Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wicked Witch Shoes?

Sadly, my magnolia tree has stopped blooming~the petals are on the ground.  These were taken in its glory--and this picture, a couple of days before its glory.

Yes, ladies, it's still cold (50) here in NE, and that IS a sweater AND a jacket--and I probably still had long underwear on.  But the real burning question here is:  WHAT ABOUT THESE SHOES?

I was totally in love with them until one day at the airport , I overheard a guy on a phone saying, ..."just saw the ugliest shoes ever.  Definitely, wicked witch shoes."  HMM, I thought to myself, could he be talking about MY shoes?  They are sort of wicked-witchy.  They are slip on, though with a cute buckle BUT I haven't worn much of them since this I ask you, wicked witch or not?

OMG and I almost forgot!  Thanks to Debbie over at Thrifty Girl Vintage for honoring me with the Blogger Luxury Award!  And I'll get to posting about it soon....


  1. The guy on the phone obviously has no taste!! i think they are cute and look nothing like Wicked Witch Shoes...whatever that means. You look cute, and springy while you try to stay warm....I love magnolia trees...they smell and look wonderful!! Lesson learned: Don't Listen to random guys on phones!!!

  2. Beautiful tree. And I like those shoes a lot - they are NOT witchy, not even a little bit. For one thing, witchy shoes are pointy and everyone knows that. So Mr. guy-on-the-phone doesn't know nuthin'. Love the tights too : >

  3. The skirt is adorable! I love dots.

  4. Paula that guy was the village idiot! The shoes are very nice, pointy and they have back openings; what's not to love?
    This is a great combination of grey and pink and your beautiful backyard tree.

  5. LOL I've had similar things happen to me and what a coincidence...I was just reading on Cuffington that she walked by a man on the street and he remarked, "Your ass looks like Mary Poppins!" That's what happens to us style commandos.....sometimes civilians just don't get us! You look gorgeous! ~Serene

  6. I think you know that I like those shoes! (Great minds think alike. We must never attend the same social event wearing them, though, right?)

    If I could have bought them in brown, too, I would have. Love those tights, too.

  7. hehheh ... I have a post titled not so pointy witch shoes that I did back in February! I love your magnolia tree -- gorgeous pictures. Love your skirt and top too.

  8. Hi Paula - the shoes are not witchy! I have them in black and brown... so you and I and Anne should have shoe party! LOL. I'll bet the guy was talking about someone else. AND I'll bet they don't hurt. It is funny - I bought them specifically to travel. They are comfy and they are easy to get on and off and I can wear them with or without tights. You look great and I love the skirt! Cheers!

  9. LOL about the overheard comment! Let's assume it was about someone else :-)

  10. Those shoes are adorable. Sounds like the kind of guy that would wear a speedo!

  11. I like the shoes, not witchy at all, or witchy in the best way possible! Thank you for the pictures of the magnolias, ours are gone now too but you just gave them back to me for a moment. Thank you!

  12. He had to be talking about someone else...those are definitely not wicked witch shoes. those shoes are cute! I actually have a pair of shoes that I think of as wicked witch shoes and I'll show you sometime. They have a super long extremely pointed toe, a strap and kitten heels. Definitely strange...

  13. I love your shoes! Who cares what some jerk off at the airport had to say.


  14. Pam~Thanks Pam! I mean, he could have been talking about someone else, but it sort of rung true?
    Pattti~ ok so thats 2 for no witchy shoes. Stockings are a staple!
    Susan~i love dots too, and close up these are real cool dots..I tried a close up but didnt work.
    Ofelia~I've nevr been a grey fan, but I like it now and I love it with lots of color. Have been buying a lot more grey lately.
    Serene~you always make me laugh! Style commandos..lvoe it! True--have to be very confident to push the envelope--not that these shoes were...
    Anne~thanks and so many girls love these shoes--maybe its a guy thing...
    Kari~Hey, sometimes fugly can be anything and I think thats what he was seeing.
    Sherri~and thye are great for traveling! So comfortable and I love being able to slip them off for security or slip them off for comfort!
    Wendy~that's what'll do becuase it seems overwhelmingly that these aren't witchy!
    Tammy~lol--he's got no taste!
    Jill~they dont bloom long, but they are so pretty, no?
    Debbie~do post! Love to see them!
    Heather~lol--Just sometimes you wonder: am I crazy?

  15. I have just bought a Dior cologne that smells og magnolia and jasmine, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. I wish I had your tree, though.
    Much love my friend.