Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One Accessory

I try and live the simple life--I really do.  I do yoga, appreciate nature, and try and not make too many demands on the environment.  Somehow though, try as I may, fashion always seems to put a crimp in my keeping-it-simple.

For example, I pride myself in keeping my accessories to a minimum.  I really just wear earrings.  No necklaces, no watches, no bracelets.  I use one bag till it wears out.  This one accessory thing really helps getting ready in the morning.

The problem is, I think it has become an excuse for an obsession.  And I think I'm simplifying!  Who am I kidding!  I just keep on buying earrings!

dress~Marshall's, $25.
earrings~nuts, $20.

Oh, and sunglasses......


  1. I love that dress. I VERY seldom wear earrings and matching necklace. I love matchy matchy on others, but not for me. Many times I'll throw on a bracelet. I am collector of earrings and necklaces too....why??? I use a purse for a couple of months and then change...too lazy to do it to match an outfit, but then living in jeans/capris do I need to?

  2. Paula, I love, love that dress and the earrings! I am not a simple girl...though I would like to try..but I need to find a way to make simple creative and fun!!

  3. Paula - those earrings are WOW! Thanks for showing us your collection, now I feel better too : > Enjoy buying the little things that make you happy.

  4. What Patti said! A simple life doesn't mean giving up everything. It just means living simply. If the earrings are a hindrance to your happiness then don't wear them. Obviously they are a joy so you keep on keepin on!!:) Dress is adorable, very flattering!

  5. Paula, lovely dress! You look sexy and classic.
    I wear lots of accessories (as may know by now) but I don't usually wear a lot of earrings even though I have 3 piercing on both ears!
    I think if earrings are your think go for it; the more the merrier.

  6. I love those orange earrings!

    That is some collection you have there. Very colorful.

  7. Fabulous dress!. You look really amazing and such a pretty leggs!.

  8. You look stunning that dress! I love earrings. And those orange ones are amazing.

  9. Those are awesome earrings! And I love the dress so much.

    I have been doing a bit less on the accessory front, myself, lately.

  10. Living the simple life shouldn't get in the way of accessories! After all, earrings take up so little space. Why not splurge a little?

  11. Gosh, I just love this dress! What a great find! And I love your earring collection. I don't have my ears pierced and it's probably best--because I wouldn't be able to help myself! xo

  12. Linda~ditto on the matchy thing. My friend always buys the matching necklace and earrings--and it works for her!
    Pam--I guess I'm really not a simple girl either!
    Patti~taking pictures of my earrings was an exercise for me too--I realized I have lots.
    Dhamma~yup, love my earrings. And there is so many great pairs for not too expensive..its fun.
    Ofelia~Three piercings! Wow, when did you do that?
    Susan~that's me--the color person--guess it shows in my earrings too!
    Thanks, Dressing up!
    Megan~Bet they would look good with your hair. Strangely enough, the color is like a neutral for me!
    Sheila~It does make things easier--really. And shoes aren't accessories....
    Heather~you're right--earrings DONT take up much space!
    Ariel~Don't you just love that print? And its linen--another plus in my book. and fits like a glove. I did get lucky. Cant believe you dont have pierced ears! Altho, I didnt do mine till I was 30.....

  13. I've said it before, I'll say it again ... what a fabulous figure you've got!!! I love this printed dress on you, the belt is gorgeous and the earrings ... ga!!! Your earring collection is giving me chills *sigh* xoxoxoxoxo

  14. Your earrings are always spectacular, so continue to go with what you love! It's good for the spirit. The dress is amazing on you!

  15. You are hilarious..... earrings and sunglasses! LOL! I love your look, though. Very classy! Cute dress and only $25 - I love Marshall's! Cheers!

  16. Okay, fess up, how many pair of sun-glasses? DH has 18 pair.

  17. I love accessories. They make a difference. don´t they.
    Besos, and a superb weekend, dear Paula.

  18. OMG, I love that dress! Why do I never find such fabulous things hanging on the racks? And the shoes are awesome, too. I think you should just keep indulging your earring obsession. Why not? They're such little things, really.

  19. Desiree~I think if my house was burning, I would grab my earrings...then the pics of the kids....
    Judith~How true--about earrings! Its the little things...
    Sherry~after I did the post, I said, oops--oh yeah I like sunglasses too. ew boy.
    Terrri~I should go count--23.
    Sacramento~absolutely--they can update, simplify or put to another level.

    Anne~It was a lucky find--but you will have your day...thats my excuse for the earrings--they are such little things....

  20. You look outstanding in that dress. I also love the earrings and sunglasses!

  21. I do the exact same thing! Keep it simple with one great accessory! Problem is I get bored easily and must have a huge stack to choose from like yourself.

    I love the brown/yellow combo. And love your blog! :)

  22. wow look at that collection
    You have such a great blog and i absolutely love the concept!

  23. I often think who am I kidding! I have more clothes than I can year in a year and thought I find clever ways to aquire them (thrifting or sewing or swapping)still I spend money on something I don;t need but gives me pleasure and keeps my creativity flowing. Is this called a hobby?? or what!People spend much more in hobbies but what we do is not called officially a hobby!