Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Rule Broken

jacket~Building 19
sweater~ TJ's
There is a rule out there somewhere that says you shouldn't wear unrealistic animal prints.  Oopsey.  I mean, who really knows their animal prints anyway?  Yeah, well I guess you would know they wouldn't be purple.

new bag~TJ's

The idea for this  post was from Tammy over at Silverstyle.   Drop over there and take a peak at what the ages are doing for trends.

Just a few notes here; I've had to wear my glasses due to allergies (ugh), the funny look of my legs are my fishnets, and this is my new bag, (Patti)!  You can't tell, but it is copper colored, has all the pockets and organizers I love, and an adjustable strap.  Great feeling leather.  Love it.  Had to take a pic with my bag on--I mean this is what I look like most of the time! 

Do you think of posting with your bag? 


  1. I haven't heard that rule and wouldn't have followed it anyway. You are looking spectacular in the purple print. And yes, sometimes I post with my bag. Your new bag is definitely 'post worthy.'

  2. You know how I love animal prints! I have no qualms wearing any animal print in any color. Yours is beautiful. I love the detailing on it.

  3. Great looking bag! I think if your animal print is intended as a fun rather than a serious piece, it's fine to whip out the not-found-in-nature colors. And that jacket is fun!!

  4. I think that only you can set the rules, and you look fabulous.

  5. Cute outfit, Paula and I like your glasses!! I post with my bags every now and then. This outfit is so trendy and look fabulous!!

  6. Love the jacket! Not quite an animal print anyway. I know what you mean by bags that have all the pockets etc. Those are keepers!

  7. Forget the rules. I love how you are breaking all the rules. Although I didn't really know that rule to be honest. Loving this outfit and the bag. Yes, I like doing photos with bags. Often the bag is what makes my outfit more interesting!

  8. I love that jacket! And maybe we just haven't discovered that species yet : > Love the bag too -- now get over and post this pic on Visible Monday too, pls! : >

  9. That's a brand new rule to me and I'm glad you broke it. I think that print is sassy and fun, and pink is a great color on you.

  10. Rules are made to be broken :).

    You look adorable in glasses, why not wear them more often?

    I love the outfit, and your new bag too. I would post with a bag but I only have a temporary guy I'm using while I search for the perfect bag.

  11. Cool jacket Paula! i love it! i am not an animal print believer,but this pink animal rocks!


  12. Who gives a hoot about rules.....
    My take is if there is a rule I want to know it well so I can break it well.
    Thank you for participating. I truly love your jacket.
    New link is up and it's easy! All about the boots baby!

  13. Hope your allergies clear up quickly - I get bad hayfever this time of year but seem to have so far avoided it!
    I like your gold bag! Great new addition!

  14. When I designed for Barbie I put her and all her friends in different colored leopard bathing suits. No really, the line came out sometime in the 90's but I can't find a photo anywhere. So I personally feel that purple leopard print is fab, and I think it looks fab on you too!


  15. hmm i dig any kind of animal prints but i don't wear them much just because my style doesn't really adopt bold prints i guess. but i love your spirit!

  16. Judith~I saw that rule last year when animal came back with a bang--who makes these rules anyway?
    Debbi~this was a steal at a large, discount junk shop. like a flea market inside.
    Deja pseu~it is fun, isnt it?
    Sacramento--I say no rules at all!
    Pam~I'm not a bag person; they are totally utilitarian for me.
    boopnut~the organizer type bags that can make one look like a lol. Ilike them!
    Sylvia~I know a lot of women use their bag as an accessory--but I carry the same one all season!
    Patti~oopsey--I forgot to link up with you--sorry--you made me laugh at the missed discovery...
    Doreen~so many little time to break them...
    Susan~I dislike wearing my glasses. no periferal vision. I have found the perfect bag--for now anyway.
    Ariane~I am not either, but I found myself accumulating some last year...then I got sick of them..cept for the purple.
    Tammy~cant wait to get over and see!
    vanessa~thanks and still no contacts yet...
    Audrey~do you? I get tired of it very easy tho.
    Heather~I love it! Did you do a yellow leapord? I would love that!
    Wynne~I think some more tame (lol) animal prints are quite classic and almost conservative--almost!

  17. We are soulmates:

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