Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Elusive Item

I just finished reading "Bringing Home the Birkin" by Michael Tonello and just as he was chasing an elusive item, the Birkin bag, I have also been chasing an ellusive item.  For me it was this chambray shirt.  Can you believe it?  I have had this item on my list since the early spring.  I thought it would be easy to find at a thrift store, but it took me a few months to finally snag one that worked.  And I had all these ideas of altering it--but its really perfect the way it is.

Love the details on this skirt too.  There are actually small beads around the cut-outs that are slowly falling off.  I don't wear white jeans as a rule, but a white skirt works almost as well.  And this is about as classic a look as you can get out of me.

The book is a hoot!  Jill over at Everything Just So recommended it, and so do I. 

We all have that elusive item--did you have one this season?


  1. LOVE this whole outfit! And you're right: the shirt is perfect as is. Especially with this crisp ensemble.

    p.s. Those dyed espadrilles are to die/dye for!

  2. love the skirt, the whole clean look!

  3. Paula, I love this outfit on you Its very feminine, relax and you look so pretty.
    Love how you wear it with the shirt and those great shoes.

  4. I like how you styled it in a feminine way .I found mine in the sales rack and it has become a staple and a favorite.Chambray shirts always give a twist to an outfit!

  5. This is a perfect combination!

    I think eyelet is tricky to do and you hit the right note between feminine Easter dress and oh, I needed something light to wear under my motorcycle jacket because it's 90 degrees today.

    I hope you got through the holiday without spilling any fruity drinks or BBQ sauce on it!

  6. Paula, you styled these pieces to perfection! You look like a summer's day.

    I *always* have an elusive item, I just don't always know what it is. Always searching . . .

  7. All you need is a basket of fresh flowers from the farmers market. Such a nice classic summer outfit. You look smashing my dear!

  8. Your outfit is so casually elegant, especially for summer.

    This summer my elusive item was also chambray, but I was searching for a chambray skirt. I thought it would be great paired with t's and lightweight cotton sweaters. I would still like to find one......

  9. Nice balance between the shirt and eyelet skirt! You look ready for a summer day.

  10. Love your complete look! I am still chasing the perfect denim pencil skirt for my body...I have chased it most every where and will continue...hoping to find it for when teaching starts full time again!! I am looking forward to tomorrow,,,,OUI?

  11. What a fresh look this is! Glad you finally found the shirt--perfect knot and perfect skirt. And the shoes just make it complete.

  12. Ooh, the eyelet skirt is very pretty and goes perfectly with the shirt and your lace-up shoes.

  13. a-Dubs~the shoe dye was like in a stick like shoe polish--it was so easy to use.
    Thanks Linda--it does have a clean, crisp look.
    Ofelia~I was so comfortable all day too.
    Angie~and its almost like a neutral color really.
    Rose--white eyelit is especially tricky--but this has a hippie vibe almost.
    Patti~true, there is always one elusive item every season!
    Doreen~great idea for a prop....
    AnnMarie~~ohhhh, i would like a chambray skirt too--that would be so versatile! I had one about 20 years ago....
    Unfemme~can we say Parisian chic here maybe???
    Pam~I hear you on that one--have you tried newport news? They usually have a good selection of denim skirts
    Terri~I'm going to wear this shirt a lot this year...have already.
    Susan~shoes are very comfy too...

  14. Lovely, lovely skirt!!!

  15. just love the whole look, calm blue and ethereal white!!
    me loving the skirt too!!!

  16. Love the skirt. Can't believe you already finished the book! You are so fast! Thanks for the mention. I posted Prada windows on my blog, stop by if you get a chance. These are less about the design and more about the clothes.

  17. Paula, why does my reader not pick you up?!?!? I've been thinking that you just haven't been posting and then I saw you on Visible Monday and here are 3 posts I've missed! You look gorgeous and I soooo love this look! Hugs! ~Serene