Monday, May 30, 2011


I was getting tired of the same old photos--so I decided to take my camera into work.  I was hoping it might get me out of the I'm -sick-of-myself bloggin' blues.

Hence the little hiatus last week. I was looking for inspiration.  I found some color inspiration from my recent annual plantings; I'm going with a purple, orange and lime green theme.  So I found the lime green jacket, much purple in the shirt but alas, I am lacking in the orange.

Do you ever get tired of yourself?  Just need a change?  That's when I sit back and take stock.  Haul out my inspiring books or magazines or enjoy nature.  I'm feeling better now. 


  1. I love this post. I get tired of myself all the time, especially all my flimsy excuses (mostly to myself) and procrastination. This pairing is so wonderful, I especially love the cardigan with the print showing underneath.

  2. Paula, I love this outfit!! The colors are great...I have been searching for a denim skirt that fits like this and just have not found one yet! Don't be blue...and remember YOU are an inspiration to so many!! I wish I had your artistic eye...

  3. That color combination is gorgeous, Paula, and I love the cut of the jacket. YOU are very inspiring! xoxo - Patti

  4. I think it is the creative artist in you that is searching for a change of scenery....and lucky for those of us who follow your blog, you seem to have found it. I feel the same way more often than I care to admit.
    I do see some your pretty pedicure!

  5. I love the post - YES - I get tired of myself. It is easier to change up a blog or outfit vs changing jobs... which I used to do! :) I tried really hard for promotions in my company and got them every 18 months. I think I am finally happy to keep doing what I am doing right now.... nice to be grounded and it COULD be my age! Cheers!

  6. I know exactly what you're talking about! The more blogs I read, the more I think: "Meh. What can I say that hundreds of others haven't already said, and better?" But I think it's natural for us to look for new ways to grow. (And I really LOVE that outfit! Love how the yellow/mustard color plays off of the purple/blues).

  7. Sometimes I feel like I am not even worthy of posting with the other people in the fashion blog world. I need to upate my inspiration books. You look lovely by the way!

  8. Paula, you look fantastic! I love your smile.

  9. Paula, I'm glad that you are back! There are times that I'm to tired or overwhelm with paper work to think about writing or taking pictures.
    And that's why I post much less now than a few months ago. It gives more time for inspiration and life to take it course.
    I love the jacket and that fantastic shirt with your jean skirt and the open toe shoes!

  10. I WANT your jacket, heheheh.
    Lovely post, Paula.

  11. Yep - I sure do get sick of it all.....blogging is a big time suck. Its rewarding, but it comes at a price. I'm considering sticking with it for a full year ( January will be my year mark ) and then perhaps hanging up my camera and keyboard.

    You look smashing in that bright green color. Bold bright colors really make you Pop:)

  12. WOW! I think this is one of my favorite looks from you so far! I love the color scheme, and that jacket/cardigan is so cute!

  13. We all get tired of our old selves.......Then all you have to do is pop on a beautiful, lime green, sweater and the world is a better place. At least in each of our little worlds........Great outfit and I really do like the sweater!

  14. Jill~I'm sort of glad to hear that other people get sick of themselves too! I hated to complain, but with a week absent, I had to explain...
    Pam~I got this skirt at Newport news a few years ago. I got two, but the other had no lycra--so had to go!
    Patti~Just what I needed to hear! Thanks~
    Ann Marie~ How perceptive of you! You are so right....thanks for understanding!
    Sherry~I sort of thrive on change too~
    Anne~or how can I say the same thing creatively? Its a metamorphosis.
    Lesa~Books help me but art does also, mags, books....
    Thanks, Susan!
    Ofelia~it is a rythmn--and I have to listen. seems every few months I must take a step back.
    Sacramento~lol--i get more compliments on this jacket....wool boucle.
    Doreen~ Really? I know what you mean first I thought i would make
    Artful~Thanks and the print on that could be a dozen artists....
    Tammy~lime green is a reall mood lifter!

  15. I love the color of that jacket, and can definitely see the hue mirrored in the botany nearby!

  16. Definitely get tired of myself...I've been in a funk for the entire month of May!

  17. Vanessa--glad to hear from you. And I love to mirror botany!
    Terri~I know, huh? Seems like we all got in the same sort of funk. I notice I have this rythym--need to take a break like quarterly.

  18. Your break did you well - thats a fabulous outfit! I love the green plus black plus denim pencil skirt. The proportions are just perfect!

    I haven't gotten bored of outfit posting yet, but I'm sure it will happen.