Thursday, June 30, 2011

More on My Earring Obsession

Because of my earring obsession, I try and recycle/re-use/re-purpose WHENEVER I can.  Any bracelets, old earrings or necklaces I may cut up and re-use the beads, gems or stones for my earrings.  I have a box of goodies that helps me complete this task--tools of the trade, as it were. 

I start with some basic hoops to dangle my new creations from.  Sometimes I just buy beads from the bead store and hang them on my hoops.  Other times, I get more creative and create a dangly thingy. 

Tools of the trade

Today, I just used a small hoop and tied it with ribbon to the wooden bead.  The ribbon worked OK, but for the other danglies, I'll find a more suitable ribbon/thread/yarn.

danglies that need other ribbon
Crotchet hook helps to tie the ribbon.

Last week I strung some old beads on the rods and then created a circle on the end of the rod to hook onto my hoop.  The crimper helps for that-- 

the last ones on the bottom right are my "Zulu" earrings.  The orange piece is coral.

When you buy beads for hoops though, make sure the hole in the bead is the correct size.  I have bought many a bead that wouldn't fit on my hoop. 

the neon beads are from a necklace my son made in the first grade~
Here's a pretty good tutorial of basic earring making~

Happy Fourth!



  1. Paula...these are so cute!! You should sell earrings! Thanks for inspiring the rest of us to give it a try!!
    Hey, you would love the Accessory Swap I am hosting...come on over and sign up for it! It is a lot of fun! Let me know if you have questions and try to get some others to sign up...the more we have...the more fun it is!!

  2. Paula, wonderful wonderful! These are so great and I really like the wooden earring you made! Why didn't I know you were so crafty? These really are beautiful! Hugs and have a fabulous fourth!! ~Serene

  3. Paula, these are great! I love the beads-on-a-hoop. I'm all thumbs with small stuff, but I'm going to give this a try.

  4. Great looks and style, artistic ability and crafty too. Gosh girl, you just have it all. Those earrings are beautiful!!!

    Have a happy 4th:)

  5. You're so crafty with those earrings! I stick to studs, either diamonds or pearls. I have a bob and if I wear any earring other than a stud it gets lost in my hair. I did all the crazy long earrings in my youth and it was so much fun!

  6. I have an earring obession too, but I buy the thrift store or on clearance. I've never thought of recycling other jewelry...thanks for the inspiring post.

  7. I love it that you make your own earrings! They're really pretty. I especially the ones at the top of the first photo. Are those stones?

  8. Paula, like many creative people you are creative in more than one medium!
    By the way I love the ones with the neon beads.

  9. Do you ever do anything with copper wire?

  10. Have you ever taken a class in this? I'm forever coming up with ideas, but lack the know-how to carry it out. Often, DH is able to help...but not always.

  11. Happen'in...very well done and fun...Your blog is on my faves now

  12. These are so fun and creative!