Friday, June 17, 2011


I like wigs.  I've liked them since high school.  Mainly because I have crappy hair.  They are great for a bad hair day too, or on the boat or after a work-out.  This is my newest wig--looks very strange not attached:

It has 2 wires that wrap around the comb that you put into a ponytail.  I love these clip on type wigs--they aren't itchy like a full wig.  I have a couple of other ones:

Looks a bit like furry pets, no?  But these were a bit heavy to wear--by the end of the day, I'd have a headache.  You can probably see part of the clip on one.

There have been a lot of wigs in my life.  In high school it was the "fall"--it had a headband, and long, flowy hair.  Then there were these cute little short hair wigs that we all wore because we all had long hair.   And my love for wigs continued into my adult life.....with many more variations.

Any one else out there wear wigs? 


  1. My aunt has worn alot of these over the years and they look wonderful on her. On me, not so much...I can never seem to match the color just right. Now that I've grown my hair out, I don't need them as much. It looks adorable on you and very natural. Like it gives just the right amount of lift! Big hug girly!!! ~Serene

  2. You look lovely with a few curls! I have tried the clip-in extensions, the ones that are supposed to be invisible? But I haven't been able to match the color or texture enough to really feel just right.

    I did have a "fall" in high school too! With the headband. I might even have a picture of it somewhere. Memories . . .

  3. I may have to experiment! I really like the new one, but would have to see photos of you in the other two. I had a fall in high school--it was sorta green and synthetic. Have snapped a photo or two of me in my mannekin's red wig, but nothing I'd put on my blog just yet. Yours looks great!

  4. Serene~Color matching is tricky--I seem to have luck. And now the colors are all mixed up--so they do a better job in blending in. You have gorgeous hair so you really dont need one!
    Patti~so you remmeber falls too, eh? They were fun.
    Terri~aww c'mon--should I dare you again?

  5. Cool Paula!

    I am losing hair rapidly and may have to experiment, but hate things on my head, like hats, so I'm not sure. I did cut my hair shorter and love it.

  6. in the pics , one cant make out that its a wig...looks totally natural on you!!

    i never wore wigs, but yeah a fake bun during my wedding day!!

  7. Thank you my dear Paula for your kind words. I am never very good at hair, that is why I keep it short.
    Much love, my dear friend.

  8. In the roulette of genetics I got the small chest and the good hair, so no wigs for me, at least not yet. I like the idea of falls or pieces to puff up a ponytail or updo.

    It's very common for the professional Black women I work with to have wigs. If somebody shows up in a different hair-do that looks really good I always wonder if they went out of town the weekend before and didn't have time to get to their beauty parlor.

  9. I love the pony tail wig and the red on you. Since I have short hair now I'v always wanted some sort of hairpiece but my hair is a strawberry blond that changes as the color fades and I can not find a compatable color. where did you get the pony tail from?

  10. Since regrettably cutting my hair I have been considering trying some of the clip in types, you might have just encouraged me!

  11. My good friend Luz from New York wears the most amazing wigs and they look like she just changes her hair styles.
    Love the red jacket and burgundy skirt.

  12. You look beautiful and love your honesty! I used to have the longest hair, but now hardly any!! Maybe I'll try wearing one soon!!

  13. No wigs for me -- but I'd gladly donate some of my uncontrollable mane of hair...!
    My mom had a gorgeous fall that was the richest brownest color. I loved playing with it as a kid!

  14. Sorry your headache but you look so pretty !
    Have a nice week.

  15. Susan~My hairdresser uses small clips that are like weaving, but you can take them out. She was loosing her hair too--although she likes to keep hers long.
    Shooting Star~I like the idea of just adding a bun or in my case, a ponytail. Anything is good for a change!
    Sacramento~It looks like yours is quite thick tho--but shorter is easier sometimes...
    Rose~lol! I got the big chest and the crappy hair. My mother and I both bemoan others with the thick tresses. Ah, can't get it all!
    Linda~You'd be surprised how well these new wigs match all colors--they have many colors in them so they blend with a lot. Believe it or not, I got this at a kiosk at the mall--and my other ones I did also and they match perfectly too!
    Pearl~go for it! they have straight ones and curly ones. Ones that are thicker than this one. Try one!
    Ofelia~sometimes I think wearing a wig is like wearing a hat--you need to feel the confidence.
    Ambu~This one is really fun and I love the questions I get from the people I KNOW!
    Vanessa~you are one of the lucky ones that dont need a wig! I need all the help I can get!!!
    Yona~No headache with this one, thank God! I think Ilasted in it about 6 hours.

  16. I have a couple of wigs but they're mostly for costumes. I've never worn them for "real", I think I'm just scared. I like your little falls though. Very cute!