Sunday, June 19, 2011

A New Workhorse

It's funny how sometimes I'm just about ready to toss an item, like this vest, and by chance gets to live another day.  As destiny would have it,  this little item is fast becoming a workhorse in my spring/summer wardrobe this year.  I can't believe how many times I have added it to an outfit at the last minute.  And to think it almost was on the chopping block.......

To give you a little history:  This "vest" originally was a jacket.  I chopped off the sleeves-- above is the vest last year.    After a few renditions of it, I think I mentioned on my blog that I was unhappy with the way it turned out.   But I couldn't figure out WHAT THE HECK was wrong with it.  Well, thank God for the brilliance of my blogger friend, Serene over at The Elegant Bohemian, who noticed the shoulders were still too long.    I trimmed them up this year--and whala!  This season's new workhorse was born!

Thanks Serene!  Isn't blogging great?  


  1. You did a great job with the vest and have given it a rocker chic!! It is so nice to see that you are so innovative and creative with your hands plus you are saving our planet by avoiding over-consumption!!

  2. That's amazing! I'm not surprised it's become a workhorse. I had a short-sleeved denim jacket/shirt type thing once, and I wore it into the GROUND. There's just something about a versatile layering piece that goes with almost everything. (And I agree with Ambu about the rocker chic). Bravo to Serene for the assist!

  3. Good of you. I like the helping each other very much.

  4. GORGEOUS! Paula, this vest is fabulous! The slight alteration made a world of difference....and you're so sweet to mention me! BTW, I use to put the arrows and text on my pictures. It's ridiculously easy....if you need any help, just shoot me a text. Hugs!!!~Serene

  5. I have about 4 pieces of clothing that I don't wear because of some small defect or flaw. You're inspiring me to finally fix them and make them wearable again. (especially because I'm dying to cut a little spending!)

    Have you ever looked around Pinterest before? It has tons of reader submitted DIY tutorials for things like fabric flowers... made out of old shirts. :)

  6. Great vest! It's a nice accent, and yes, trimming up the shoulders made all the difference.

  7. Yes, I can definitely see you rocking that vest with all kinds of outfits, Paula - it looks smashing on you. You could do a post on how you've customized some pieces, you have a real talent for it.

  8. I would think that most of us take very good care of our clothing investments and because of that most of the pieces we are considering "tossing" are really in pretty good shape. Your idea, Paula, to re-purpose this jacket magically into a versatile vest is smart. With your creative talents I am sure you can do this more often than not! I try to save favorite pieces as much as I can.....sometimes I am being frugal or many times the garment is made so much better than anything I can find in the stores!

  9. I'm glad I read this the whole way though because I was gonna say, "WHAT Why would you hate it??!" I'm glad Miss elegant figured it out, because that jacket is da bomb!!:)

  10. Yeah, for Serene's genious. I just bought my jean vest this spring...and still haven't perfected wearing it.

  11. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog yesterday. Your kind words of encouragement mean the world to me. I look forward to sharing vintage with you for years to come!

  12. The vest looks great on you. My personal rule of 'if I wear an item once every 20 years it's a keeper' came to mind as I read your post. And yes, isn't blogging great.

  13. I like the trim you did! And that skirt looks so easy, breazy and summery! I would live in that skirt!

  14. It's a great vest !!!
    And I too just bought a wig :)

  15. So interesting how trimming the sleeves makes it such a versatile vest. You are so creative! Did you ever want to be a designer?

  16. Love the vest and how versatile it can be, By the way both of your shoes are fantastic.

  17. Ambu~Sometimes I think about how many tee shirts are in the stores inany one day, and it encourages me to re-cycle or re-style.
    Anne~"versatile layering pieces" are better for me than accessories really. They can change an outfit and hide flaws....
    Sacramento~And some of my other "real" friends wouldnt see me in my clothes to help! So thanks again to Serene~
    Serene~and I have you to thank AGAIN! I will check out Picnik--I've heard about it.
    Kristina~Glad I can be of help and I will check out pinterest---
    unfemme~Funny how I didnt see it myself...sometimes you are just too close to something I guess...
    Thanks, Patti! Serene is good at it too--she's always cutting off sleeves...
    Annmarie~ and the quality lately is even worse. You are right--the older clothes are made so much better--better off trying to re-purpose them!
    Dhamma~ I'm glad I gave it another chance! oh, and I have tried commenting on your blog lately and google is giving me a hard time!
    Terri~Really? I am finding I am wearing mine ALOT. But the weather has been cool so its also like a little warmth...
    Couture~The blogging world can be strange sometimes, no? Hope to see you through the years too!
    Judith~Its just hard to keep so if i get something new, I hand-down an item.
    Vanessa~the skirt is great but its a bit puffy--so the vest helps to tame it.
    Riva~ Will you do a blog on it?
    Sue~Have been designing clothes my whole life. Have never made a living by it though. I'm designing bathing suits for us over a certain age now...
    Ofelia~Dont you love those gladiator bootie type? Fun.