Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shorts: Do you Dare?

top:  Michael Kors, Macy's
shorts:  White Stag, thrifted $11.
shoes: Aerosoles
Shorts, Shorts, Shorts.  They are everywhere this year.  Too bad many of them are 2" inseams.  Not for us over 50er's, that's for sure!  Over at Pam's, over50feeling40, there were many women who commented the other day that they don't wear shorts anymore.  I was the same.  That's sort of sad.  I don't like not being able to wear something.

I vowed this year I would somehow work shorts into my wardrobe.  I found these at a thrift store; they are White Stag.  They were capris with a weird shape, so I hacked off a lot and then hemmed them.  My vision was to pair them with a lacy bohemian top--too bad this Michael Kors one (that I USED to love) makes me look preggers now.  That'll be in the second hand pile today!  I will try another white one next time. 

I love the look of the longer walking shorts with wedge shoes--it gives the shorts a new look.  Not so I-just-got-off-the-golf-course-look.  Shorts for the over50 set? Walking shorts is the way to go~agree?


  1. Paula, you have beautiful, toned legs, I think you look great. I'd even say that you could wear them mid-thigh and still look smashing. Why not thrift a pair and give it a whirl. Age rules make me crazy, I think if you have the body for it ( and you do ) than it's a go in my book.

    xoxo Doreen

  2. I think the length of your plaid shorts is perfect! And I love the sandals. Over 50, but living in a very hot climate means I still wear shorts, but definitely that longer length.

  3. I have some longer shorts that I wear!! I agree with Elle...we almost have to in the hot climate some of us live in..but I found some cute ones like the ones you have on here. I just wish I had your tan...beautiful!!

  4. I do wear some longer shorts, but they must be colorful or have some sort of print that I'm attracted to for me to even consider buying them. You look very comfortable and youthful in this outfit!

  5. I wear this length too - all the time here in Fla. I think it's a perfect style for any age, 'cause you can wear them a lot more places than short-shorts. I love your look, and I don't think you look in-a-family-way at all! : >

  6. I like the clean white shirt against the blue plaid - nice combo. And the sandals and earrings too :)

  7. You wear them well Paula...just found your blog via
    Pam@over50feeling40...lovely blog...
    I'm a new follower!

  8. Shorts are a struggle for me. Not sure why -- my legs are one of my better features! But for some reason. the longer shorts (which I love on others) make me feel dumpy. Straight skirts, just above the knee, are a million times more flattering so I just keep reaching for them. I've worn most of them out -- too bad the stores only have maxi skirts now.

    I love those shorts on you, though!

  9. I tend to stick to capris but I love your walking shorts.

    There's nothing wrong with that blouse! It looks lovely.

  10. The shorts look great. I still wear them. I think I own three pair at the shorter length, but I don't get far from home in them. And then, I have one pair of bermudas.

    I doubt I will ever quit wearing them, as one of the deathbed wishes of an 80 year old relative was to wear shorts one last time.

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  12. Doreen~I actually bought a pair of mid-thigh ones, and will post those too. Didnt think I could do it, but what the hell...
    Elle~When I was in Fl in feb I couldnt believe all the shorts in the stores there--but of course! So it is a necessity. Dont know why so many (including me) had this hang up..
    Pam~maybe when school is out you can get some sun-evreything looks better with a tan-even wrinkles!

    Ofelia~been looking for some print shorts--can't find any yet.
    Patty~so glad I (we) found this length again--Bermudas we used to call them.
    Karen~I like it too! I've been looking for a bohemian top all year..
    Catherine~thanks for following!
    Hope to get to know you better~
    Anne~They used to make me feel dumpy too, that's why the heels help and the thinner, straighter short shape too.
    Sue~I know how easy the capri thing is! Just wanted a change~
    Terri~you can wear the short shorts. c'mon--do a post on short shorts and I'll do one on mini skirts!

  13. You look awesome in these, Paula! Keep on wearing them - your legs are fab! I have one pair of dressier shorts that I like, but that's it. I have terrible varicose veins in my thighs.

  14. I am staying away from shorts anymore, where did all those annoying spider veins come from? They depress me so I stick with skirts at the knee or capris. I don't think of it as sad, I think of it as just wanting to look my best when I step out. BTW, LOVE the coral toenail polish, absolutely divine on you!

  15. One of my revelations this year is that those knee-length shorts are too long for me.

    Yes, they cover up the above the knee wrinkles, but they also shorten my already short legs and make my curvy thighs look more curvy.

    I'm moving to lower mid-thigh shorts that give my leg more length.

    I've been putting self-tanner on and once my legs get a bit of color they look pretty good to me.

  16. Very nice outfit. I'm over 50 too, and love the shorts.Thank for your lovely comment.

  17. Shorts just above the knee just draw too much attention to my aging sagging knees. I wear shorter ones (mid-thigh) for casual, but on the rare occasion I wear 'short' pants to work they are at least to the bottom of my knee - I guess by definition those aren't shorts though :)

  18. Those shorts look great on you! In FL you wore shorter clothing and looked very nice...if you can do it, do it!

  19. Sheila~I won't have too many pairs either--but its nice for a change.
    Jill~you are right about the sad thing, but I really hate as each year goes on I have to giveup another item of clothing! For me its sleeveless shirts--my arms look like an eighty year old! I know, I could work out....alas.
    Rose~Glad you found what works best for you! At least we dont have to totally eliminate them from our wardrobe!

    Dressing~Thanks for coming by again~
    et~My knees are pretty wrinkled too but if they are tanned...
    Linda~hey, whatever we can get away with, right?

  20. You look amazing whatever you wear.

  21. I don't have a single pair of shorts in my wardrobe anymore. Although I still wear short skirts, shorts have long since vanished. I used to love to wear the 2" inseam version too! Don't know if I'm going to find a pair to add to my closet or not this year. I kind of like the high-waisted floaty one's I've been seeing here and there, but if I want them to fit I'll have to sew them myself!