Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bed Jackets and Boleros

Some things are meant to be seen on Visible Mondays over at Not Dead Yet Style.  (I finally did it Patti!) But some things, like my upper arms, should not--and that's why I'm always looking for creative ways to hide them.  For that purpose, I have had a lot of success with bed jackets and boleros.

Remember bed jackets?  I mean the recent kind; not the 18th century kind (more here) which were more like aprons.   The one on the left is from Victoria's Secret from about 15 years ago.  Not quite vintage, but there are great vintage versions too. 

Tom Miller Illustration (1950)
And I love boleros--new ones or vintage styles. Couture Allure Vintage Fashion Blog did a great job with some gorgeous 50's boleros the other day. (you can see them here).  This one that I am wearing (on the right) is from Talbot's; I wear it frequently but the only drawback?  I SEE LOTS OF THEM!!!!

Thanks to Patti over at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Mondays and maybe next week I can do Two Birds AND Visible Monday????


  1. Both of these are wonderful on you! But I have a sneaking suspicion that you are being overly critical of your upper arms! The rest of you looks I'm sure your arms do too! Hugs! ~Serene

  2. I love that 1950 illustration, first of all, and second, I love that denim bolero on you! You look so foxy, especially the way you paired it with the printed skirt and that wonderful white blouse. I kind of got away from boleros but you have me thinking about them again.

  3. I actually have a chenille bed jacket and it is wonderful to wear in the winter when you are a bit chilly early in the morning.
    You look great in your bolero. I see a lot of them too, but I particularly like the denim one you are wearing. It is a bit different and stylish.

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I love your Talbots bolero. My upper arms deserve to be hidden too and I like your idea of using vintage bed jackets.

  5. Yes, like Jill said, you look Foxy! I love both little jackets on you . And I'm sure your upper arms are just great too, miss foxy. : >

    Thanks for participating in Visible Monday, I appreciate you.

  6. Bed jackets and boleros. Two of my favorites, and you look great in these examples! I have a vintage bed jacket collection and you have inspired me to pull a few out from their hibernation.

  7. I Love boleros because the do cover give our bodies some definition while hiding any imperfection and because you can mix them up with any outfit at any age.

  8. I like the denim one. I'm forever coming across quilted bed jackets in the thrift stores. Invariably I stop and ponder the possibilities...but have not yet found one that made me wonder if I would look like a hospital patient. Congrats on Visible Monday. Doesn't look like I'm going to get my act together for it.

  9. I love boleros and I'm so glad they're coming back into fashion. I just purchased a new "cropped jacket" that's almost a bolero. It will be on my blog soon I'm sure! Love your denim one. I've never seen one before. Do they still sell them at Tablots?


  10. I love boleros. They look so good on you that I am going to try.

  11. Arms aside, sometimes it's nice to have something over your shoulders and if you get hot you can take it off.

  12. I too have an upper arm issue!
    I think they look like a dude's and make me look funny (not to mention when i wave, i create a cyclone LOL!)
    Love the summer cover-ups! I do that a lot! My mom-in-law never wears her arms showing in summer and usually has a long sleeved cotton blouse on and jeans! A bit too hot for me (the jeans combo)

    I think we may have similar shapes? kind of an H ? You always look great in flared skirts!
    And those legs! wowza!

  13. You look adorable, as usual.

    I like little wraps and cardigans made of soft material. Tailored pieces don't work for me. And like RoseAG I like to be able to take off my wrap or cardigan when it gets hot.

  14. You lok great in the second outfit. This denim bolero is particulary cute and stylish.

  15. I'm with Serene -- I'll bet your arms look better than you think!!!

    That said, of course we ALL have the right to reveal and conceal as we see fit. I've never tried a bolero, but I am ALWAYS looking for comfy, not-too-stiff-or-tailored, not-quite-jackets to use as layering pieces. You can never have enough. I especially like the bolero on you.

  16. Oh I remmember bed jackets. Love the denim jacket

  17. You look so great in these pictures, I love your otfits and those boloers as really nice, I especialy like the jeans one, so pretty! Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  18. I'd have to agree with Serene, I think we are ALL to hard on ourselves. Skin changes and there is nothing to be done about it, but you are a beautufil woman, I say the heck with age and let those arms be free! Having said that, all of those little jackets look lovely on you, but I like the denim one best. I just got a short sleeved cropped jacket and it's much more wearable then I thought it would be.

  19. I love the denim bolero! Both of them are such flattering fits--I think anything that hits at the natural waist is fetching.

  20. Patti, I've been absent for a while and let me tell you it's great to see that wonderful smile of yours.
    I love the shear top (can't bring myself to call it a bed jacket. Who could even think about sleeping in something that pretty!

  21. Serene~I'm sure your arms are buff!
    Jill~there are a lot of cute illustrations on bed jackets...
    She~Please post the chenelle jackt! would love to see it!
    Couture~they work as a great cover-up!
    Patti~Foxy--I love that word. I finally got it!
    Judith~OMg if your bedjacket collection is anything like your hats--please lets see!
    Ofelia~and its great in a cool office in the summer
    Terri~you make me laugh! We have some preconcieved notions about things but really some bed jackets are truly day-wear worthy!
    Sylvia~that seems to be the favored look
    Heather~Similar thing and the shrugs are in that catagory too. I'll take those too
    Sacramento~glad I could be of help!
    Rose~so true--altho my office is NOT air conditioned--if you can believe it!
    Reva~Isnt it awful that we have to wear long sleeves to cover what we dont like?
    I dont know if I am an H; I dont know if you are either? You look like you have a teeny waist!
    Susan~why wouldnt tailored items work? Altho I love a cardi too.
    Dressing~score again for the denim
    Anne~so true you can never have enough of the layering jackets.
    cheeky~bed jackets are cool
    Sara~thanks for following and I will jump right over to yours!
    Doreen~well thanks for all that and you are right--I guess I just dont like arm-pits at work either.
    Ariel~It s almost like an accessory!
    Tammy~you should see some of the extravagant bed jackets--it was a shame not to wear them out!

  22. I like your denim bolero. It's cute! I think a key to wearing this style jacket is to pair it with a longer than usual shirt underneath.