Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oil Change

Am loving the new blue on my toes--and how convenient;it matches the pot!

Ah, the maintenance schedule.  I'm a 10 weeker. My hairdresser (old school term I know) yells at me as I usually have a couple of inches of regrowth but as I've said
before--I'm an old hippie at heart.  Those anti-establishment ideals are tough to kill off.  And I'm all about low maintenance. 


Haircut and color--CHECK (oh, you're surprised I am not a natural blonde??)
Eyebrow wax--CHECK
Leg wax--CHECK
Gycolic peel---CHECK

Ladies, start your engines.  (or what is your maintenance schedule like?)


  1. What's an eye brow wax? What's a Gycolic peel? Do I want them?

    Your hair certainly looks natural :-).

  2. LOL I guess I'm relatively low maintenance....I do get my eyebrows waxed. I get my hair trimmed about once every 6 months...working on doing better. A pedicure once a year. No hair color. As I'm typing this, I'm thinking, I really need to up my game! Hugs! ~Serene

  3. Your hair color looks completely from nature, Paula! I don't get any waxing, cause my brows are too thin. I think I want a glycolic peel. Hair is every 7 weeks, whether a hurricane is coming or not : >

  4. I am pretty low maintenance. I am trying to let my hair grow out some so I haven't been getting it cut as often. I usually go 6 weeks between trims. I pluck my own eyebrows because they are wild like some old man's and they grow so fast. I used to have facials, but now that I am retired, a lot of that is just too expensive.
    I like your blue polish. I haven't been brave enough to do a color like that yet. It is fun though!

  5. Your hair looks fabulous...and I had no idea it was not natural..but I really love the BLUE toes! Isn't maintenance fun?? whether it is high or low!!

  6. What is your natural color? guess I'm low maintenance or a tightwad. I've never had a professional manicure or pedicure or peel or waxing. Did highlight my hair a couple of times.

  7. I get my hair cut once in a blue moon. It's hassle for me, I don't enjoy it. I do keep up with my nail painting and eyebrow plucking though :) Your tresses look very cute and I love the sandals.

  8. I have my hair cut and colored when it looks so awful I can't stand it anymore, but I have my nails and brows done monthly! Other than that it's just daily maintenance.


  9. I always love those shoes whenever you wear them. I'm the WORST at scheduling hair cuts. Mostly because I am supremely cheap and partly because I'm forever in a cycle of chopping my hair short and then spending the next year growing it out. For example: My last haircut was in June, 2010. Yup. I admit it.

  10. So very nice and ready to face autumn.

  11. Love the blue motif. Your smile - priceless. My hair is short, so needs frequent trims. And I love color on my fingers and toes. So guess I'm high maintenance!

  12. Natural or not, you look great blonde and the nail polish is very cute. I need a hair cut once a month, my hair grows very fast.
    Awesome sandals.

  13. Nice sandals!

  14. Sue~Good for you! If you need to ask, then you dont need them!
    Serene~Lucky for you you dont need the hair color hair is grey and some kinda mousy brown...
    Patti~Loving my gycolic peels--makes the moisturizer sink in better.
    She..I hate to pluck my own eyebrows so I go and have them waxed.
    Pam~It feels good--as long as it doesnt become a burden...
    Terri~grey. wow cant believe you've never had a mani or a pedi! I get impatient with a pedicure and do my own. But the toes are such an indulgence!
    Kelly~I need to have my hair cut fairly regularly b/c its thin and takes way too long to make it look good if it isnt cut right.
    Heathher~lol thats when I do mine too!
    Vanessa~I do the grow my hair out then get it cut thing too!
    Sacramento~dont want the snow to come tho!
    Judith~I like to be more daring on my toes!
    Dressing~I like the blue too!
    t~muchas gracias!

  15. I want the skirt, so cool!

    Ariane xxxxx

  16. Manicure: check
    Pedicure: check
    Bikini wax: check
    Massage: check
    Facial: check