Monday, May 2, 2011

Fishnets and Cherry Blossoms

Sorry, peeps....but the house is to go on the market--and I haven't had enough time for posting!  Just bear with me for a bit! 

Springtime is a great time for fishnet stockings, I have found.  Its not quite warm enough to go bare legged, and too warm for opaque tights.  They are a great solution to the hairy leg in the summer also.

I have quite a collection; this is really only half.  Retail stores regularly supply them now, but years ago, the only place I could find them was Frederick's of Hollywood.

I've always abhorred nylons, so this is a good alternative.  There was a time when you had to wear stockings to work.  At least those days are gone!

Any other fishnet wearers out there?  Or, who remembers the days when stockings were dress code?


  1. I don't know what is more beautiful: the cherry blossoms or you! I am one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to dress up for work. Yes, fishnets do remind me of Fredrick's of Hollywood. :-) One the rare occassion when I do wear a dress I need some kind of hose....tights are a good option!

  2. A day for Linda's to weigh in, I guess!
    Love your look -- but how do you endure the "fishnet foot" factor? Two things happen when I wear them: The soles of my feet feel a if they are standing on miniature razors, and my toes pop right through! How do you do it?!

  3. Paula - you look beautiful and that tree matches you too! : > I've found some great fishnet tights at Target that are very comfortable, and cute. The color range is not so great though - mostly just nudes. Your collection is impressive!

  4. I just love fishnets! I think they add a touch of interest to outfits....yours looks wonderful.....hopefully it will warm up for you soon! Hugs to my sweet friend! ~Serene

  5. This picture is just, love it!! I also like the fishnets...they really work and the fit of that jacket is so flattering. Today it is actually cold down here, so I can only imagine what it is like where you are!!

  6. Linda - I have the same problem with fishnets (not to mention avoiding the cat....). It isn't very breezy, but you can wear them over regular stockings to keep your toes from going through the end. -valleycat1

  7. I too avoid fishnet foot by wearing a pair of stockings underneath.

    If you hate stockings and are wearing fishnets to avoid constricting hose it's probably not your preferred solution!

    With the underneath pair (sometimes I pick a different shade to create a little color action) my toes never ruin the feet of patterned/textured stockings.

    I have found that stockings are the "new" old lady thing. The younger girls at my workplace go barelegged until it's so cold they get their tights out. Many are Black so they've got better looking skin, but some of them are 40ish so it's a pervasive trend!

    I am giving serious consideration to moving my no-bare-legs-until-Memorial-Day policy up to May 1, just so I don't look like the office old lady!

  8. I love fishnets and microfishnets - they last so much longer and they are so fun!

  9. Paula,
    I have never worn them but just might have to try. They are so cute!

  10. I do remember when is was required to wear them to work at any decent office.
    I'm a big fan of stockings and leggings and I still wear them with mini skirts and shorts all through out the year.
    Love your photo with the Cherry Blossoms and the combinations of colors and textures in your outfit.

  11. I never had to wear hose to work, but I've always loved fishnets. I used to have them in lots of colors, but now I just have red and lots of black. They make your legs look wonderful! They're like my secret weapon.


  12. I'm back again and this time I'm spreading a little blog love around. I was given the Blogger Luxury Award by Joandy of My Style by Joandy and I am now passing the award on to you! I'm not sure where the Luxury Blogger Award originated, but to me living below your means is a luxury because it's nice to have things you love without being stressed over how you're going to pay for them. You can find the rules for passing the award along on my post today, Thanks for writing such an inspiring blog! I love your style.

  13. You look gorgeous! I love your outfit!! I follow you!!

  14. You and the cherry tree make a perfect pair.

    I don't mind tights in cooler weather, but the rest of year? No hosiery!

  15. Thanks, Linda! I wear A LOT of skirts, so varied hosiery is mandatory!
    Linda~The fishnet foot factor rarely happens to me--only in the case of very high heels or larger openings in the fishnets! And I can't feel them on the bottom of my feet--they must be numb!
    Patti~I have to remember that! And I need nuetrals--thats what I wear in the summer. the brighter colors are hard to wear!
    Serene~Aren't they fun? Let's catch up--
    Pam~still only 50's here and we get an easterly breeze off the water so its even colder!
    Valleycat~a couple of people suggested the hose under thing..only if its really cold for me!
    Rose~I think you are right--stockings ARE the new old lady thing. Problem here is it is too cold to wear bare legs--only in the summer. But I agree---
    Sheila~they ARE fun, and fun dressing is what its all about!
    Ofelia~and back then there was not such a great variety of stockings...I even remember wearing support hose...but they were sheer--really!
    Heather~they ARE a secret weapon! Great minds think alike~
    Anula~Welcome and thanks for following!
    Susan~I wish I could do that but the weather here sort of prohibits that! Thanks

  16. Hi Paula - You look so cute! I love your outfit and I love that you wear fishnets! I was trying to think of a way to wear "lighter" tights without wearing nude nylons! I can't wait to try this one! Thanks for the tip! I don't remember being required to wear nylons to work but I remember being required to wear them to church and to dental school. So funny to me now!!! Cheers!

  17. I used to wear fishnets with an otherwise modest outfit to perk it up a bit in the early nineties, when my legs still looked OK. Now, I skip it, because my legs aren't really anything I like to show.

  18. What a pretty picture you and that lovely tree make ;) I just purchased a pair of fishnets, and I'm anxious to give them a whirl. It seems like our warm weather is JUST around the corner. Hang on Paula, we're almost there.

  19. Gorgeous photo in front of the cherry blossoms! I, too, love fishnets--they are so versatile, and fun to layer over opaque tights. They look great on you!

  20. I love the textured tights, but I'm so glad bare legs are ok now-a-days!