Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Make-up Days

incognito in my glasses~

Do you almost have just as much trouble dressing for chillaxing as you do for work/parties?  (My girlfriend used to call them the "no make-up days".)  The chillin' wardrobe for the over-fiftier can really make me feel old.  With shorts very limited, and not quite ready for house-dress material, dressing for at-home can be a struggle.

top~Marshall's--don't you love the back detail?

But when you love clothes as much as I do, and love the creative process of getting dressed, I make an effort to look good even when I'm just hanging around.  (Course I may run a few errands too!)  What works for me many times, is a tunic and leggings.  Here where the average temp is 55, this works well.  And I can adapt my leggings to warmer/colder weather by shortening or bulking up on them.

 Do you struggle with casual wear as well?  What works for your casual wardrobe?  Would you dare to post your 'at-home" shots??????


  1. The outfit is great and you look just fine without makeup. But I really really like the cool weather. In Tennessee we are facing upper 90's at the end of this week and my daughter in Jacksonville Florida said it's been 100+ there. So I'd love to come up and wear long sleeves with you.

  2. You look great, lovely and relaxed. Your blouse is dreamy! I think I dress too carelessly around the house, and I am working on that.

    Makeup-free days are fun, we should do them more often! I must have some lips on me, though, or I feel, dare I say, invisible.

  3. I had to laugh...if I posted my in house one would come back. During the summer, the first thing I do when I know I am at home, is take off the cute clothes and put on whatever is cool!! I will confess that when a friend wants to meet for lunch or to talk, I fix just never know who you will run in to. I love an oversized tunic with is a great look and you are right the back is beautiful!! I try to NEVER go out of the house without is just plain scary!

  4. I've decided that lipstick isn't make-up, so no make-up days still include a swipe of lipstick.

    I've got my schedule set do do errand-running after my stop at the YMCA. I've switched from black compression shorts to tennis-length skorts (helps with thigh anxiety) so that's how the public, or at least the folks at the grocery have been seeing me.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not invisible but they might wish I were :)

    I love your outfit and can imagine that if the temps rise you could switch out the long-sleeved shirt for a tank underneath and still be all flowy.

  5. The type of job I had and what I do now, has made me the master at casual dressing. I stand in awe of anyone who does office attire like you do! But you did a fantastic job with causal too. Love your tunic! Its beautiful!!

    It cracks me up hearing anyone complain about heat. It was 115 yesterday and because of the extreme heat and the extreme cold when you walk into a building. Layering pieces like your tunic are perfect!

    PS not complaining about the heat, I love Arizona, heat and all. The monsoon season comin up is kinda scary but I say bring it!:)

  6. You look great, as always!

    I tend to wear work out clothes at home, because I'm either about to work out or just did and am doing housework while still sweaty and dirty. After my shower, I put on really relaxing capris and a tee to settle in for some sewing or reading or cooking. Of course when I'm expecting clients, I dress up as if going out.

  7. Astute post. I do struggle with super casual wear, because I hate to feel frumpy! I always try to include some "cute" touches (accessories, etc.) even for just doing quick errands. Your top is perfect!

    I'm even trying to upgrade what I wear in the house. Comfort is a necessity, but I need to also be able to smile at myself if I glance in the dreaded mirror! (And for the record, "no makeup," for me, often still includes concealer, lip gloss and a little blush!)

  8. LOL You look wonderful and what a FABULOUS top!!! I don't do casual very well at ALL! So my lay around shots would be really really scary. I go straight to grungy! Love Love Love~!!! ~Serene

  9. I really like the tunic. I saw the jeggins/leggins and realized I haven't worn mine since I posted them on the blog. Actually I do post a lot of my at home pics on the blog and I very rarely wear makeup. Right now I'm wishing I lived somewhere with an average temp of 55.

  10. That top is soooo pretty! 99% of the time I have make up on b/c most of the time I do leave the house.....make up is just a part of my getting dressed routine. I have very blond eyebrows and eyelashes so don't have a face w/o make up. LOL My stay at home clothng often consists of something with an elastic waistband and top that covers it.

  11. Judy~lol--after such a long winter tho, we are just dying for the warmer weather (altho as I write this, its 70 now) When my mother comes up from fl from the 90's, she needs to put on her pants here!
    Patti~yes, I do cheat with the lips too, but camoflage it as chapstick--like some of those tainted chapsticks.

    Pam~you make me laugh...but I can't imagine you would look that bad without make-up!
    Rose~You are correct--I do switch the tunic tops with varying lengths of sleeves--and lipstick is not make-up!
    Dhamma--so what is your casual uniform? Do you do tunics and leggings?
    Susan~there are lots of great work out clothes now--no longer just sweats. Yoga wear has a great style.
    Anne~so true, I need to smile at myself too and it helps!
    Serene~but tell me--so what is grungy? jeans? shorts? work out wear?
    Terri~ahh the grass is always greener...I give you credit for not wearing make-up. It can be a burden--and sometimes makes a HUGE difference.
    Linda~I'm finding that even elastic waistbands are not comfortable anymore...

  12. I posted one of my regular outfits on my blog. I usually wear jeans and some pretty top with a light jacket and my jeans. I am trying to use the clothes I wore at work before I retired. I want to be an example for other women in my very, very casual city. The idea that others would see me as an example is probably just a dream in my head, but why not dream?
    I love your tunic and leggings. It looks very much like summer!

  13. Looking great for casual! Or for any number of events.

  14. Love that outfit. At home, I'm naked! :)