Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Year of Blogging: A Retrospective

About a year ago, this was one of my first outfit post pictures.  I was taking pictures with my phone at that time, and for some reason, I always had this confused look on my face.

The backgrounds have changed, I've put on a few pounds and sported a few more wrinkles. Blogging hasn't been what I thought it would be.  Back then, I thought I would make zillions of dollars by blogging and would be featured on Oprah's show for having one of the most ground-breaking over-fifty blog sites. lol.

I've re-assessed my blogging goals--now that Oprah doesn't want me--and over the next year I hope to:

Improve on my photography; maybe do a video.

Share some more artwork with you

Hey, everyone has a bad hair day....

And continue to share my passion for fashion with all the friends I make through blogging.


  1. I love your blog Paula, and I'm so glad you're here. If I had a big TV show, you'd be on my first episode!

    And your art is wonderful too, I look forward to seeing more.

    Happy anniversary and many more.

  2. Love you and your blog. I've seen you in so many colorful things that your first outfit just doesn't seem like you. Looking forward to reading more of you.

  3. Its not quanity but quality and you are the real deal. Keep giving us daily does of your pretty smile and great style.


  4. Happy blogversary!

    You have the cutest sandals.

  5. Paula! That's hilarious and you said what I've never wanted to admit! LOL I thought I was so unique and EVERYBODY would see it right away and I would be the next new big thing! I'm embarrassed to even admit that....but once I took the pressure off, I've really started enjoying this whole blogging thing. I miss our chit chats! Happy blog birthday my friend! Hugs! ~Serene

  6. Good job and I'm glad I found you, lost you, and found you again.
    Us old chicks have to stick together!

  7. Those are awfully good goals, and I'm so glad you started blogging - even if you haven't made the zillions yet! I got to "meet" you after all!

  8. Congratulations on reaching a year! I remember when I discovered you--late August or early September and was so grateful to find another like-minded soul (one who get me out of my frumpy skirts) You have some good goals for going forward and I for one would like to see more of your artwork.

  9. Paula, Good goals! Of course, I have the same wild dreams but I've been thinking lately of ways to better fit the blog into my life and into my plan to develop personally as well as connecting with other bloggers. That said, you asked me about my move from blogger. After I went through one of the blogger blackouts, I kept reading Beautifully Invisible's three part tutorial on switching from blogger to a self-hosted wordpress site. I googled and read and researched and finally came to the conclusion that if this was something I was going to keep up I wanted to have it somewhere where it hopefully couldn't just be deleted accidentally. And I thought that maybe once all my kids get in college, I will have more time to figure out how to generate some income with my blog and do more with it. (those wild dreams again!) Buying a domain name is cheap, hosting is inexpensive. I did buy the Thesis theme because I had read so many positives about it, but you really wouldn't have to because WordPress has lots of free themes. I have been satisfied and I'm glad I made the switch. I feel like I have more options this way: I can continue on with my fun hobby or try to do something more someday. Debbie

  10. You never fail to give me a big cheesy smile Paula - I love the mention of Oprah and your honesty:))). Congratulations on making it through the year - I would SO love to see a vlog made by you. I always look forward to your beautiful outfit drawings:)) xoxoxo

  11. Dear Paula, Happy Blog Birthday! Woo-hoo! Cheers to you. I always love coming to your blog and I would really love to see more of your artwork. I liked those red carpet-worthy dresses you put up earlier this year right before the Oscars. Let's see some more!

  12. Happy blogversary! We are all so very happy that you're here. I'm amazed how good your early photography was. You don't seem to have had as steep a learning curve as some of us. And I don't think your expression is confused at all!
    Keep those colorful outfits and photos coming; they are always an inspiration to me.

  13. Congratulations on surviving your first year of blogging! :) I would definitely enjoy seeing more of your artwork on here. I'm looking forward to it!!

  14. We must have started blogging around the same time, so happy anniversary to you! Your photos are amazing and am looking forward to seeing more of your art. Your blog is an important part of my 'blog life.' Thank you Paula.

  15. Happy One-Year!!!
    I too had visions of being the first over-40 blogger to make it big! LOL!
    I didn't realize how much work and dedication a "big-time" blog involves....
    Plus discipline, which i lack ;)

    I am looking forward to seeing your art and photos. I have almost started blogging about photography many times, but my love of fashion keeps me satisfied with Rags.
    I am so happy to see you and so many bloggers over 'a certain age', it makes me so proud to be a small part of our group!
    You so Rock!!!!

  16. Congrats for your first year!. This is one of my fav blogs.Hugs. Yoana

  17. Congratulations on the one year anniversary.
    Great goals for the next year!

  18. Hi Paula!

    Congrats for the first year- i started last year -stopped when i met my man and started againb in April and i hope i will maintain it - you look great and yes show us your works of art, i do abstract painting myself but i have to find time to do some more - It is true that your photographic skills improve with time, mine did. Will be soon posting again - got back from Holidays- Maine, Vermont and NH are so enchanting - Ariane

  19. I was overloaded last week, Paula and I just saw this post...CONGRATULATIONS on one year of successful blogging...I am so happy to call you a friend and to be in this journey with you! You are an inspiration and do a fabulous job!!

  20. Just wanted to let you know I linked to you today on my blog. Happy Anniversary!

  21. Patti~Awwww; so now you need a big tv show!!!! Glad to have made YOUR friendship too!
    Linda~Funny you should say that..I was dealing with a little menopausal depression at the time; hence the look! Very perceptive of you!
    Doreen~Thanks fellow new Englander! We'll keep'um coming from the north.
    Susan~the sandal gods answered my prayers this year..
    Serene~true--the pressure is off..but I do still dream a bit...! I miss out talks too--must text soon!
    Tammy~we DO need to stick together! And we will!
    Vanessa~LOVE the friends I have made--is it better than oprah????
    Terri~I was so excited when I found you too; it was like a great discovery to find SOMEONE who was my age!!! You've been a great friend, too!
    Debbi~Probably a good move--blogger is full of bugs lately too. I'm just too lazy to make the move. And I still think--maybe someday....
    Desiree~You would die if you heard my accent tho! BtW--love your smile--so cute and chesire-cat like! am happy to have met you!
    Jill~The red carpet was fun! Got my thinking cap on....
    Anne~Thanks, Anne and still learning...
    Ariel~ Surviving is so true! But I love the creative end of it. Thanks for YOUR inspiration.
    Judith~and I can say the same for yours and for you--so glad to have met you.
    Reva~I think we have a great group and so glad you are part of it!
    Yoana~thanks, yoana, and love yours too!
    Ofelia~and there are more but didnt want to bore you with details--love your storytelling style!
    Ariane~I occassionaly delve into painting--sometimes ink or water color. Right now am doing Christmas cards-sort of mixed media. So glad we met up!
    Pam~Thanks Pam and I can say I feel the same way about your blog. we're in this together! Love ya!
    making 50 fab~ Woo hoo!

  22. Only one year? Congratulations! I would have thought it was longer. Really like your goals too.