patti~and this style is not one I usually go for as its unfitted. I like an empire waisted usually. What makes it work for me is the print really~thanks GF!
    Debbi~It is very Pucci. And I have plenty to go with the pink blouse; just have to find the right combo!
    Pam~good luck in your cool breezes--ours are well in gear.
    deja pseu~they are my colors trully.
    Linda~cool here too! Effortless--that comes so rarely, no?
    Anne~love graphic prints
    Rose~also I am very right brained--its more of the creative than the logical.
    Coastal harp~OMG and how hard is that to do???
    Terri~I thought of the peplum with a straight skirt but that was too 80's--I wanted a different look.
    Sacramento~Thats exactly what I need to do to the tops...thanks!
    Sylvia~Love the arty part and yes I am 56.
    Vanessa~I love that blouse too.
    Ariane~I do feel like I could conquer anything in this dress. Color blocking shoud be fun!
    Heather~Or I am going to take some pieces in? Thanks!