Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Hats

sort-of-cloche, Daktari, rice paddy
Summer hats.  One false move, and they can be very lol.  (little old lady)  I think some bold sunglasses can really help wash that ol' lady out--agree? 

I love hats--and I really need to wear them in the summer.  My hair is very thin, and my scalp gets sunburned!  Course, I don't have a collection as extensive as Judith over at Style Crone.  She is the guru of hats--but I know we both share our LOVE of hats.

All of my hats I need to sew ties onto--it's regularly pretty windy here so my hat needs to stay ON!  The first hat on the left is  a find at Marshall's; it's great 'cuz you can crush it in a suitcase and it bounces back!  The middle one my husband calls my Daktari hat--remember the series Daktari about a safari eons ago?  Well, that hat I bought at a boating store and I love it because of the tie.  And its cotton.  oh, and it has snaps on the brim.  Very Daktari.  And the last one is a recent purchase from a trunk show from an exclusive second hand store in Boston.  It says, "Bonwit Teller" on the inside, and the ribbon is velvet.  I get more compliments on it!  Small version of a rice paddy hat.

I never wear baseball caps--they look AWFUL on me. 

I had to try this hat on during a recent visit to Martha's Vineyard. 

 I passed on it.  So Carmen Miranda and maybe a little flying nun too--don't you think?


  1. You are a goof! I too love hats but I don't think they look that good on me. When we are floating at the lake they are a staple! I probably look a site but the hat and big glasses are some extra protection for my face.
    Have a good day!

  2. does look very FLYING funny!! I think for us hats are a necessary evil just to prevent the wrinkles...but you have some fun ones and they don't look old lady at all!! Baseball caps are one of my pet peeves down here...too many women wear them when they do not want to do their hair and it just looks bad!

  3. I'm terrible with hats. I seriously don't think I've ever tried on a hat that looked good on me. It's sad to, I love them!!

  4. You look very far from Old Lady! I love the Daktari hat. I love the Carmen Miranda too!

  5. Those all look fabulous on you. I love the Bonwit Teller hat especially!

  6. OMG! they look so good on you- good choices! for the last one hummmmmm not sure...LOL

    Ciao - Ariane xxxx

  7. I can't believe you didn't buy that last hat, talk about a statment piece! You look super cute in each and every one of those. Ya gotta love a way to hide the fact that you didn't wash your hair. Okay, that may be why I wear them. Shhhh, don't tell.

  8. Love the Carmen Miranda picture of you, hilarious! My favorite is the white cloche-like hat. It looks very januty and sophisticated on you. I hate baseball hats too. I stay away from hats altogether because my face is so narrow I think hats look ridiculous on me, as do sunglasses that are overly large.

  9. Glad you did a hat post! I chuckled at your LOL (little old lady) bit!

  10. I am on the lookout for a holiday hat but don't think I could wear oe like this as well as you. Yes - I remember Daktari!

  11. Your hats are great and you wear them so well! You have NEVER looked LOL! But I have to say, I'm loving the Carmen Miranda hat! I wonder if I could pull it off! Hugs sweet friend! ~Serene

  12. I like your hats! especially the one on the far left. Also like the new meaning you've given to lol--way to keep it light.

    Don't have many hats myself, but I did thrift one I'll sample this winter.

  13. I have hat envy for your rice paddy little number. I love that you name your hats! xo

  14. You look great in hats and my favorite is the Carmen Miranda look!

  15. Great hats Paula. You wear them with such confidence and I can see that you enjoy the personality of each style that you portray. Thank you for the generous mention.

  16. The one to the left is my fav.

    I like to roll my hair up on the crown if I wear a hat all day so I'm not all flat-headed that evening, and it's got room in the crown for some clips.

  17. Tammy~I am a goof--and have not problem trying on costumes! I bet you look better in hats than you think!
    Pam~I dont think of a hat of a necessary evil--so I guess I may be in the minority on that..I think they are so much fun! And I do agree tho, baseball hats have become cliche really.
    Mommyblogger~Really? I bet there is a hat that can look good on you--justlike colors, I think ther is at least one for evreyone!
    Patti~I wore a Carmen Miranda turban too--
    Une Femme~Thanks! And the bonwit on is a great one--altho some are looking at me quite quizical...
    Ariane~the last one is very hard to pull off. Maybe I could do it at the next royal
    Doreen~No? It would blow off in the boat anyway. I'm wear a turban or my wig if my hair is bad..
    Jill~Unless you feel comfortable in hats too--then they aren't for you!
    Vanessa~ol is from the book How not to look old--fyi.
    Small Fabric~ Do you remember? What a hoot!
    Serene~Are you? it was huge tho gf!
    Terri~cant wait to see you in the hat--but not looking forward to winter....
    Desiree~I thought of you and Judith in that hat! And I know you name your clothes too!
    Ofelia~No way! It was almost hard to walk in!
    Judith~And you look great in yours too--fellow hat lover!
    Rose~That's a great idea! Because lets face it--I do get hat head!

  18. The hats all look fabulous on you!

    I love hats, but hate hat hair.

  19. I love the last hat! And it definitely went with your shirt! My scalp gets burnt all the time!