Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mint Juleps, Kentucky Derby and Hats

Some friends of ours have a Kentucky Derby party every year.  The best part about this party is not so much the race, but the mint juleps!  Marinated for days before the party, they are authentic and are served in these silver cups.  We even drink with gloves to keep the frost on the cup.

Hats were plentiful this year; we attributed that to the Royal Wedding.  There were some fascinators, lots of wide brims, and if you look close enough, "my little ponies".

Course, being the artist I am, I had to make mine.  I was inspired by Princess Beatrice, the queen, Philip Treacy and mint juleps.

Anyone else out there a mint julep fan?

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!


  1. you are incredible! I love your hat. Wish I could wear them but somehow I always look like a goof.
    Used to be quite an artistic type myself but these last 10 years or so wiped it out. I feel a change in the air so I say watch out I think I'm back!

  2. It looks like you have a ball with your friends and those fantastic hats and drinks!

  3. What a fabulous hat, Paula.

  4. Fab hat, and that striped jacket . . . wow, love it. Happy Mother's Day, one day late : >

  5. I love your crazy mint julep hat! That's so awesome. I also love that striped jacket (I always like it) and where did you get those shoes? Are those Eileen Fisher? They are wonderful.

  6. The talent - it knows no bounds. What a cute hat, and what fun friends you have.

  7. Love your hat...I could immediately see the inspiration came partly from Beatrice! That is so creative. And please tell "little pony" hat owner that I loved her look!

  8. i LOVE your hat! great color palete too! =)

  9. Tammy~Get those creative juices flowing again, GF!
    Ofelia~Great party--its always fun.
    Sacramento~thanks--love to hear from you!
    patti~Fab--lovethat word--
    Jill~ Shoes were a score at local shoe store--$35.00! Great low wedge heel~
    Debbie~how cute were those! She is a dear friend--a book club partner.
    Hope~Thanks and the yellow was inspired by the queen's hat.

  10. I grew up in the south and mint juleps cups are on every brides registry. I am lucky enough to have a set of 16. People love to drink anything out of those cups because it keeps things so cold

  11. Love the hats..........I only get to wear a red hat...but it would be fun to wear one once in a while (as for your party). Hmmmmm I'd like to try a mint julep.