Monday, June 6, 2011

Mini-Skirts Over Fifty

I am one of those people who breaks a cardinal rule of fashion:  No mini skirts over fifty. (well, could be thirty-five--I don't have the actual rule book.) 

From the back, low on the horrification scale.

But Sherry at Girls Day Out looked through my blog and couldn't find me in my minis.  That's probably because I take most of my blog pictures for work and I wear my minis for casual wear.  So even though I break the rules, I do have some guidelines; no minis at work, no minis where there are lots of girls are younger than me, and keep it to friends and family--so as not to horrify too many people.

skirt~Nanette Lepore~thrifted at Modern Millie
Why do I wear mini skirts you ask?  Because I love them.  Just one of those fashions I can't give up.  And the legs ARE the last to go--and mine aren't so bad.  Got to accentuate the positive.

And when people have that look of horrification on their face when they see my short skirt, maybe somewhere an over-fiftier will look at me and say to themselves, ..."hey, if she can do it.....".  It may not be a mini-skirt, but maybe it'll provoke some thought and courage for them to wear that orange, sleeveless blouse, or wear those shorts, or maybe even a backless dress.  You can do it--I know you can.


  1. Paula, you're right on on this one. You look fabulous and have great legs! No minis after 50? Someone forgot to tell Tina Turner! I think the minis are just so YOU! Big hug! ~Serene

  2. Hi Paula, I told Terri yesterday that I am jealous of the bodies both of you have...maybe someday I will join least the weight is going in the right direction...You do look incredible and have killer legs!!

  3. You look perfect! I'd go as far as to say HOT. Do not ever cave to what society tells us. Women would still be home behind the stove if we listened to that nonsense. Rock those legs my sista :)

    xox Doreen

  4. Hi Paula, you have great legs so I say keep rocking those mini-skirts. Why not? I thought of you yesterday in the city. The windows aren't 57th Street weren't that great. I found a dress I might post but not the awe-inspiring windows of a few months ago. Hmm.

  5. Bravo for you, my dear paula.
    You have fantastic legs, so flaunt them, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  6. I think you look great! A couple of summers ago (the same time as my huge closet clean-out and getting rid of all the corporate black stuff) I started picking up those short skirts with attached shorts underneath at thrift stores.

    Skorts get such a bad rap. But I find I feel more confident with the smooth skirt panel across the front and back rather than people seeing the shorts crotch area all crinkled up, sweaty and in the wrong place after riding in the car. The fabrics are cotton with a little bit of spandex for stretch - super comfortable and I don't feel like I am trying to blend in with the "oh, I don't swim", "no, I'll just sit over here and watch", etc. crowd (my age group's typical message).

  7. You have fantastic legs, mini skirts look RIGHT on you. Even at 12, I didn't look right in a mini skirt. I'm hourglass and you put me in a mini and I'm kind of busting out all over. So the look never fit. It has nothing to do with age, it has everything to do with your body type. You look good in mini's and shorts. AND I think you do it correctly. I swear to you, I wouldn't walk by and ever think, "OMG.". Work it guurlll!:)

  8. Paula, wear those minis proud! Wear them at work, at home, at family reunions and to the mall.
    You have fantastic legs and the minis that you are wearing in these pictures are very modern and ageless.

  9. Paula, you look fantastic in your short skirts, and your legs are *perfect*!

    Keep rockin' on, you inspire us. Love your smiles too : >

  10. I like short skirts for casual wear.

    In the march to eternity legs are one of the last parts to go!

  11. You look fantastic on mini skirts, I think you should try for more formal occasions also ( your leggs are amazing over fifty).Hugs, Yoana
    ( the shooties don't on canvas)

  12. You have very, very nice legs and the mini length looks great on you!

    I think you should delete words like "horrify" from your vocabulary.

  13. You've got the legs, so go for it! I don't. Hahah!

  14. I love this! You have great legs and an even better tan. I think I follow similar rules as you...but I do have a photo I'm going to send to you. Something my girls talked me into.

    Doesn't the shorter length make you feel young/younger?

  15. come on! you have wonderful legs. i dont know where are you working, but for sure they dont have more beautiful legs that you have. thats not possible :)

  16. Serene~Tina Turner's legs are just sooo unbelievable!!She looks so good--I'm so glad she still does minis!
    Pam~Don't ever be jealous--remember when you werent even wearing skirts? And you have great legs too! Just finding something that works for our figures is good enough!
    Doreen~and behind the stove, I dont want to be! I'd be one of the suffragettes, how about you?

    Jill~I guess inspiration can only come a few times a year, eh? Glad you thought of me; I think of my blog friends a lot too!
    Sacramento~thanks for the confidence!
    Kitty~ I so agree with you--and they have some new really cute skorts out--I think it was the athletica catalog? Really cute and practical for those active days where you can't worry about the bits that may fall out....
    Dhamma~you are so right about a proportion thing--its about balance and how one's body looks with certain clothes. They had a good article about it in Lucky this month.
    Ofelia~I still need to garner some respect tho! And people, unfortunately, judge you on looks sometimes....
    Patti~that's the best compliment anyone can give me--that I inspire them--THANKS!!!
    Rose~so true--its working its way down tho...
    Yoana~I have done the minis for larger gatherings, but get more self-conscious...ew boy.
    Susan~lol...I do horrify people tho..I know you look at peoples faces...and there is a reaction..specially here in conservative NE. Maybe NY I wouldnt get a blink!
    Freeda~But i'm sure there is something that you rock....
    Terri~cant wait for the photo..and yes, I hate to admit it, but I does make me feel younger. Maybe its the memories or the fact it is a young look. I dont know.
    Vanessa, I thought of you and your post about all the things people tell you should do and how we do the opposite!
    Was~thanks but at work, its more about respect--I work in a construction industry related office sooooo lots of guys....

  17. Paula, So how do the minis rate at the post office?!? You look great, you have a cute shape and perfect knees...what's not to love? I have the lumpy knees but I agree with you about breaking rules. About moving to my own website. Everything I've read says it will increase your traffic, you have more freedom and own your content when self-hosting with and you won't have the danger of your blog accidentally disappearing. I am afraid I may have a lot to learn, but on the other hand, I think it will be a fun challenge. Debbie

  18. OK - You have made a believer out of me!!! You look awesome! Rock on, Paula!!! I love your blog... it is so fun! And thanks for the shout out! I love it when us bloggers can become viritual friends.... SO FUN!!! Cheers! xoxo

  19. I love it, Paula, and good for you! Who cares what age you are, anyway? You have amazing legs and heck yeah, they are the last to go, so why not go for it! If Tina Turner can do it, anyone can! I fully intend to keep wearing minis.

  20. I'm still wearing minis too! No one looks twice in this town, but my husband loves it. Now I pair them with leggings or tights, or only wear them for casual, and like you they're longer minis, not the super short ones I wore in my 20's!


  21. Well hon, you certainly CAN do it!! What fabulous pins you have my dear. I think the secret of the mini is in the knees and your's are perfect:))). Keep wearing those minis and don't worry about wearing them around younger women - you outshine them with your beautiful smile and great style. xo

  22. look absolutely fabulous!

  23. Debbi~It would rate a high 10 at the PO--wouldnt want to shock them. i never looked at knees really until lots of women said their kness held them back from wearing minis. I bet they arent as bad as you think!
    oh, and keep us posted on the progress reports on the web site--I have heard that it is better too but I'm a bit lazy at this point!
    Sherry~so true! Thats what I lvoe about blogging--making friends, GF!
    Sheila~so glad to hear you are going to break the rules too!
    Heather~True, CA has a wider berth for things like this--here in NE its easy to get looks. And ya, no micro minis!
    Desiree~Never realized it was in the knees!!! aw, thanks GF!

  24. I just found this blog and I Love it!
    Thanks so much for posting the pics of the mini. I am 48 and have some minis I love, though latley I have been feeling maybe they are "too Young" thanks for reassuring me!
    I have attached some pics:

  25. TC45--I checked out your photos and tried to email you--ARE YOU CRAZY--YOU LOOK ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR MINIS!!! Please wear them and be proud!!!Who cares about dumb rules anyway. Besides, if someone says you're too old, you can say, hey, I know someone 56 who wear them!!!! Paula

  26. Paula,
    Thank you so much for your vote of confidence. It means a lot to me! By the way I love your blog and you certainly DO NOT look 56. I would have guessed in your forties if it had not been for the blog title.

  27. Very nice! I love mini skirt! You look fabulous!